Adorable Consort – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – Things that are abnormal certainly have a ghost in it

“As expected from someone who grew up in the countryside. Look at those little arms and legs, without half a kilogram of meat. Take her out and people will think she is a boy.” That loud voice they heard from the doorway once again sounded. Chu Qing-Yan stared and saw that it turned out to be third aunt with her eyes higher than the sky. She couldn’t help but to sneer, in Mao village, three meals a day, she couldn’t eat enough to be full. Able to grow up safe and sound was already pretty good. Still wished she was raised to be white and plump, it was simply a pipe dream.

Third Aunt was also known as Madam Wang, her sharp, cold ridicule immediately received everyone’s approval. Chu Qing-Yan frowned, she couldn’t figure out why everyone’s gaze was all on her body.

“Forget it, in the end, she is still a miss from Chu family, having one is better than not having one.” Elder Madam spoke out at this time, a strict expression flashing through her eyes.

“What Mother said is correct, it’s good that the people have come.” Second Aunt, with the surname of Madam Xing, also joined in the conversation and smilingly said.

“Although her clothing is a little ugly, and she is a little lacking in looks, but as long as we raise her for two days in Chu family, she still will become acceptable to go out and see people. Mother and Father can feel at ease.” It was as if Madam Wang was picking a vegetable in the food market and said it in a very picky manner. As if Chu Qing-Yan’s looks was really not worthy to appear in front of others.

In fact, this was not so, even though Chu Qing-Yan was a bit thin and weak. However, her looks were still not bad. Madam Wang, who had seen a lot of people, at one glance, could see that Chu Qing-Yan was a good seed for a beauty. Allowing her to grow with time, she definitely would surpass her several daughters. As a result. Madam Wang couldn’t bear to see the other side’s good points, so she would step on her harshly.

Chu Qing-Yan just had a taste of the speaking skills of this whole family, so afterwards, she was already accustomed to it. Only, it really made it difficult for her mom. Seeing her own daughter being so criticized from head to toe but she couldn’t retort back, her complexion was extremely ugly.

“Since we have seen the people, Madam, you are in charge of arranging their residence. I still have a painting I haven’t finished viewing, so I’ll leave first.” Elder Chu didn’t glance at Chu Qing-Yan’s group again and walked away, minding his own business.

After Elder Chu left, Elder Madam Chu strictly finished seizing them up, and said to Madam Xing, “The second eldest family, Mother is a little tired, everything will depend on you to arrange!”

“Yes.” Madam Xing immediately agreed.

As a result, Elder Madam Chu also rightfully left.

After the two elders had left, Second Uncle Chu got up, patted his sleeves and left. Third Uncle Chu and his Madam Wang also walked out with their chin in the air. And the wooden Fourth Uncle Chu standing on the side, called Chu Zhi-Zhi, and his wife Madam Lin also took their leave.

As a result, the not-so-large main hall immediately became more spacious. Only that Second Madam and Chu Qing-Yan’s family of three remained behind.

Chu Qing-Yan looked at the main hall that was emptied in a blink of an eye. Inwardly, she raised an eyebrow, seeing everyone’s attitude from just now, she simply didn’t feel a bit of welcome. On the contrary, inside and outside of the words spoken, revealed a bit of wrongness. Meeting each other seemed to be going through a mere formality.

As if something was premeditated!

Normally, Chu Qing-Yan didn’t care about a lot of things, however, her intuition was never wrong. So, she immediately braced her nerves and increased her vigilance. Her gazed shifted towards the only person remaining in the main hall, her in-name-only second aunt Madam Xing.

Madam Xing still smiled insincerely as before and said to Mother Chu, “You guys rushed the entire way here, I assume you guys are tired. I’ll get someone to bring you guys to a place to rest first!”

Without waiting for Mother Chu to respond, Madam Xing had already turned her head towards the senior servant girl at her side to say, “Bao Chun, you will bring Eldest Master, Eldest Madam and Ninth Miss somewhere to rest!”

“Yes, Madam.” Bao Chun accepted the order and saluted towards them. Afterwards, she guided them to leave the main hall.

Consequently, Chu Qing-Yan’s group followed behind Bao Chun to walk toward their room.

After they left the main hall, there were already people waiting there. It was the servant girl Shan Cha who had left earlier to report their arrival. Bao Chun said to Shan Cha, “Shan Cha, you take the Ninth Miss to the room in the east wing. I’ll bring Eldest Master and Madam to the west wing room.”

