Adorable Consort – Chapter 51

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Chapter 51 – When the iceberg Highness is gentle

However, faced with that pair of familiar, innocent and pure eyes in front of him, his tightly clenched fist immediately loosened.

The habit that had formed for many years had almost made him toss this child out. Fortunately, he was able to stop himself in time. Otherwise with her small frame, he feared she wouldn’t be able to withstand his hit.

He relaxed his stiff body, with one hand on her waist to prevent her from falling down. Her breathing gently brushed by the tip of his nose. He leaned on the back of the chair, his tone carrying a hint of a smile that no one detected, “As long as you know it, then it’s good.”

“Then can I walk horizontally like a crab in the future?” Perhaps it was because she had gotten used to Xiao Xu’s closeness to her that Chu Qing-Yan had completely accepted her own ten-year-old identity. When she was young, her busy parents tossed her to her grandparents to be looked after. Her family had generations of literary reputation, hence, her upbringing was extremely strict. Even though she had a happy childhood, she was still often restricted. Also her parents were not by her side, so she didn’t have anyone to act like a spoiled child to. She rarely enjoyed being a kid and the pleasures that a child should have. When Xiao Xu treated her like a child and put her on his knee, a feeling of nostalgia filled her heart, making her lower her vigilance. She couldn’t help but hug his neck and smile in surprise, as she if had a powerful connection to intimidate people.

“You could. On the condition that it is done before this king’s eyes.” The childish face in front of him made the corner of his lips curve up into a shallow smile, but because the mask had covered his expression, Chu Qing-Yan could not see it clearly.

Uh, did that mean if she left his sight, she could be hacked to death at any minute?

Chu Qing-Yan swallowed her saliva, then she had better restrain herself, or else one day, if she wasn’t before his eyes, she’d breathe her last.

As if having realized her thoughts, Xiao Xu extended his hand and poked her slim nose, thinking it was funny to say, “Have evil intentions but don’t have the guts!”

Chu Qing-Yan heard this and puffed up both cheeks. She replied, unconvinced, “What if I’m not before Your Highness’s eyes, wouldn’t that mean my life would be bleak?”

“Are you saying this king doesn’t have the power to protect you?” Having his abilities questioned, Xiao Xu’s voice was overcast.

Chu Qing-Yan, having heard this, stuck out her tongue. Then, in a nice tone and manner, she hurriedly replied, “Qing-Yan was joking! Your Highness’s military accomplishments are unrivalled, status is high and weighs heavy in importance. Who would dare to bully me!”

The capricious little face at this moment was fully displaying a ‘currying favor’ expression. Xiao Xu couldn’t help but extend his hand to pinch her nose as punishment. In the end, he released her and let her go back to her own courtyard to play.

Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t understand why he didn’t go over with her, but she recalled that dinner was still an hour away. The other person was a noble prince, even if he was ordered to recuperate in the manor, he still wasn’t like her who had nothing to do! As a result, she took her time to wander to the main courtyard.

The moment Chu Qing-Yan left, Xiao Xu’s expression turned gloomy. He called in Bai Hu.

Bai Hu was originally busy in the front courtyard. He suddenly heard the prince had summoned him and couldn’t help but have some doubts. Still, he immediately hurried over.

“Don’t know what matters Your Highness wants to instruct this servant about that you summoned this servant?” Bai Hu bent his waist, face full of respect.

“Who was on duty today in the Jade Courtyard?” His indifferent tone made it hard for people to grasp.

Even though he was already used to His Highness’s cold personality, but for some reason, Bai Hu felt something was wrong with His Highness today.

However, he still quickly replied, “It’s Min Qing and Min Feng.”

“Take them down for family law punishment.” Xiao Xu said faintly.

After these words were said, Bai Hu’s body shook slightly. He didn’t understand why His Highness would suddenly punish these two people. Then, he recalled the signs of activity that happened in the Jade Courtyard just now; was it possible that His Highness was punishing them for not reporting when the Fourth Prince entered the courtyard?

It stupefied Bai Hu in place, and Xiao Xu raised an eyebrow slightly, “Any objections?”

“This old servant doesn’t dare to. I will immediately have it done.” Bai Hu immediately accepted the order.

Using family law as punishment wasn’t just simple punishment. Receiving 80 military sticks in beating, even if it was a powerful and well-built strong man, he feared three out of seven souls would be gone.

Not much later, mournful sounds of people begging for forgiveness were heard coming from outside.

