God of Thunder – Book 6 Chapter 11

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Book 6 Chapter 11: On a Broken Boat Back Home

Only after staying at Tai Meng’s for another month or so did Xin Zhou Lun bring XinFeng back, as for Qi Mei Yun and Yin Yao, they had already left. Within this period of time, XinFeng had traded for a few goods, it was just that he did not have Lun rings, only a small amount of gold rings, and was forced to borrow some form Xin Zhou Lun to buy the aforementioned goods, most of which being food, clothes etcetera.

XinFeng chose to not buy too many items for now, since he had only just made a family tribe, he did not really know what to do.

Passing through the Ancient Lun Passage, Xin Zhou Lun brought everyone to the main family tribe, teaching XinFeng how to use the Lun spot in the meantime. Once he gained his fourth true ring body, he could use it himself. Xin Zhou Lun even gave him a Lun spot map recorded on the star python records.

With the slow development of this world, other than those true masters with their fourth true ring bodies or higher who could use the Lun Spots to travel to far places. Traveling a dozens of thousands of kilometers wasn’t something normal humans could do, much less with all kinds of dangers present on the journey. Therefore, most mortals lived their entire lives in small areas with an area smaller than a hundred square kilometers. True masters were the ones in control of the world, only they could bring around large amounts of goods and travel the distance to trade.

The aforementioned gold, silver and copper rings were also created by true masters, which became the main currency in the world, though each land had slight differences in their coins, sometimes even special markings.

Returning to his family tribe, XinFeng went looking for Ai Shan Er, asking for his personal family tribe’s income. He realized that his family tribe was actually quite healthy, he had been given a lot of resources. Actually, XinFeng did not really understand ust how high his own position was, he was Guqi’s direct disciple, the master of a Family tribe, not a subordinate, and received the largest portion of the resources.

He received dozens of Yin ring every time they were being distributed, a scary amount to others. However, it was useless to his cultivation, Guqi had specially instructed XinFeng to never use it for cultivation, only in situations where half of his Lun Yin Li had been depleted in battle could he use a Lun Yin ring to replenish his power, and after becoming a True Yin master could he use a Yin ring to do the same.

However, using a Lun ring to replenish Yin Li was too wasteful, it was something other Yin masters couldn’t make themselves, only True Ashen Yin masters could make them during their cultivation.

These kind of rings were an accidental byproduct of cultivation, as they circulated their Yin Li, the excess strength in their body would form the Lun Rings. Every round of cultivation brought hundreds of Lun rings, and as their cultivation increased, Lun Yin rings would appear occasionally. Of course, Yin rings would not appear, one would need another level to condense it.

XinFeng did not leave the house anymore, but instead hid among his personal family tribe as he trained painstakingly.

The four men and women he brought back were left to the family tribe, there were special places for training them here as well as special men to train them. The only thing XinFeng needed to do was to provide a bit of resources and Lun rings, and with the amount of resources given to him, he had a surplus of them.

Of course, these resources were not given for free, he needed to contribute to the family tribe after maturing, though he did not really need to worry about it, at least ten years had to pass before they would ask anything from him. XinFeng who had entered their ranks gloriously as a True Lun Yin master with his third true ring master would definitely be able contribute to them in ten years, this was simply not something he had to worry about now, he knew to pay back for what he had taken, it’s the same principal everywhere.

Furthermore, the family tribe’s generous distribution of resources to XinFeng was their duty.

Half a year later, XinFeng successful became a Great True Lun Yin master, condensing his fourth true ring body. At that point he understood that if he were to rely on cultivating painstakingly himself, his cultivation would only be a bit faster than geniuses, but if he were to train in thunder storms, it would change everything. He could level as madly as he pleased. Therefore, he chose to stop hiding in his family tribe, he needed to venture out and search for a suitable place.

Actually, the Wansee continent was a good choice, he also owed a small boat there, this was something XinFeng viewed as important, he couldn’t just forget about it. After all, Uncle Zhou and Zhou Xin were the ones that saved his life, no matter what he had to at least visit them and he also needed to find a good spot for himself where thunderstorms prevailed to continue his cultivation.

As XinFeng had become a Great True Lun Ring master, he could open the Lun spots and use the ancient Lun passages, the entire world had become explorable to him through the help of the passages, distance no longer was a barrier.

With Qi Mei Yun’s help he found the Lun spot he used to leave the Wansee continent, through this ancient Lun passageway he could return to that spot and find his way back.

This time, XinFeng chose to not bring anyone. Both Shi Hu and Feng Ying also needed to cultivate themselves, and XinFeng did not want to hinder them, it was a better choice to go by himself.

