God of Thunder – Book 6 Chapter 16

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Book 6 Chapter 16: Temptation of the Lun Ring  (2)

XinFeng spoke, “I don’t have too many things for you to do, just help me collect information, also……expand this territory, this will become a place I can rest at. I’ll send some people to help you guys, hehe, every year……”

XinFeng instantly felt as though he was in a difficult position. He did not know how many Lun rings could pacify these people. Originally, he wanted to offer five hundred Lun rings, but after some consideration, he asked, “How many Lun rings do you all need every year?”

Zhong Geng turned to Tanda, he had no experience in this matter.

After some consideration, Tanda spoke up, “Every year……l need fifty……no, fourty Lun rings. Zhong Geng, how many do you want?” he directly doubled the income he received in Black Corner Sect.

Zhong Geng hesitated. After all, he was just a Milun master while the other fellow was a True Master expert. The only advantage he had was that he knew XinFeng better than Tanda. He spoke, “I, I want thirty Lun rings……e, thirty Lun rings every year.”

Tanda spoke, “As a Milun master in Gold Corner sect got only a few Lun rings yearly, I mainly got gold rings.”

Zhong Geng laughed bitterly once before keeping silent.

No one else made a sound, they didn’t have the position to do so.

XinFeng laughed, “I won’t be stingy to my underlings. For the first year, you’ll get two hundred, and if I’m satisfied with your performance, next year I’ll add a hundred more. With every increase of a true master expert I’ll add fifty Lun rings. Of course, it’ll be proportional to the number of true bodies. Also, for every completed task I assign, there will be rewards, sometimes even consisting of Lun Yin rings, what do you think? ”

Tanda was Instantly elated, he was sure that he could save up enough Lun and Lun Yin rings to obtain his second True ring body within the next ten years. He spoke, “No problem, that’s great!”

Zhong Geng was similarly elated, “I’m joining, no problem, hehe.”

XinFeng spoke, “Then, Tanda will be the leader, Zhong Geng will be the vice. Any objections?”

Tanda was extremely satisfied, “No, no objections, I agree!”

Zhong Geng nodded, “Alright, I will assist Mister Tanda seriously, hehe, I agree.” he had a face full of joy.

XinFeng spoke, “Additionally, Zhong Geng, you need to take care of uncle Zhou Tong and little brother Zhou Xin, they are my life’s benefactors.”

Zhong Geng was shocked, though he knew XinFeng had been living on their boat, he didn’t expect those two mortals to be his life’s benefactors. He spoke very seriously, “Don’t worry, leave them to me, I will take care of them, En, I’ll arrange for it……”

XinFeng spoke, “Give them a better job, en, with better pay as well, something that doesn’t need much effort.”

Zhong Geng nodded, “Don’t worry, leave it to me, I won’t disappoint you.”

XinFeng nodded, “If you do a good job, I’ll reward you, this is considered a mission.”

Tanda asked curiously, “Are those two practitioners?”

XinFeng spoke, “No, mortals. When I first came here I was unconscious at the reef marshes, they were the one that saved me.”

Tanda spoke, “I understand, we’ll treat them well.” he immediately tried to snatch the task.

Zhong Geng laughed bitterly in his heart, this fellow was too quick to react. Though, he couldn’t say anything to him, after all, they were considered to be in the same group now, and Tanda was his senior. Zhong Geng had gotten used to being a land owner and had no idea about sects. In sects, not only would the weak eye the strong, the strong would bully the week, tasks were meant to be snatched for income.

It wasn’t that Tanda wanted to bully him as well, it was just that that fellow had gotten used to doing such things, and he had instinctively snatched the job.

XinFeng could not careless as long as Zhou Tong and Zhou Xin benefitted.

Wu Zhen became smart and spoke, “I know Zhou Tong, hehe, master, just leave this matter to me.”

Zhong Geng nodded, “Okay, you do it. If you don’t do it well, you can just pack up and leave.”

Wu Zhen was shocked, “Master, don’t worry, I’ll accomplish it with my life on the line!”

XinFeng laughed, “No need to be so strict, alright I’ll just leave this to Wu Zhen. Oh right, I promised to gift a small boat to Zhou Xin, do that as well.”

Wu Zhen respectfully agreed, a small boat wasn’t much, even a large sail boat would be fine.

XinFeng spoke, “Another task, if you can do it, hehe I’ll grant you five Lun Yin rings! No, ten of them! ”

In that instant, Tanda went mad. What kind of a joke was this? Normally, a Lun Yin ring was worth ten thousand Lun rings. However even if you had a Lun Yin ring to trade, you may not receive so many Lun rings. Though Lun rings were the cheapest of the three rings, it had the greatest amounts of uses, mainly for low leveled disciples to use. Of course, Lun Yin rings were very rare and were usually kept by the higher ups when the sects obtained them, others had no chances of having them.

