God of Thunder – Book 6 Chapter 12

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Book 6 Chapter 12: On a Broken Boat Back Home (2)

Ten days passed before XinFeng finally met with another small boat, a small fishing boat slightly larger than the one XinFeng was in. Immediately paddling over using his full strength, the boat’s speed became terrifying as a trail of white foam appeared behind it, it moved as if it was flying on the water’s surface, and in ten minutes, it easily caught up with the far away boat.

The man on the boat had also seen XinFeng, originally he was planning on avoiding him, but seeing the boat’s speed, he knew it was impossible to do so. The small boat’s speed was not something mortals could compare to, it was extremely fast, as if it was an arrow shot from a bow, he knew it was not a boat belonging to a mortal, there was simply nowhere to hide.

That small boat was extremely fast, even after chasing up to the boat, XinFeng had to circle around the smaller boat a few times before it could slow down and stabilize.

“Yi, boss Zhang! It’s you?”

Boss Zhang was also shocked, he didn’t expect to see XinFeng, he spoke, “Aiyaya, it’s you, why haven’t you returned during the rainy season? Boss Zhou waited for you all along……”

XinFeng asked, “How is he? Little Xin as well, have they been okay?”

Boss Zhang laughed, “Good, very good. Yi, this boat……” Only now did he notice the small broken boat XinFeng was using, there was nothing inside, it was just the shell of a boat that could float, there wasn’t even a cabin, it looked just like it had just been raided.

XinFeng laughed bitterly, “There was a fight and I got caught up in it, so…….” He could explain it to him, but there was no point explaining it to a mortal, he added, “Boss Zhang, can you bring me to the market, hehe, I’m lost.”

Boss Zhang’s mouth was wide open, and after a while he finally spoke, “My god, someone else’s fight? Your boat? ……e, you got lost? Okay, okay, you come here, tie your boat to mine, I’ll bring you.”

XinFeng had worked hard the past few days, he could really rest now. Tying his boat to boss Zhang’s, he got onto boss Zhang’s boat and asked, “How far are we from the market?”

Boss Zhang laughed bitterly, “Half a day, if we’re fast enough maybe it wouldn’t take that long…….ah, right, your small boat, how are you so fast?”

XinFeng took out the steel paddle with a laugh, causing the small boat to sink a bit, and spoke, “I used this paddle.”

With one glance boss Zhang knew it was made of pure steel and couldn’t help but say, “Good fellow.” He already knew XinFeng was a practitioner, but was shocked regardless at the paddle’s sudden appearance. He nodded, “I can’t even wave this type of paddle, it’s too heavy.”

XinFeng laughed, “I’ll do it, you can just tell me which direction to go.”

Boss Zhang knew XinFeng thought he was too slow, and wanting to rest for a bit, he laughed, “Okay, but use your own paddle, mine can’t withstand your strength.” Keeping his own paddle and placing it on the side of the boat, he helped XinFeng position his paddle. Laughing, he spoke, “Okay, let’s go.” He was actually quite curious how XinFeng would use such a heavy paddle.

With just a gentle wave of his paddle, it was as if the small boat was hit by a giant beast, it flew forwards in an instant. In shock, boss Zhang could not help but cry out, “So powerful!”

The paddle moved backwards and forwards, forming pictures on the water’s surface as the boat moved forward. With XinFeng’s extraordinary strength, just a few moves and the boat moved at a similarly extraordinary speed.

The difference in strength between mortals and practitioners was too big, there was simply no way it could be compared.

Within half an hour, XinFeng could already see the silhouette of the market floating on the water’s surface, he sighed, “On the water’s surface, to find a place I could settle down at is too hard……it took me half a year to come back.”

Boss Zhang spoke, “It’s not like that, if it weren’t for the old helmsmen, none of us would dare to run around, we gather near the market and would never travel any distance over seven days, if anyone went too far, even we will get lost. Yearly, we lose a few boats because of that, hehe, your luck is pretty good.”

At the market was a large crowd of boats gathered as usual, it wasn’t the fishing season yet and most of them chose to stay at the market to wait a few more days, after that, there wouldn’t be so many of them here.

As the two boats stopped at the pier, the entire pier started to shake. Before the rainy season started, XinFeng was already extremely famous at the pier, after all, such a young practitioner was definitely eye catching, and adding in his relationship with the market’s tyrannical owner, he was quite scary.

XinFeng left as a Milun master and came back as a Great True Lun Yin master, his cultivation had increased greatly. With his cultivation, he could easily be called King by some small sects.

