Adorable Consort – Chapter 142

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Chapter 142 – Have someone to protect

After Chu Qing-Yan finished asking this, she looked at him with nerves taut, afraid that he would say no.

Xiao Xu lowered his brow and muttered to himself for a short period, then said. “One is to find the mastermind behind the scene. Two is when Fourth Prince wakes up, he would testify on this king’s behalf.”

These two points Big Block of Ice said, she had thought of before. Water Spirit and Fire Spirit did not stop searching for that assassin. A pity the person who set up this trap was too crafty and didn’t leave a trace. And Xiao Ran’s palace was being protected by layer upon layer of Yu Lin soldiers, enforced until it was impenetrable. They only knew he was no longer in danger but couldn’t find out any news on him right now. Moreover, the most important thing was that they didn’t know if Xiao Ran would wake up before his court hearing.

These two methods may be hard to achieve.

Air Spirit withdrew his hand and said to the two people. “There is no problem with His Highness’s body.”

Only now did Chu Qing-Yan feel assured.

Xiao Xu pulled down his sleeves. He was very clear about the state of his own body. Only to reassure her heart did he allow his pulse to be taken.

“Are there any other methods?” She continued to ask.

“Thinking up till now, there are only these two methods.” Xiao Xu’s tone was indifferent as if he wasn’t talking about his own matters. He wasn’t a bit worried or anxious.

Chu Qing-Yan suddenly felt incomparable sorrow. She extended her fingers and grabbed his sleeves to say. “But Big Block of Ice, I don’t want you to be wrongly accused! I don’t want you to be made into a scapegoat! I don’t want you to be denounced by people! I don’t want anything to happen to you!”

A burst of wind seemed to have brushed pass Xiao Xu’s heart, somewhat warm, soothing the slight chill from these past several days. He leaned against the iron bars with a serene expression and looked at the person before him. “Don’t need to worry, nothing will happen to me. Even if I am convicted, nothing will happen to me.” At most, his powers would be taken back. At most, he would lose the qualification to compete for the seat of Crown Prince. At most, he would be expelled from the capital and nothing more.

It was only at most.

He had already made preparations since earlier, waiting for this day to arrive.

Only he never expected it would come this quickly, that Father Emperor would be this impatient. And something unexpected would appear in his life.

He lowered his head to look at the girl who was worried about him. He thought that what if he wasn’t saved in Mao village and didn’t hear her love for her parents under her window in Chu Manor. He didn’t have her warm and innocent smile get near him, then maybe this unexpected matter wouldn’t appear in his life right?

And he wouldn’t split a part of his thought to take good care of her. He also wouldn’t punish his subordinates for not protecting her well. Even more, he wouldn’t pity her when she suffered bitter hardship during training.

But without this unexpected thing, his heart wouldn’t have anything to be concerned about.

And his heart wouldn’t have a person that can cure his loneliness.

This was the first time he wanted to protect someone.

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t know why Big Block of Ice would say something like that. But Air Spirit at the side could understand the meaning of His Highness’s words.

He couldn’t help but turn around and look towards the ceiling of the prison. He tried really hard to press down the mood in his heart.

He just knew His Highness had anticipated something when he was called back to the capital. Otherwise, His Highness wouldn’t have arranged all the matters properly before leaving the border. Moreover, when he returned to the capital, he wouldn’t have taken so few trusted aides with him.

So it turned out His Highness had already anticipated this.

He clenched his hands tightly, the fire in his heart burning fiercely. He really felt it wasn’t worth it on His Highness behalf!

“Big Block of Ice rest assured, I will definitely think of a way to get you out! If in the end nothing can be done, I and Earth Spirit will come and forcibly break you out of prison!” Chu Qing-Yan lifted up a fist and said this firmly.

Hearing this, Xiao Xu’s lip hooked up as he shook his head. Expressing how funny this little guy’s plan was.