Having heard what was said, Chu Qing-Yan immediately stood out to ask, “You mean to separate me and my parents, and the room isn’t together?”

Bao Chun slanted her a glance, “Before, Elder Madam had already instructed, the Ninth Miss is already ten years old, she should avoid arousing suspicion. Therefore, the rooms were not arranged to be together.”

“But….” Chu Qing-Yan still wanted to say something but was stopped by mom. One could only see Mother softly say to her, “First, be obedient, don’t start a conflict.”

Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but obediently shut up. And Bao Chun mockingly raised an eyebrow at her, then, she turned to leave with Mother Chu and Daddy Chu.

And at this moment, Shan Cha was already saying to her, “Ninth Miss, please follow this servant to walk this way.”

Mommy and Daddy had already walked far away, so she could only follow after Shan Cha.

Even though she faintly felt that the Chu family was trying to separate their family of three, however, they were under other people’s roof, so they had no choice but to bow their head. She had better first get a grasp of the current situation before making plans.

Shan Cha turned her head to take a glance at the Ninth Miss who was following behind her calmly and quietly. She couldn’t help but be somewhat curious. Didn’t this Ninth Miss come from the countryside? How was it that she didn’t seem like it even a little bit? She seemed like a literate person, very calm and steady. She also gave off an indescribable, unperturbable manner. Even those young misses in the manor didn’t have the still and quietness she gave off.

However, when she recalled Second Madam’s intentions for bringing Ninth Miss’s entire family back, Shan Chs started to have sympathetic feelings towards Ninth Miss.

Even though she calmly walked behind, that didn’t mean that the expression on Shan Cha’s face escaped her pair of eyes. Maybe it was because her age was still young, so Shan Cha didn’t conceal her mood from her. As a result, she could clearly see the pity Shan Cha had for her.

Strange, why was it pity? It’s only ten years that she hadn’t lived a good day, but it shouldn’t be to the degree that would generate other people’s pity, right?

Recalling everyone’s cold treatment towards her parents, unexpectedly, there seemed to be more gazes invested in her. Obviously, at the time she left, she wasn’t even two months old yet.

Moreover now, even a servant girl had sympathy for her, was it because there was something hard-to-anticipate waiting for her?

Just when she was absentmindedly thinking wild thoughts, Shan Cha had already stopped and said to her, “Ninth Miss, we have arrived. This is the place you will live in from now on.”

Chu Qing-Yan suddenly raised her head, the complicated train of thought in her eyes suddenly retreated. She returned to her appearance of having a shallow smile, then nodded towards Shan Cha, “Uh-huh.”

Just now, that wise and farsighted expression that flitted through her eyes caused Shan Cha to stare blankly. Then, in the blink of an eye, she saw Ninth Miss looking at her calmly. Shan Cha thought that what she had just seen must be a mistake, and she promptly opened the door to the room and led her inside.

Chu Qing-Yan too a quick measure of the room, even though it wasn’t big, it was already much better than her room in Mao village. Moreover, before, someone must have tidied up the room, because now it could be considered neat and clean.

“Ninth Miss, Second Madam asked this servant to attend to you for the time being, wait a few days, and a new servant girl will be assigned to you.” Shan Cha smilingly said to her.

She was at the same age as her and already started to learn to wait on people. Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but to lament that this was typical of the monarchical society of ancient times. The lowest rungs of society didn’t have freedom nor human rights.

Chu Qing-Yan nodded her head, indicating she understood. She placed the clothing bundle in her hand on the bed. Shan Cha immediately and very astutely accepted it, then said, “Ninth Miss, let this servant help you unpack.”

Originally, she had wanted to refuse, but after pondering for a moment, she allowed her to do so.

When Shan Cha opened the bundle to unpack, Chu Qing-Yan stood up and walked all corners of the room.

“Miss, do you want to drink tea?” Shan Cha smilingly asked.

Being reminded by Shan Cha, Chu Qing-Yan really felt somewhat thirsty, and said, “Okay.”

Consequently, Shan Cha picked up the teacup and began to pour the tea.

Chu Qing-Yan walked to the side of the table, and saw Shan Cha’s eyes turning, and suddenly asked, “Shan Cha, do you know what kind of things has happened recently in Chu family?”

When this was spoken, the teacup that Shan Cha had just picked up, with a ‘clang’ sound, landed on the table.

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