The successive rise and fall of the military sticks were loud. Xiao Xu had spent many years outside on expeditions, and his subordinates were all experts in the military, so when they carried out punishments, there were no hesitation in the strikes. Standing in attendance outside of the study were Gu Rong and Gu Yi, who just so happened to be facing the punishment held in the front courtyard. A hint of astonishment emerged in the depths of their eyes.

Just because the servants didn’t immediately report the news of Fourth Prince’s arrival in the Jade Courtyard, it almost led to Chu Qing-Yan being bullied by the Fourth Prince. As a result, His Highness put the crime on these two servants?

Gu Rong and Gu Yi were both shocked. They suddenly felt a burst of fear for the person inside the room.

They both had already received the news of Fourth Prince’s arrival since earlier. They also knew the motive for Fourth Prince’s visit. So, with an attitude of wanting to see a good play, they wanted to first see how much censure Chu Qing-Yan would suffer from this.

After all, they were guards sent by Empress Liang to serve by his side, so they thought the same as the Empress. They hoped that His Highness would one day rise to the position of crown prince. This Chu Qing-Yan lacked influence and power, while also the daughter born from an extremely poor and crude family; it can be said that she completely lacked the ability to help His Highness on the political road. Although they would normally make their salutations to Chu Qing-Yan, it was always only perfunctory. Just like this time with the Fourth Prince’s event, they were also glad to see it happen.

However, they hadn’t anticipated that His Highness would deal with the people of Jade Courtyard because of this matter.

And having the punishment of the people take place in the open space inside the Jade Courtyard, made the meaning behind it self-evident.

This was to punish an individual as an example to others, giving the people inside the courtyard a warning.

Gu Rong and Gu Yi both felt chills on their backs.

Inside the room, Fire Spirit heard the cries outside become weaker and weaker, and then turned his head to look at the Highness in front of him who was flipping through a book with an indifferent expression. He felt somewhat curious, he never expected that His Highness would get angry because of Chu Qing-Yan.

Maybe it was because Fire Spirit’s gaze was too naked and hot, Xiao Xu raised an eyebrow to look at him, “Is your skin itchy (1)?”

At this moment, the fierce sound of military sticks landing suddenly echoed, and Fire Spirit was scared to the point of covering his own butt, then repeatedly shook his head!

Inside the main courtyard, Huang Yi and the others also heard the sounds of punishment coming from outside, everyone had differing expressions.

Cheng Yi’s jealous gaze directly passed through the window sill to fall on Chu Qing-Yan’s body. She heard that Lan Yi was reprimanded with a few words by His Highness because she wasn’t inside the study to serve just now. His Highness was clearly venting for the Chu family’s loathsome girl. The more she thought about it, the more indignant Cheng Yi became. She was just a child who was still wet behind the ears, for what reason was she able to get special treatment from His Highness! She definitely would not let her continue to be so complacent.

And just at this moment, Huang Yi carried two dishes of pastries and walked inside. Seeing Chu Qing-Yan’s two huge eyes spinning around trying to size up the room, she smiled and placed the tray in front of her, “Ninth Miss Chu, these are snacks brought by the Fourth Prince from within the palace, you should give it a try.”

“Looks really exquisite, but it definitely won’t taste as good as the food Older Sister Huang makes!” Chu Qing-Yan took a glance and felt the outside looked good, but once she heard they were pastries sent by Xiao Ran, she subconsciously wanted to reject it. So, her mouth borrowed flowers to present to Buddha(2) as she exaggeratedly praised Huang Yi.

Huang Yi heard this and felt extremely happy. She definitely wanted her to try, to see where it did not match up to hers.

Unable to withstand Huang Yi’s enthusiasm, Chu Qing-Yan randomly picked up a piece and put it in her mouth. It immediately melted in her mouth, bringing an ice-cold taste. She had no choice but to say, anything made in the palace was good stuff.

“How is it?” Huang Yi widened her eyes, waiting for her response.

Qing-Yan thought that this girl was too anxious. Just as she was about to open her mouth to respond, she suddenly felt a sweet metallic taste in her throat.

“Ninth Miss Chu!”

She heard Huang Yi’s panicked, sharp yell in the midst of the haziness, then everything went black in front of her eyes as she plunged into an endless abyss.


1) Is your skin itchy: AKA are you looking for a beating/spanking?

2) Present borrowed flowers to Buddha – Use someone else’s property to win favor

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