God of Thunder – Book 6 Chapter 15

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Book 6 Chapter 15: Temptaion of the Lun Ring

Tanda laughed bitterly, “In the beginning the Lun rings had a great effect, but after one level, it’s effectiveness begun to decrease, but it was still very useful. I had used a thousand of Lun rings and one Lun Yin ring to become a true master, if I want to level again, I probably need ten times that amount, ten Lun Yin rings and ten thousand Lun rings.” he shook his head in depression, knowing that even with so many rings, he may not level up.

A thousand Lun rings and one Lun Yin ring, other than XinFeng, everyone revealed a despairing expression, it was impossible to find so many rings.

XinFeng asked, “With your income, how can you have so many rings?”

Tanda replied, “We had many tasks to do there, and sometimes the sect will reward us. After so many years, I gathered that amount. A pity, if they were all Lun Yin rings……it would be different, at least twelve or thirteen of them can help me continue cultivating, but it’s too hard to find.”

XinFeng nodded, “So it’s like that, hehe, that means Lun Yin ring is quite valuable at your sect. ”

Tanda sighed, “That thing’s appearance could make all the true master’s eyes go red, Lun rings were okay but Lun Yin rings were a whole other level. In our sect, a Lun Yin ring could be traded for virtually anything, it’s a treasure recognized by everyone.”

Zhong Geng shook his head, “Ai, much less Lun Yin rings, I don’t even have a Lun ring……and hearing you speak makes me want to join a sect to get some Lun and Lun Yin rings.”

Tanda laughed, “Don’t be so easily swayed, even large sects have sparse amounts of Lun and Lun Yin rings, it’s impossible for the lower leveled people to obtain them. Even if you contribute a lot, you get only a little of them. Unless you’re an inner sect disciple or a direct disciple you could get some from the elders, and I was an inner sect disciple, a pity not a direct disciple, or I would have leveled up again.”

An inner sect disciple. Zhong Geng smiled bitterly, he knew his strength was far from enough to enter the inner sect, and at most he could only stay in the outer sect, according to Tanda, he would have to act as an errand boy. Though his position was much higher than mortals, to get Lun or Lun Yin rings was almost impossible.

Tanda continued, “Actually, the Lun and Lun Yin rings are mostly in the hands of the experts of the higher levels in the sect, the low tier disciples can’t even get them, and even in the higher levels of the sects, Lun and Lun Yin rings were considered rare, and even those people up there lack them.”

XinFeng spoke, “If it’s the higher levels, their at least experts with their third or higher true ring bodies, those Lun rings should be rather useless to them.”

Tanda answered, “Of course, that’s why we have the chance to get them, if not, it’d be impossible for people like us to have them.”

XinFeng spoke, “Other than Lun and Lun Yin rings, Yin rings should be the most beneficial.”

Tanda shook his head, “Forget about Yin rings, even the higher ups can’t get those, that kind of thing……if seen by other sects, it would cause a large scale war.”

Zhong Geng nodded, “The Yin rings should be very useful to them, indeed, if we were the highest levels of the sect, we would do anything to level up.”

XinFeng knew that Yin rings were not something true masters could condense, but the extremely high level practitioners. In this world, he had only met two of the said high level practitioners, his master and his senior master. Only these two could condense Yin rings. Of course, he was certain that there were more practitioners capable of doing so, it was just that with his cultivation, it was almost impossible to meet them.

This wasn’t strange to XinFeng at all, just like in his past life when he was a normal citizen, he interacted with people with similar social standing instead of mayors and governors, he similarly would not meet big businessmen unless he was one of them. One good example to symbolize such a thing would be a social circle, only by belonging to that certain social circle could one interact with others inside.

Tanda spoke, “That’s right, I know that there are indeed sects clashing because of Yin rings, they even go to the extent of destroying other sects.”

XinFeng laughed, “It actually isn’t that hard to obtain Lun rings and Lun Yin rings……”

Tanda was shocked, “Other than sects, is there other places to get them?”

In an instant, all their attention was focused on XinFeng. Everyone now knew that with Lun rings, they could easily increase their cultivation. Who in the right mind wouldn’t want it?

XinFeng nodded, “It depends on if you want it.”

