Adorable Consort – Chapter 52

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Chapter 52- Last words of the dying said in imminent peril

Huang Yi stared helplessly as Chu Qing-Yan spat out blood and fainted. She was so scared that she hurriedly called for people to come.

The people outside that heard the noise immediately barged in. Hong Yi, seeing the passed out Chu Qing-Yan once she entered the room, was shocked, but she very quickly recollected herself and immediately gave orders to handle this matter. The ones that were to report to His Highness went to report to His Highness, those that were to go get the doctor went to get the doctor, and people that were assigned to move her, moved her.

By the time Xiao Xu received the news and rushed over, Chu Qing-Yan already had a grayish complexion and was lying on the couch. He took large strides to go over and sat down on the couch. The silver mask concealed his face, so one couldn’t make out whether he was happy or angry, “Has the imperial physician been sent for?”

Hong Yi immediately stepped out, “I’ve already sent people to invite the best doctor in the capital.” Because just now was an emergency, she didn’t have the prince’s manor’s command token to enter the palace and invite the imperial physician.

When the words finished, Xiao Xu swept a look at Fire Spirit who was at his side. Fire Spirit understood tacitly, he cupped his hands and left the room with quick steps.

Hong Yi knew that he went to the palace to ask for the imperial physician, so she ordered the servants to boil some water and prepare cotton cloth, and made people wipe Chu Qing-Yan clean.

Xiao Xu stood at the side and watched the servants do their job. An indecipherable look was in his eyes.

Hong Yi stood at his side and in a low voice with concern, said, “Your Highness, please don’t be anxious. Ninth Miss Chu is worthy of Heaven’s help, she will absolutely be fine.”

Xiao Xu lightly nodded. He turned around and saw Huang Yi, who wanted to break out into sobs, and coldly asked, “What exactly happened?”

At this moment, Huang Yi kneeled on the floor in panic and kowtowed toward her family’s Highness and said, “Your Highness, this servant also doesn’t know what exactly happened. At that time, this servant carried the pastries that Fourth Prince brought over for Ninth Miss Chu to eat. Don’t know why, but after just eating a piece, Ninth Miss Chu vomited blood.”

Huang Yi’s words scared everyone at the scene. Everyone had his or her head lowered, not daring to lift them up.

If Huang Yi’s words were verified to be true, then if the pastries that the Fourth Prince brought over were not eaten by Chu Qing-Yan but eaten instead by His Highness, the consequences would have been too horrible to contemplate.

Xiao Xu heard this and looked at the fruit tray on the table that hadn’t been removed. Immediately, someone stepped forward, holding a silver needle to test for poison. When he withdrew it, the silver needle had already turned black. The person’s complexion changed as he looked at the deepness or shallowness of the black color. It could be said that this was not a simple, but highly toxic poison.

Xiao Xu looked at the silver needle displayed in front of his eyes by the subordinate, and the ink color of his eyes became even darker.

At this moment, the imperial physician that Fire Spirit invited from the palace, arrived.

This imperial physician was surnamed Chen, he had already worked in the palace for ten years, so his ability to discern situations was not low. When he saw Prince Ying giving off a cold aura from head to toe, and after taking a glance at the person lying on the couch, he immediately understood the immense pressure of going out of the palace this time. He had already heard of the cold-blooded and ruthless reputation of Prince Ying. Imperial physician Chen trembled as he placed a finger atop of Chu Qing-Yan’s pulse, the color of his face immediately paling. He then glanced at the greenish-blue color under Chu Qing-Yan’s pair of eyes as well as the purplish-red color of her lips, and his pair of legs nearly couldn’t stand.

“Re-reporting to Prince Ying, the toxicity of mandara is matchless, I-I fear that this little Miss won’t be able to live past tonight!”

When these words were said, the people at the scene were all stunned. Even though a lot of them didn’t know much, but they still had heard something about the rumors of the six great poisons, heartbreak grass, poisonous bird wine, crane’s red crown, oleander, see blood seal throat, mandara….

Could it be that this lively and adorable-looking Miss would perish like jade incense?

Imperial physician Chen’s words made Xiao Xu’s brows tighten up. He subconsciously turned his eyes to look at the person on the couch, her usually rosy cheeks were now as pale as fine paper. Her delicate long eyebrows tightly scrunched up, as if enduring immense pain, from time to time, she’d bite her lips and let out one or two weak groans.

