Adorable Consort – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Everyone in the Chu family is outrageous

From a far distance, she could see the inscribed tablet hanging over the door to Chu Manor. Chu Qing-Yan raised an eyebrow, finally arrived.

She thought the horse carriage would stop at the gate and was just about to get down from the carriage, but unexpectedly, the carriage made a turn. It proceeded speedily to the other side, she frowned. And at this time, Wang Ting got off his horse and spoke while walking alongside the carriage, “Ninth Miss, Elder had made it clear and said that, after all, the Eldest Master had experienced those things. If you guys go through the front door, it’s not good for the family image, therefore, this servant is taking you guys to the side door.”

Hearing Wang Ting’s as a matter-of-fact tone, immediately, Chu Qing-Yan was angered until she laughed. So, it turned out that when they first arrived, the family wanted to show off their strength, to remind them that at all times, they must remember Daddy losing tragically in that battle. However, she just wasn’t willing to follow their wishes.

Chu Qing-Yan wanted to lift up the curtain and argue with the other side, but halfway there, someone grabbed her wrist. She turned her head around and saw Mother, and couldn’t help but to say, “Mom, let daughter reason with them. Daughter doesn’t want you and Daddy to be wronged.”

Originally, the entire family wandered outside, destitute and ate a lot of suffering. Now, she knew Chu family’s conduct from that time, in ten years, they had a home and couldn’t return to it. When they returned, they were treated as bringers of bad luck and must tuck in their tails and enter through the back door. This injustice, how could she swallow it down!

Mother Chu shook her head, “Cai Cai, don’t be so impulsive, we must endure the humiliation for the more important mission.”

Having heard these words, Chu Qing-Yan felt that she was indeed too impulsive. These words said by Mother contained Mother’s sadness in her heart for ten years. Chu Qing-Yan’s heart turned sour, here, she was not familiar with the lifestyle and land, she shouldn’t act blindly without thinking. Otherwise, very likely, she would implicate her parents. As a result, she bit down on her teeth and watched the main gates become further and further away. She made a firm decision in her heart.

Someday, she will bring her parents openly and upright to enter through the front door. Then, make Chu family know what was too late for regret, for all the humiliation they added onto their bodies today.

The horse carriage stopped at the side door, and the group of people got out of the carriage. Old Woman Li lightly knocked on the side door, then, a little servant girl came out to open the door. Old Woman Li used an arrogant tone and said, “Shan Cha, go tell Second Madam that Eldest Master’s entire family have arrived.”

The little servant girl called Shan Cha took a glance at the people behind Old Woman Li, then agreeing, she quickly left. Then Old Woman Li took the lead to enter the doorway, and Chu Qing-Yan’s family followed behind her. Wang Ting’s group led the horse and left in another direction.

The servants that came and went, seeing Chu Qing-Yan’s group of people, all had curious expressions. But with one strict glare from Old Woman Li, they all walked away. Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes, nose and heart was above all of this and didn’t pay attention to those people. Rather her hand pulled Daddy along, afraid that he would wander off.

Passing through the back courtyard and walking towards the main reception hall.

Just now, a servant girl had already come over to report that Elder Master, Elder Madam and other people were already waiting for them in the main reception hall. Therefore, Old Woman Li didn’t have time to mind other matters, and all the way, rudely urged them to walk faster.

Although Chu Qing-Yan was surprised at the great change to Old Woman Li’s manner towards them once they entered Chu Manor, however, fortunately, she had already made mental preparations before. Now, all her thoughts were on how to respond to the Chu family, so she didn’t bother to bicker with her over it.

Before they entered the main reception hall, a person with a loud voice entered Chu Qing-Yan’s group of people’s ears.

“I say, Second Sister-in-law, you really sent people to pick up that idiot and his entire family? Aren’t you afraid our Manor can’t afford to raise these wastes?”

“Third Younger Brother’s wife, to say these stuff in front of Mother and Father, don’t you feel somewhat lacking in manners? When all’s said and done, Elder Brother is still our family’s people.” Another voice could be heard saying this. Her tone was like silk but full of needles, also seemed to carry a touch of disdain.

“I’m just telling it as is. It may be assumed that our parents won’t blame me either.” Clearly, that tone’s strength weakened a bit.

“Enough, wait until the people come and then we’ll talk.” A rather old and forceful tone emerged, stopping the two people’s dialog.

Standing outside, Chu Qing-Yan’s group could hear this conversation very clearly. She looked at Mother whose face had immediately gone pale, suddenly, her heart started to ache. She tightened her grip on Mother’s hand, using this movement to placate her. Mother Chu patted the back of her hand to indicate that she was alright. And Daddy Chu was ignorant of all this and felt nothing. He fiddled with the bamboo dragonfly in his hand, wasn’t that a kind of joy?