Tanda suddenly understood, “You have them?”

Zhong Geng also reacted as he immediately appeared in front of XinFeng, “You have Lun rings? Aiyaya, for real……”

XinFeng didn’t speak but instead took out a few Lun and Lun Yin rings, though he did not take out his Yin rings, that thing was too scary in terms of its ability to start fights. He spoke, “That’s right, Lun and Lun Yin rings, I have both.”

Tanda grabbed a bunch and after careful inspection, he sighed, “Ai, these are the real Lun and Lun Yin rings, the ones I got in the past……weren’t as pure though.”

The practitioners in the room all came forward and took one for themselves to admire, most of them had never seen one before.

Zhong Geng spoke, “No wonder your cultivation increases so quickly, with all these rings it’s no surprise.”

XinFeng smiled slightly and chose to not reply.

As Tanda was quite knowledgeable, he spoke up, “Zhong Geng, you’re wrong, if I’m not mistaken senior Lei has never used these rings.”

Wu Zhen asked curiously, “Why not? If you didn’t use it, Lei, senior Lei, your speed is too ridiculous.”

Tanda spoke, “You don’t understand, with senior Lei’s qualifications and potential, Lun rings are not beneficial. You must understand that……for those with absolute talent to use these things is incredibly stupid. People who use these rings will never be able to increase their cultivation at a certain point after using the rings, like how I did. Hehe, you’ll just have to go find somewhere……and wait for death.”

Wu Zhen spoke, “If we use senior’s method, won’t it be faster? And with good potential, when we reach that point, with our talent we should be able to continue cultivating.”

Tanda spoke, “You’re too ignorant. Lun rings and Lun Yin rings are condensed by super experts, it carries certain strength in them, and by using that strength, you’ll lose your body’s potential, and at that point, it’ll become impossible to increase your cultivation……ai, you don’t understand. Senior Lei should be able to.”

XinFeng nodded, “That’s right, I’ve never used a single Lun ring, my master won’t allow it.”

Wu Zhen spoke, “Since it has such a big negative effect, we’re still using it?”

Zhong Geng could not control himself and slapped the back of his head, “Idiot! You idiot! ”

Shrinking his neck, he spoke indignantly, “Master, how am I dumb?”

Zhong Geng shook his head with a bitter smile, he did not know what to say about this disciple of his.

Tanda explained, “Do you have great talent?”

Wu Zhen shook his head, “It’s rather ordinary……”

Tanda spoke, “With your talent and qualifications, how far can your cultivation go? Can you become a true master? ”

“Impossible, just becoming a Milun master is enough.”

Tanda laughed, “Then with Lun rings, you can become one easily, and with Lun Yin rings you can easily become a True master, and with enough Lun Yin rings, you can become an expert like senior Lei……would you reject such a chance?”

Wu Zhen hit his head forcefully, “I’m an idiot!”

The crowd laughed as Zhong Geng shook his head with a bitter smile, his disciple was usually a smart man, but he chose to be an idiot at this moment. But since he was his own disciple, he could not just scold him in front of everyone. He spoke, “Alright, even if you want to use the rings, it’s not like you can find them.”

XinFeng spoke, “To use Lun and Lun Yin ring, it’s not impossible. I need some helpers to do things for me, you’ll have to become my underlings. Interested? ”

Tanda was shocked, “Senior Lei, you’re looking for underlings?”

XinFeng nodded, “That’s right, I’m out to travel, and I need some underlings.”

Tanda spoke, “Can I join? ” he unhesitatingly requested to join, he knew that having a backer like this was completely different from working by himself, he also had hope to increase his cultivation. The first and the second True Ring body had large differences, and by himself, it’s impossible for him to reach it.

XinFeng spoke, “Of course, you’re welcome!”

Zhong Geng was no idiot as he also spoke, “I’m joining too, can I?” he stared hopefully at XinFeng.

XinFeng smiled, “Of course, why not? Welcome.”

The others also wanted to join and XinFeng did not reject them, but he had instructed that Zhong Geng and Tanda would be in charge, this was a very open group, he did not want to make it a secret team, he just hoped to have people to use in this world to do the things he needed to do.

Puttty : I want all of them to die and XinFeng to go on a journey, this……is incredibly boring.

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