God of Thunder – Book 6 Chapter 13

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Book 6 Chapter 13: Mister Tanda

The crowd came to the wooden platform in the market.

From afar, they could see over thirty boats coming their way with an imposing manner, the most noticeable three large sail boats amongst them.

Zhong Geng spoke, “I knew it, it’s the old man from Tan Kou Lao Ji. Well no matter how many he brought with him, what do we have to be afraid of?

XinFeng asked, “What’s the Tan Kou Lao Ji?”

Wu Zhen explained, “This place is called the Hui She Kou Ji, this is a famous market that has a good location, while Tan Kou Lao Ji has a much worse location, and their practitioners constantly envy this place, wanting to monopolize it……it’s just that we don’t know why they would send so many men here, they seem to bear malicious intent.”

XinFeng asked, “Do they have powerful practitioners?”

Wu Zhen replied, “Yes, a Million Lun Master.”

XinFeng laughed, “Your master is a Milun master, what could a Million Lun master even do to you all?”

Wu Zhen spoke, “That’s right, but I guess that…… Either they have outside help or that fellow leveled up like my master into a Milun master.”

XinFeng praised, “That should be it, or they wouldn’t come just like this. Right, what’s that man called?”

Wu Zhen replied, “Qian Yu, also a sectless practitioner like master, he came here after becoming a Thousand Lun master, became a Million Lun master and took over the Tan Kou Lao Ji, creating a family tribe here.”

Zhong Geng stood on the platform as he silently looked at the three sail boats making their way over, he immediately noticed Qian Yu, and next to him was a man that gave off a threatening feeling, shocking Zhong Geng. At that moment he knew that the opponent had found a helper.

XinFeng asked, “That’s Qian Yu?”

Zhong Geng nodded, “That’s right, that’s Qian Yu, the man next to him, I don’t recognize……”

XinFeng spoke, “Qian Yu……is a Milun master like your master, the man next to him, if I’m not wrong, should be a true master, a True Milun Master with his first True Ring body.”

Zhong Geng could not help but show a despairing expression on his face as he sighed, “If it really is one, this time…..I will definitely be forced to leave. Ai, I finally familiarized myself here but now I’ll have to leave……” he felt extremely indignant, but against a True master, there was simply no way for him to win, to be able to preserve his life was already good enough, as for his other things, they would most likely be taken away.

XinFeng spoke, “What’s with that face? You’re so unsure of yourself? ”

Zhong Geng vigoursly nodded, “It’s a True master…… How can I even fight him?!”

XinFeng spoke, “Perhaps they aren’t even here to take your territory, but here for something else.”

Zhong geng spoke, “Impossible……e, maybe……ai, hopefully.” he did not have much confidence. If it were the two of them, two Milun masters, even if the opponent was a Milun master they could definitely win, but now the opponent had not only became a Milun master, but also brought a true master with him, what else could he do? He did not know XinFeng was also a true master, and a stronger one at that.

When the boat was only around ten meters away from the pier, that man grabbed Qian Yu and jumped to the platform. Though such a feat was unbelievable to mortals, but to practitioners this was not extremely shocking.

The two of them landed on the platform with an imposing aura as Qian Yu gloated, “Zhong Geng, I’m here!”

Zhong Geng did not know what to do, he spoke, “Qian Yu, what do you want?” With this one sentence he killed the imposing aura of his own side. Of course, XinFeng was not affected at all as he stood next to Wu Zhen indifferently, and with his young appearance that belonged to a youth, he was completely unnoticed by both Qian Yu and that man.

Qian Yu was extremely excited in his heart, he had fought with Zhong Geng before, and their strength was quite similar, with Zhong Geng slightly stronger than he was, causing him to feel indignant. But now, he had not only became a Milun master, he also brought a true master expert with him, he could completely win this time.

However as XinFeng had guessed, they were indeed not here to take over Hui She Kou Ji, they had other motives.

Qian Yu spoke, “Haha, Zhong Geng, don’t be so fierce, you mean……what could I do? Haha.” he was extremely proud of himself, with his face full of smiles.

In Zhong Geng’s eyes, that smile of his hid malicious poison.

That man looked around before laughing upon hearing Qian Yu’s gloating, “Qian Yu, are you asking for a beating! What is there to be gloating about! ”

Qian Yu was shocked as his face flushed, “Senior brother, I’m just happy……”

Zhong Geng was shocked, they actually had a senior-junior relationship, this was troublesome.

Qian Yu replied, “Alright, alright, let me speak, let me speak!”