“What task? I’ll take it!”

Tanda’s eyes glowed as he stared at XinFeng, his vision glazed with a fervent heat.

Zhong Geng spoke, “Mister Tanda, this task……we should take it together!” he wasn’t an idiot either, of course he would fight for it.

XinFeng spoke, “No need to fight, this task would be hard for a few people to accomplish. I need you to help me get some news, anyone with valid news will be rewarded.”

Tanda asked, “What news?”

XinFeng replied, “I want to find the location of someone.”

Tanda immediately revealed an expression of joy, Zhong Geng and the others were land owners here, they simply couldn’t compare to him when it came to things like this. After all, he had mingled in sects for a long time now, he knew a lot, adding that he enjoyed collecting information because of his belief that knowledge will bring him money, he was unbeatable in this area. He asked, “Who? Do you have his name or his sect?”

XinFeng spoke, “I have the name, but as for what sect, I don’t know, I only know that……she’s in a large sect.”

Tanda replied, “Oh, a large sect……that’s harder, there are at least millions of people……in a large sect, even tens of millions……” he suddenly felt worried, these Lun Yin rings won’t be easy to take.

XinFeng spoke, “I’m looking for a woman……”

Tanda and Zhong Geng’s look towards him immediately changed, revealing a hint of wretchedness.

XinFeng quickly reacted as he jokingly scolded, “Fuck, what are you even thinking? It’s a senior or mine named Ah Silan, a Great True Lun Yin master with her fourth True Ring body, but I don’t know what sect she is from, ai, I forgot to ask, so now I can’t find her.”

Tanda was shocked, a senior with her fourth true ring body, yet XinFeng himself also had a fourth true ring body. He spoke, “I see, I’ll try and get some information, if she’s famous enough, maybe there will be hope of finding her but if not, it’ll be rather difficult.”

XinFeng spoke, “She should be rather famous, she’s a Lv Lun expert.”

(Puttty: Lv -> Green. From now onwards.)

Green Lun!

This attribute was extremely rare, and practitioners with this attribute usually had two traits, one being their ability to create medicine and the other being their ability to heal. Any high level true masters would treat these green attributed true master experts with extreme respect and would not dare to offend them. These people were always famous amongst true master experts.

Tanda instantly sighed as he became excited again. A female, green attributed Great True Lun Yin Master would definitely be famous. He immediately saw hope in the situation, “Let me do it, I have friends on the outside.”

Zhong Geng had completely lost. He was a village land owner, and doing things around his sphere of influence was extremely easy, like taking care of Zhou Tong, but as for things outside of it, he was like a blind man, completely oblivious.

Wu Zhen spoke, “Large sects……I can’t even enter small sects.”

XinFeng asked, “How many large sects are there in Wansee continent?”

Tanda’s face became ugly as he sighed, “I don’t know, this continent is too big, I can’t even use Lun spots to travel outside, my information is limited, but mostly because of my lack of interest in that area.”

XinFeng nodded. He understood, if Tanda had chosen to run to such a small isolated place to live, he definitely wouldn’t collect information about large sects. He spoke, “In this area……are there any knowledge people?”

Tanda thought for a while before speaking, “There is one fellow that likes to travel around, he knows a lot of things, I can ask him about it.” and after a moment, he added, “He’s also a Great True Lun Yin master, he can use the Ancient Lun Passage, I wonder if he’s home.”

XinFeng spoke, “Where does he stay? How far away is it from here?”

Mister Tanda replied, “It’s a three month journey, it’s quite far……at least two months by boat, followed by a month of walking. If he isn’t home, we would have wasted a trip. ”

XinFeng asked, “Any Lun spots there? If so, we can use the Ancient Lun Passage.”

Tanda spoke, “Yes, there’s one, luckily. It’s about a three day trip there from here, that guy’s house is situated near one so with the Ancient Lun Passage, our speed will increase.”

XinFeng nodded, “Like this, Zhong Geng stay here, Tanda lead the way and En, Wu Zhen come with me. Qian Yu……stay with Zhong Geng, the two of you take care of the matters here with Zhong Geng as the leader. We’ll come back in……around ten days.”

With two little underlings, XinFeng could only use this method to merge the two groups together.

Wu Zhen was full of excitement, by going with a True master, he could experience a lot of things and even gain some other benefits.

Zhong Geng did not feel too disheartened, he believed that if XinFeng were to find that person, he would be able to receive a portion of the Lun Yin rings. No matter what, he was considered the second leader here, and with Tanda’s intelligence, he couldn’t just feed himself, if he were too greedy, Tanda would be unhappy.

XinFeng spoke, “Okay, let’s go find your friend.”

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