After informing his master Guqi and saying his goodbyes to his seniors, XinFeng left his family tribe and opened the Lun spot himself, going to the Wansee continent.

Leaving this time, XinFeng made adequate preparations. Within that half a year, he had created his own weapon, a lighting spear, refined his black bow, and created a batch of lighting arrows. The main function of the lightning arrows was that he could apply his lightning attributed Lun Yin Li to it, changing the features of the black bow completely, the original feature of it being to attack from afar with great strength, but with the combination of the lightning arrow, it was on a completely different level.

The Lightning spear was made from the Lightning attributed bone, using up many of XinFeng’s materials which he had obtained from the family tribe and with his master’s help, he had changed that bone into a two inch long spearhead and a hundred eighty arrow heads. After using a few other important materials, they became a lighting spear and a hundred eighty arrows.

Actually, even without the lighting spear and arrows, XinFeng already had a few methods he could use, like creating lighting bolts from the sky, but these methods took a lot of his Lun Yin Li, and with these weapons, these problems were nonexistent.

Furthermore, before XinFeng left he had cleared some of the unimportant stuff he obtained from the Ancient Hidden Lun space from his Hidden Lun space and used the space to keep his tonics, and large amounts of food.

The lake’s surface Qi Mei Yun and Yin Yao were fighting above in the past was now extremely tranquil. Along the edges of the reed marshes, XinFeng was able to find a half sunken small boat and pulled it out. After some inspection, the small boat did not seem to have any defects, it was only capsized because of the water currents. Moving it onto the water, it became XinFeng’s mode of transportation.

The steel paddle from the past was still in his hidden Lun space, and using it, he paddled along the reed marshes.

The rainy season was almost over, for two days, the thunderstorm XinFeng hoped for did not come, the skies were clear and the weather was quite hot. XinFeng dressed no different from the fishermen, he merely wore cow skin pants while his chest was bared, the almost eighteen year old XinFeng had a rather sturdy build, this body was quite satisfying to XinFeng, he didn’t have such a build in his past life, he wasn’t as tall either, but in this life he was about a hundred and ten centimeters tall.

(Puttty: I think the author meant two hundred…)(l3lacksheep: Let’s go with 210 from now on…)

His looks were not bad either, though he wasn’t beautiful, his aura was very strong and he had just lost his childhood youthfulness, and what replaced it was a sense of valiance.

Moving the paddle, XinFeng came to a place he remembered, in the large lake, it was hard to completely memorize the entire place because of the ever-changing water currents and the lack of distinguishable features of the lake. He had to follow the directions, as long as he had a good sense of that, he would be able to find the place he came from.

XinFeng wasn’t very rushed, he slowly paddled as his small boat moved slowly on the lake. On the way, he stopped multiple times to rest and when he rested, he used the time to learn from the Star Python Record or fish for some fresh seafood to eat, it was a rather relaxing journey.

Just like that, the days passed one by one but he hadn’t seen a boat even once, it as was if the world consisted of only him and his boat.

As the sky suddenly darkened, XinFeng became excited, the sounds of thunder coming from the sky, it was going to rain.

XinFeng waved the paddle with all his strength, going to the place where the clouds gathered. Quickly, XinFeng smiled bitterly as he stared at the sky, the rumbling clouds had become peaceful again, the sky had become lighter as a small drizzle came down.

He cursed in his heart, XinFeng knew that this rain wouldn’t get bigger or become a thunderstorm, he sat down again as he kept his paddle and stared at the sky.

Thunderstorms became increasingly harder to find, once the rainy season was gone, thunderstorms were hard to find in the Wansee continent. This gave XinFeng a headache, he didn’t expect to need to chase thunderstorms, though there were thunderstorms and thunder snow storms, it didn’t happen near him, he didn’t have weather forecasts here or thunderstorm maps he could use. Furthermore, the thunderstorms were all gone after a few hours, it wasn’t easy to find.

This small boat was very simple and crude, the only thing left of it was just the shell, the rest was all gone. If it weren’t for XinFeng’s Hidden Lun space and his paddle, this small boat would be unusable to him. XinFeng laid in the middle of the small boat for the entire day, the light drizzle landing on his body.

This light rain had given him a lot of time to think, he knew that he needed to find somewhere to train and needed to record down places where thunderstorms gathered, so that he could go to those areas when the time is right. Relying on traveling around and his luck, finding even one would be extremely lucky.

When the small rain passed, XinFeng started to move again. That light rain just now had dealt quite the blow to him. He stretched his body and continued paddling.

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