“This servant deserves to die. It’s this servant that didn’t take good care of Miss Chu——” Huang Yi heard this and immediately kowtowed, her forehead heavily knocking against the green stone slab. The dull hum seemed to have struck the hearts of everyone, no one dared to breathe loudly, fearing the wrath of the prince would lead to heads falling to the ground.

“Fire Spirit, call in Air Spirit!” Xiao Xu reached out to stroke Chu Qing-Yan’s bloodless cheeks and suddenly said.

Fire Spirit was so shocked that he almost jumped up and blurted out, “Your Highness, Air Spirit is in Sha Nan, to rush back at the fastest speed will take three days ah!”

“Give him two days’ time!” Xiao Xu indifferently said, then he turned around to look at the imperial physician Chen whose pair of legs was trembling. He faintly ordered, “No matter what, make sure to keep her alive for two more days for this king.”

Imperial physician Chen’s two eyes immediately went dark, at this moment, he very much regretted being on duty for today. Now, Prince Ying’s order has been set, it was like a knife at his neck, he could only keep trying everything in a desperate situation!

Sure enough, the potential of humans were unlimited, imperial physician Chen gave his all and finally was able to keep the person from the gates of hell. However, in the end, whether this life could be retrieved, all the people could not say for sure.

Fire Spirit also, without stopping to rest, went to transmit this order to Air Spirit.

And in these two days, everybody in the Jade courtyard had an unspeakable bitterness. Even though their Highness still looked the same as usual, they could feel the temperature around him getting lower and lower. Clearly, summer was almost here, but they would often come into contact with His Highness and cold sweat would directly fall down.

Huang Yi had already kneeled inside the courtyard for almost two days. His Highness hadn’t dealt with her, but she also didn’t dare get up. Hong Yi saw this and felt uncomfortable, she wanted to persuade her, but then heard Cheng Yi’s harsh tone ring out, “Don’t know what kind of good fortune this Chu Qing-Yan cultivated, to actually be able to get this kind of regard from His Highness?”

Hong Yi turned to look at her with a strict face, “Cheng Yi, now is not like before, you should stop saying words without thinking, otherwise, there’ll come a time where there’s enough suffering for you to eat.”

The corner of Cheng Yi’s mouth twitched unconvinced, but she knew that what she said was not without reason. Her eyes were aimed at the room where Chu Qing-Yan was staying, her gaze vicious, hoping that Chu Qing-Yan would die this time from the poison.

Hong Yi didn’t say anything more to her. She ordered people to take Huang Yi who had fainted from being baked in the sun back to her room.

Inside the room.

Chu Qing-Yan, whose last breath was saved by imperial physician Chen, would occasionally wake up, and would occasionally be in deep sleep. At this time, she half-opened her eyes and looked at the muslin canopy over her head, feeling a little bit muddle-headed.

Hearing the movement, Xiao Xu put down the book in his hands and stood up to walk towards her.


Chu Qing-Yan exerted a lot of effort to turn her head to look at the jade-like person standing before the couch she was on, a bad premonition crept into her heart and an unspeakable pain shot through her entire body, making her heart miserable. Her lips slowly parted, her tone soft and lacking strength, “Your Highness, will I die?”

Without close relatives by her side, even though the person before her was cold, at least they had gotten along for a period of time. She couldn’t help but pour out the grievances, fear and grief in her heart.

Xiao Xu silently looked at her. Even though no words were uttered, he still lifted his hand to lightly stroke her head as if comforting her.

Chu Qing-Yan’s lips cracked open slightly, and thought if she couldn’t live, she must hurriedly use her last words to settle matters that needed doing, “Your Highness, Qing-Yan is very sad. It wasn’t easy to be alive and I still haven’t taken a proper look at this world, but fate is not kind. If Qing-Yan dies, based on Qing-Yan being clever and obedient these past few days, will you please help take care of Qing-Yan’s parents? Qing-Yan is most concerned about them in this world. Qing-Yan doesn’t dare trouble Your Highness, and only hopes that Your Highness would facilitate one thing, don’t let them suffer hardship. Cough, cough——”

“Shut up, did this king say you’ll die?”

Her last words, filled with devotion to righteousness, had made Xiao Xu’s heart feel a burst of gloominess.

When his words ended, he didn’t hear a word from the person below, because she had fainted once more. Xiao Xu’s complexion was extremely ugly.

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