God of Thunder – Book 6 Chapter 10

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Book 6 Chapter 10: Plume Lun Circles (2)

Han Yao laughed, “Brother Lei, you made her cry……”

XinFeng did not know whether to laugh or cry, after a while of silence, he took out a white piece of silk and passed it to her, “Wipe it, why are you crying?”

Taking the white silk, it wasn’t a handkerchief, just a piece of silk of great quality, she did not understand why she would use such luxurious silk to wipe her eyes, and instead she placed it in her embrace, using her sleeves to wipe her eyes.

Han Yao could not help but laugh, “That’s for you to wipe your tears, not keep……”

Han Jiao’s face was instantly flushed, not knowing what to do.

Sending a glare at Han Yao, XinFeng spoke gently, “Don’t be scared, just keep it, I’ll give it to you. Who are all these people? ”

Han Jiao replied, “This is…… Is my mother….. This is my, my dad, this is my older brother…… My sister, my younger brother, my little sister……”

XinFeng thought to himself, “What a big family,” before he nodded and asked, “Have you eaten?”

Han Jiao replied, “We brought dried food, but it’s on the car, and the car is outside, and we can’t go out now……”

XinFeng nodded, “Brother Han, get someone to bring some food, you all can eat first, after that we can talk.”

Han Jiao revealed an elated expression, she was already hungry now, a few of her younger siblings were so hungry to the point of shedding tears, she softly spoke, “Thank you master……”

XinFeng hurriedly spoke, “Don’t, don’t call me master.” this was too much of a misunderstanding, he did not want to take in a disciple, he wanted underlings, of course, he would treat his underlings better than Tai Meng would to their direct disciples.

Han Jiao was shocked as she stuttered, “Then I……I……” her tears flowed freely.

XinFeng instantly felt a headache, he felt as though his choice if taking in an underling was the wrong one, he hurriedly spoke, “Don’t cry, eat first and I’ll talk with all of you, okay?”

Han Jiao’s parents were after all adults, the two of them hurriedly pulled Han Jiao next to them. XinFeng turned around and sighed, “Uncle Hu, uncle Feng, am I just stirring up trouble for myself?”

Since Shi Hu was a quiet man, Feng Ting spoke up, “If you don’t find it troublesome you should just take her, there’s nothing to lose.”

XinFeng kept silent and thought for a bit before choosing to decide after a chat, after all practitioners of the lightning attributes were too hard to come by, until now, he had only seen this young lady with it, and not only that, she had decent potential.

Xin Zhou Lun spoke up, “So, how is it?”

XinFeng smiled bitterly, “She thinks I’m taking her as a disciple, as a result……hehe.”

Xin Zhou Lun nodded, “You can’t take her as a disciple, even I can’t take in disciples yet, we’re not at the level where we can.”

Han Yao was shocked, if even an expert with a True Ring Body wasn’t at the level of taking in disciples, what kind of a place do they live at?

The Han family did not have the right to object, once XinFeng was certain of taking her in, they couldn’t do anything. Tai Meng would not offend XinFeng because of a small girl, this kind of thing happened in every sect.

With the help of the Tai Meng disciples, the Han family ate a scrumptious meal, just this meal had caused the Han family to decide to accept whatever XinFeng would say, they couldn’t oppose him anyways. And just like that, they calmed down and Han Jiao understood that she couldn’t decide her own life anymore.

After the meal the family sat before XinFeng. XinFeng asked, “Have you decided? Whether to leave or stay here?“ After a while, he chose to give them the right to choose, he knew that a forcefully harvested melon wouldn’t be delicious.

This time Han Jiao replied easily, ” We’ll leave with you.”


XinFeng was shocked, but he understood after a while. This entire family would follow him, but it was not that be cared as he could arrange for it. He nodded, “Very good, uncle Hu, arrange for it, En, let them stay here and when we leave we’ll bring them.”

Taking a bag of gold rings from Han Yao, he passed it to Han Jiao’s parents and spoke, “Take this bag of money for now and we’ll take care of other things when we reach where we live.”

Taking over the bag, the parents sighed in relief upon noticing that it was a bag of gold rings, it was enough to put their heart at ease. It seemed that Han Jiao was extremely lucky to find a rich man, but they did not understand that not only would they have money staying with XinFeng, but many other benefits as well.

Nodding, Shi Hu had the Tai Meng disciples to arrange for lodging.