Seeing this, Chu Qing-Yan immediately looked at him with dissatisfaction. I’m telling it to you seriously. We need to make preparations for every possibility. Moreover——”

Suddenly her expression turned to looking forward. “To travel the world from now side by side, to watch the clouds tinged with hues of sunset. To gallop forward on horses, to enjoy this world’s liveliness together. Like this, it really would feel great. Just like when Er Kang and Yong Qi stole Little Yan Zi and Zi Wei from the royal prison (1). Walking over ten thousand miles of land and water, roaming all over the world. This kind of feeling is also pretty good!”

Suddenly, her head was pressed down, her thoughts were interrupted. Chu Qing-Yan rubbed her head and looked towards Big Block of Ice who was just withdrawing his hand. She couldn’t help but rebel to say. “Big Block of Ice, you shouldn’t spoil the fun like this okay? What I said is all true!”

Xiao Xu shook his head. “That isn’t roaming to the furthest reaches of the world, rather, it’s being chased to be killed to the furthest reaches of the world.”

Chu Qing-Yan hearing this kept silent, indeed there is this possibility.

Xiao Xu’s gaze landed on her body, his eyes became somewhat deep and hidden. “If the matter reaches the stage of getting out of hand, than have Fire Spirit and them arrange for you to leave.”

You are a chess piece weak in power that my Father the Emperor arranged at my side, once the chess match has been determined, then you won’t have any use. So Father Emperor won’t make things difficult for you.

Once he said these words, the little guy’s expression changed. “Big Block of Ice, don’t always think of routes of retreat for other people and always put yourself in desperate straits, okay? My route I’ll arrange myself, don’t need you to get involved! I dislike you!”

Chu Qing-Yan stood up with her face full of anger, tossed her sleeves and left.

Air Spirit took a glance at his family’s Highness, then took a glance at the little consort leaving with quick steps. Don’t know what to say that would be good.

“If it reaches the stage of no other way out, then send her out and protect her safety.” Xiao Xu said faintly. His gaze was always on the ground not looking in the direction she left in.

“Highness——” Air Spirit wanted to speak but was stopped by a cold glance from His Highness.

“Do according to this king’s instructions.” Xiao Xu decisively said.

“Yes.” Air Spirit clenched his teeth and agreed. Afterwards, he turned and also left.

Chu Qing-Yan who ran out of the royal prison really regretted it. She shouldn’t have gotten angry at Big Block of Ice. This time of seeing each other was really precious, yet she actually destroyed it just like this. She stomped her feet, getting mad at herself. But who let Big Block of Ice say so many thing that angers a person!

“Princess Consort Ying.” Liu Qu still hadn’t left and was waiting at the gate.

Chu Qing-Yan reorganzied her mood, then took a glance at Air Spirit who had caught up with her. Then she walked towards Liu Qu. “Honorable Official Liu, my family’s Highness is in prison, hope you will help and look after him. For example that comforter, or that hot tea I won’t say more about the details.”

Liu Qu, whose hand she held dared to be angry but dared not speak, he could only fawningly agree to this.

“Those matters, as long as you treat my family’s Highness well and don’t let him suffer any grievances, this princess guarantees not to breathe a word. But——” Chu Qing-Yan neared his ear and said knowingly. “You know the consequences.”

After Chu Qing-Yan left, Liu Qu wiped at the cold sweat on his forehead. Subconsciously, his body trembled. It couldn’t be seen that this little consort was so cunning! But he couldn’t not comply with the request! Really being pitted ah!

After getting on the horse carriage, Fire Spirit serving as the coachman asked. “Little consort, are we preparing to return to the manor?”

“No, I want to enter the imperial palace!” She said in a deep tone.

Although Fire Spirit was somewhat flabbergasted, he still turned the carriage around and went towards the imperial palace.

And when Chu Qing-Yan had just left, a person appeared in front of Xiao Xu’s prison cell.

Xiao Xu turned to look at the person, his expression wasn’t the least bit surprised.


1) Er Kang and Yong Qi stole Little Yan Zi and Zi Wei: So this is a scene from a book that was made into a famous drama in China called My Fair Princess in 1998. A lot of Chinese actors and actress became famous overnight from this drama. See wiki page here.

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