Zhong Geng was extremely anxious as he waited for them to speak, bitterly laughing in his heart, even keeping his life this time would be good enough, he really did not have the courage to fight a true master.

Qian Yu spoke, “Zhong Geng, it’s very simple, you’ll still take care of Hui She Kou Ji, it’s still your territory, we won’t monopolize it, but you have to agree to one condition.”

Zhong Geng was stunned, this was unexpected, but at least he could keep his life. He spoke, “What condition?”

Qian Yu spoke, “Serve Mister Tanda.” he pointed to the man.

XinFeng understood instantly, this Mister Tanda is here to snatch their territory, but he couldn’t occupy a market like a thousand or a million Lun master, instead he aimed to own all of them. He wasn’t really shocked, he could have had acted as if he were extremely strong and could actually own these lands too.

Even if Zhong Geng was unwilling, he dared not to reject them, this was much better than being chased away. Not only could he keep his life, he could have a backing as well. Of course, this backer may or may not be reliable, and thinking of this, he hesitated before he opened his mouth to accept only to be interrupted by XinFeng.

XinFeng spoke, “Serve Mister Tanda? Hehe, what sect is Mister Tanda from?” he carried an air of arrogance as he could not help but interrupt.

Tanda did not expect someone to suspect him, staring at XinFeng, he tried to guess where exactly his courage came from, but with his lower cultivation, he couldn’t guess XinFeng’s cultivation at all. However Tanda’s cautious personality that had saved him from making careless decisions spoke up, “I…… I don’t have a sect.”

Qian Yu spoke, “Wei, little guy, are you looking to die? To speak in such a manner with Mister Tanda?”

As he couldn’t see XinFeng’s cultivation, he did not dare to challenge him, and seeing Qian Yu doing so, he did nothing as to see how strong XinFeng actually was, since he already knew that Zhong Geng had given up.

XinFeng nodded, “I’m looking to die? Why would I? Do you…… Eat shit with that mouth? Why is it so smelly? ”

With this one sentence, Qian Yu was instantly enraged as he took a step forward.

XinFeng looked at him uncaringly, “Don’t bully little children, you’ll get retribution.” despite his figure being like an adult’s, he still has a young face belonging to a teenager, and in this world where one was considered an adult at the age of 20 and practitioners were seen as adults at 28, he was very young to them.

Qian Yu could not help but want to punish XinFeng.

Tanda spoke, “Okay, Qian Yu, step back.” he knew that XinFeng was completely unafraid of Qian Yu, he even gave off an eager aura, making him feel uneasy as he immediately stopped Qian Yu. If they were to start fighting, words would become useless, and with his experience he tried to reduce the chances of fights happening and upon any dangerous events, he would run and hide. He didn’t really understand much about XinFeng, but XinFeng’s steadiness and lack of fear was abnormal.

XinFeng could not help but silently praise him, this man was indeed patient and could control himself to maintain a cool attitude, something rather rare. This made him want to befriend this man, these kind of people were hard to come by and usually lived longer than the rest. His calmness was rather appreciated by XinFeng.

Tanda revealed a smile as he spoke, “What’s the surname of this little brother? ” he couldn’t see XinFeng’s cultivation but he knew clearly that he was a practitioner, but if XinFeng was a bit older, he would be suspected to have a powerful cultivation, but with such a deceiving face, no one would suspect so, causing Qian Yu to become so rash.

XinFeng smiled, “My surname is Lei.”

Tanda spoke, “Since you’re a practitioner, do you think……I, am worthy of being served? I, Tanda, a True Milun master with my first True Ring body.” he introduced himself humbly as he reported his cultivation.

XinFeng shook his head, “You’re not worthy.” He said before adding, “Too weak.”

Qian Yu was extremely furious, “You little bastard, you’re courting death!” he pounced vigorously as he shouted. He was too furious, since he had never even placed XinFeng in his eyes, to him, even if XinFeng was a practitioner, he was merely a junior of Zhong Geng’s, and yet he acted to impulsively, he wanted to punish him viciously.

Despite his vicious pounce, Qian Yu did not even release a hint of killing intent, something both Tanda and XinFeng noticed, and something that helped him preserve his life.

XinFeng’s figure moved slightly, his speed surpassing Qian Yu’s greatly as he suddenly appeared in front of him. In clear view of everyone, XinFeng’s palm landed on Qian Yu’s chest, before XinFeng disappeared in the next second, back to his original position. He had moved as if he was a ghost, appearing and disappearing suddenly with just a small move.

The slapped Qian Yu was sent flying and was caught by Tanda, but with a cloth ripping sound, he was plunged into the water.

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