In the late noon, a batch of decently talented disciples were sent over, all of which were chosen by Xin Zhou Lun. After a while of consideration, XinFeng chose to take another three helpers, a total of four to try it out, if he had too many, he wouldn’t have the ability to take care of them all.

Xin Zhou Lun chose ten men for himself while XinFeng chose three, two of which were male and one was female, and adding in Han Jiao, he had two female and two males, as well as four large families.

It was in Tai Meng’s rules that the disciples were allowed to bring their families to live with them in the inner cities, therefore most of those that came for testing were here with their families, and upon Tai Meng’s acceptance, the entire family could live in the inner city.

It was impossible for XinFeng to leave the four families in the inner cities, he needed to bring them along with their children, though it was troublesome, it was necessary, only with their family around could a child not worry or have a rebelling heart.

Xin Zhou Lun’s men and guards had already returned, their task was to take care of these newly recruited people.

And at this point Qi Mei Yun and Yin Yao had already returned, after exchanging a few sentences, they went to rest in the rooms Tai Meng prepared.

XinFeng asked, “Senior brother, where did the senior sisters go?”

Xin Zhou Lun laughed, “It doesn’t matter as long as they’re not fighting.”

XinFeng lived comfortably in Tai Meng’s, the helpers he took in were being cared for by Xin Zhou Lun’s men while XinFeng and his three seniors all lived comfortably, of course, XinFeng resumed cultivating in his room.

He was only one step away from obtaining his fourth true ring body, but this little bit was extremely frustrating to XinFeng, there wasn’t any lightning storms here. Only now did he understand that no matter how good his potential was, without the help of lightning storms he had to also train slowly. However what he didn’t know was that his speed was already terrifying. After experiencing a series of quick level ups, XinFeng has extremely disappointed in himself due to his ‘slow cultivating ‘speed.

After cultivating for a few days, XinFeng chose not to fully focus on cultivating anymore and instead use large amounts of his time to read the Star Python record, he was lacking too much in his knowledge and even with his large amounts of Star Python records, he still needed time to digest the information.

This time he had taken in the four underlings with the help of Xin Zhou Lun and his Lun rings, after sending them home there would be people responsible for nurturing them, but he needed to provide his own Lun rings to do so, as well as the things his underlings needed, and with time his home would have its own small faction.

After a few conversations with Xin Zhou Lun, XinFeng came to understand the survival rules of a secret family tribe. No matter if it was rings or resources, nothing was free, they had to return the things they used. Only now did understand that the men fighting his grandfather Lei Bao were most likely a secret family tribe, it was no wonder they were quite strong.

Thinking about the old man Lei Bao, anxiousness flashed in his heart. He did not know where the old man went or how he could find him, but he was determined to increase his influence and strength, it was extremely important to him to do so. With his current strength, even if he brought Shi Hu and Feng Ying around he would still be no match for the experts of the secret family tribes.

His master, the master’s wife and his senior master were all extremely good to XinFeng, giving him large amounts of helpers and coming out this time helped understand the key components of a secret family tribe. These helpers must be trained well to support the family tribe and help him mature quickly.

Xin Zhou Lun, Qi Mei Yun and Yin Yao did not have much to say about XinFeng’s treatment toward them. Of course they had a bit of displeasure over their Master’s favor towards XinFeng but thanks to XinFeng’s lack of arrogance and sincerity, they did not mind. Actually, XinFeng’s personality was similar to his old one in his previous world, a peaceful society lacking murder and carnage, growing up in such a place caused XinFeng to inevitably have a nice temperament.

However once he was enraged, the flaws of the lighting attribute XinFeng cultivated would reveal themselves, and that heaven ruining anger would appear unconsciously, something even XinFeng found it hard to control.

XinFeng had calculated in his head, he didn’t learn leadership or management in this life, but he had the knowledge of his past life. Even without eating pork before, he had seen pigs run, therefore this wasn’t too hard for him, he just needed a format for his team, and quickly he had already created one similar to the pyramid.

Only with this type of format could XinFeng control them as the top of the pyramid, he could use the power of the lower parts to control more men and things. Of course, this format had a great weakness, that is once he was doomed, they rest of them would similarly be doomed.

XinFeng had also guessed in his heart that the aforementioned secret family tribe’s purpose was to obtain resources and gather power to fulfill their objectives.

The only thing XinFeng did not understand was that these people were usually those who had great power, why would they need the help of secret family tribes to increase their strength? Was there actually a higher power threatening them?

Puttty : Umuu, I have worked hard. I spent today playing around in celebration of the end of the exams and translating at the same time, fumu.

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