Seeing XinFeng, both Zhou Tong and Zhou Xin became stupefied as they looked at both XinFeng and his both back and forth, Zhou Tong asked, “Did you meet with some water bandits? At least, you’re back, it’s good to be back.”

Zhou Xin asked worried, “Brother Lei, are you injured?”

XinFeng rubbed Zhou Xin’s head and laughed, “I’m fine, it’s just that the boat was ruined and I had to find another one, but this one seems to be almost broken too, hehe.”

Zhou Xin comforted, “It’s okay as long brother is safe and sound.”

XinFeng was moved and thought to himself, “This kid is not bad.”

Before XinFeng could speak, a crowd had already gathered, the servants of Zhong Geng  had specially waited at the pier for him, and seeing his return, they immediately came to speak with him as one of them went back speedily to report it to Zhong Geng.

In the beginning when XinFeng went to hunt the Star Lake Python and irked a truly monstrous Star Lake Python, he had almost killed off the entire army of Zhong Geng’s, and from that moment on he became famous, and now as he returned, people naturally came to greet him immediately.

Furthermore, XinFeng had given Zhong Geng and Wu Zhen pointers, helping them level up, becoming the respected gods of the practitioners here.

Quickly, someone came to bring XinFeng over.

XinFeng did not stay at the pier for too long, he still needed to buy a boat from Zhong Geng, he owed Zhou Xin a boat and had to fulfill his promise no matter what. Standing up, he followed the servants to Zhong Geng’s residence.

Zhong Geng, Wu Zhen and Han Xiao Bao all came to welcome him.

XinFeng laughed, “Long time no see, hehe.”

Zhong Geng walked forward and laughed as well, “That’s right, Brother Lei, you left for the entire rainy season and I heard you ruined your boat, can you tell me about it? If you need our help, you can just tell us, hehe.”

XinFeng thought to himself, “That was my senior sisters “helping”……the ripples of their fight destroyed my boat and also killed over tens of thousands of men, can I even tell you about it?” Before speaking, “It’s fine, I’ll just buy another one.”

Since XinFeng chose to not pursue it, Zhong Geng couldn’t do anything either as he invited XinFeng into his home.

After they sat down, XinFeng looked at Zhong Geng and laughed, “Not bad, you’ve consolidated your cultivation during the rainy season.”

Zhong Geng laughed heartily as he spoke, “That’s right, that’s right, I’ve worked hard the entire rainy season and didn’t go out, thanks to that Star Lake Python we hunted, I’ve traded for many good things. Oh right, get the chest in my room here.”

Immediately, two servants brought back a wooden chest and placed it next to the four of them.

Opening it, the entire chest was full of silver and gold rings. Zhong Geng spoke, “This is your portion of the hunt, since the body of the Star Lake Python was hard to preserve, we traded it for money.”

XinFeng didn’t mind, “Leave me a bag of gold rings and the rest……trade it for a small boat, en, one just like the last one.”

“There’s no need for that, a small boat isn’t worth much, at most a few gold rings is enough to trade for the best boat around.” The value of gold rings was very high, it could be used everywhere and was the standard form of currency, trading with these rings was the most valued method.

XinFeng nodded, “Alright then, leave the money for the boat and I’ll kept the rest.”

Zhong Geng sighed in relief, he was worried that XinFeng wouldn’t keep it, this meant that XinFeng wasn’t satisfied since to him, this was quite unfavorable for him. He needed XinFeng’s pointers for his next level up and hoped to not offend the disciple of a big sect, until now, he had thought XinFeng had come from a large sect who had went out to train himself.

Wu Zhen did not dare to dally around and immediately asked his servants to buy a boat as XinFeng kept the money.

At that moment, a man rushed in and shouted, “Master, master, it’s not good, it’s not good! Someone killed their way in to occupy the market!”

XinFeng looked over and laughed, “Isn’t that Tian Da Bing?” Towards Tian Da Bing, he did not have a good impression of him at all, he was had the standard character of a land owner, a man who could only bully the weak.

Zhong Geng furrowed his brows, “Calm yourself, acting this way? You’re a practitioner, not a mortal!”

Tian Da Bing noticed XinFeng and immediately softened his voice, “Master, really……there really is someone killing their way here, there outside the market now, there’s thirty boats there and three big boats, all with sails, they should be rather strong!”

Zhong Geng looked at XinFeng as he thought, “Thankfully old brother Lei is here, we two Milun masters aren’t afraid of anything!” He didn’t know XinFeng was a true master, a Great True Lun Yin master.

“What’s there to be panicked about? Let’s go see!”

The four of them stood up and Wu Zhen called for more servants as they walked out together.

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