Now, Old Woman Li brought them and entered the doorway, then, she bowed towards the seated two people and said, “Elder Master, Elder Madam, the Eldest Master’s entire family have already arrived.”

“Good.” The old person with white hair on the right side of the master’s position indifferently nodded.

And Chu Qing-Yan took advantage of this moment to lift up her eyes to seize up her surroundings and roughly sweep her gaze over the reception hall. Four men and four women. Don’t need to mention the person sitting on the master’s seat, that was Elder Chu and Elder Madam. They were Daddy’s parents’s, younger brothers and their wives. She needed to call them Great Uncle and Great Aunt. The other six people were Daddy’s cousins from the male lineage and their wives.

In a not-so-big main reception hall sat eight people, in addition to her group of people, it seemed conspicuously crowded.

When she was secretly seizing up the opponent, she discovered that the people sitting in the main hall were all looking at her openly. It was as if they were trying to figure out how much did the meat weigh, this made Chu Qing-Yan’s entire body feel very uncomfortable.

Chu Qing-Yan followed behind Mother and saluted towards the people sitting there and called them Great Uncle and Aunt.

Only at this moment did she dare to raise her head and look directly towards them. Elder Chu’s face was stiff and gave people a kind of very old-fashioned and strict feeling, whereas Elder Madam looked at them with a gloomy gaze, the corner of her eyes wrinkled with deep lines. Her tightly creased eyebrows could almost pinch a housefly to death.

“The eldest family, go see your younger brothers and sisters.”

Elder Madam had just finished speaking, when an inharmonious voice sounded, smashing this strange atmosphere.

“Mother Dan, Cai Cai, where is this? How familiar!” Daddy Chu opened his eyes wide and looked everywhere.

Mother Chu immediately pulled the husband at her side to a stop. Unfortunately, she couldn’t stop his words.

Once Daddy Chu said those words, immediately, the main hall resounded with sneers and laughter.

“Eldest Brother, ten years I haven’t seen you, you are still this simple and naive.” The slightly pudgy middle-aged man on the right side mockingly said.

Daddy Chu turned his head around to look towards him with a face full of doubt, “Eldest Brother? Are you calling me? Who are you?”

A shifty-eyed middle-aged man on the other side chuckled, “Naturally, it’s calling you Eldest Brother. He is Zhi-Ming, your second cousin, I’m Zhi-Hua, your third cousin. Could it be that after ten years, Elder Brother’s memory once again degenerated? How could this be good? At that time, you were as stupid as a child, nowadays, you couldn’t have degenerated to an infant state right!”

Once these words were said, inside the main hall was filled with roars of laughter.

Chu Qing-Yan’s heart was displeased. Although she anticipated that everyone in this Chu family weren’t some good people, but she had never thought that they would make fun of her family in front of everyone. Also, Elder Chu and Elder Madam sat there like old fixed pine trees, as if they simply didn’t notice the farce going on right now, allowing the younger generations to do what they want.

What kind of influential family was this, they were simply like the vile characters in the marketplace. Quarreling and causing a disturbance, not hiding their malicious thoughts. How could this be considered a high-quality family.

“But I only have Mother Dan and Cai Cai. I don’t have younger brothers. If you guys are really my younger brothers, then for so many years, why haven’t you guys brought good food to visit me. And you guys also didn’t live with me, I don’t believe any of you guys, this group of swindlers.” Daddy Chu took a glance at them and said with a rare, serious expression.

Once these words were said, everyone quieted, betraying embarrassed expressions.

Obviously, they had rarely heard such frank words.

Chu Qing-Yan glanced at the people present, sure enough, all of them had an embarrassed expression. She coldly humphed, these people also understood that they must save face ah?

Mother Chu was worried that her husband would once again say something awkward, immediately, she pulled her daughter up to introduce everyone, “Cai Cai, this is your second uncle and his wife.” She said this as she pointed to that pudgy middle-aged man and woman with an insincere smile. Then, she pointed at that shifty-eyed middle-aged man and that woman with her chin lifted up arrogantly and said, “This is your third uncle.” Again, she pointed to a cowering middle man on the side and the timid woman at his side and said, “That is your fourth uncle and fourth aunt.”

Even though she didn’t like these people, however, she still had to put on the appearance of the younger generation. As a result, she walked past them and paid her respects to each of them.

Only, don’t know if it was her misconception, she felt that these people’s gazes were a bit strange when looking at her. This made her mind feel somewhat uneasy.

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