Adorable Consort – Chapter 143

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Chapter 143 – Don’t want to become someone condemned in history

Xiao Xu was not at all surprised to see this person in prison.

His grandfather on his mother’s side.

He merged the three borders of Western Xuan Empire, recaptured the land that was invaded and occupied for more than a hundred years, once again expanded the territories of Western Xuan Empire . The heroic and fearless Elder veteran.

Also, the Left Minister of Western Xuan Empire.

Liang Cheng-Yu.

“Maternal grandfather, have you been well these several days?” Xiao Xu stood up and calmly saluted him.

Although Liang Cheng-Yu was in such a place like the royal prison, he still had a calm attitude to handle affairs. The salutation soothed him, he had always dealt with military matters throughout his life, so his temperament was unyielding. He would never be able to tolerate an endlessly weeping person that had no opinion of their own. Fortunately, this grandson of his was not like his mother who was shortsighted and unreconciled.

Only that sometimes, he didn’t like this grandson’s temperament. He appeared sharp and strict, in fact he was the most unwilling to fight and scheme. He is a person that doesn’t like to vie for power, but he is wise, farsighted, courageous and insightful, exactly what other people lacked.

“Xu’er, you have suffered.” Minister Liang gave a soft sigh.

“Maternal grandfather need not say this, in here is still pretty good. Quiet with no one to disturb me, this can’t be considered very bitter.” Xiao Xu replied faintly, he really didn’t feel there was much bitterness here that needed to be said. The most miserable time he had already lived through it. The other matters from his point of view weren’t considered much.

Minister Liang sighed again, he should have been an arrogant royal prince, he should have been the first to succeed as heir as the son of the empress. He should have been the Highness everyone revered, yet now he suffered from being wrongly accused and was locked up in the royal prison. Even his appearance was burned by that huge fire from ten years ago until it was changed beyond recognition.

This child in his eyes was plagued with misfortunes.

Before, how bright and lovely he was now; he was cold and detached, pushing people thousands of miles away.

That pair of black pupils, no one could see through and know what he was thinking about.

Several years ago, His Majesty used pretty words to send him to the border to learn through experience. In fact, it was to give Fourth Prince time to grow his forces, help Fourth Prince strengthen his position. Xu’er knew all this but he still silently left and even managed the border until everything was in order. He repelled border countries that tried to invade countless number of times.

A pity that no matter how much he did, His Majesty never seem to see it.

No! this matter, if there was no solution to be found, then he would never have a chance to change his fortunes.

And Liang family’s position was tied together with him, if something bad happened to him, not only Empress Liang, but even Liang family will be in a precarious state.

For Liang family, he won’t let something like this happen.

“Xu’er, this matter grandfather has already paved the way with the several officials in the Justice of Peace Department that handles this case. You shouldn’t be too worried. Your mother empress will also plead for leniency with your father the emperor.” Minister Liang wanted to pat his shoulder but when his hand was lifted halfway, he recalled Xiao Xu didn’t like other people touching him, therefore he awkwardly withdrew his hand.

“Troubled grandfather.” Xiao Xu looked at the already aged maternal grandfather. Although his body was still sturdy, the hair at his temples had already grayed. His heart was somewhat regretful, the years don’t spare people. He had grown up but maternal grandfather had already gotten old. His heart somewhat softened, although maternal grandfather had attached most importance on Liang family, but with regards to him this grandson, he was still somewhat sincere.

The old general from the battlefield, an old hand at politics, all at once he could sense the intimacy in his grandson’s tone. He immediately struck while the iron was hot to say. “Xu’er, if this time’s matter your father the emperor still believes you did it, what will you do?”

Xiao Xu replied calmly. “Just let nature take its course!”

Although he quite understood this grandson and had already guessed it, he was still inevitably disappointed. Minister Liang gave a light sigh. “What your mother empress said is correct, your temperament is cold and lonesome. You don’t like to vie for power with others and seize control of positions. Sometimes this kind of temperament is not bad, but at this time, it is not appropriate.”

Xiao Xu remained silent and looked at the person in front of him, he knew he had more to say.

“Xu’er, you mustn’t forget you are not alone. There are many people behind you, your mother empress, Liang family, as well as those officials that support you. How could you say let nature take its course? Once nature takes its course, your identity as the first in place to be heir will be stripped away. Can’t you see that His Majesty’s thoughts are all on the Fourth Prince?” Minister said with a tone of Xiao Xu having failed to meet expectations.

From childhood to adulthood, his mother empress had always exhorted him that his future prospects was linked to Liang family, so he must obey.

The moment his maternal grandfather appeared, he already guessed his goal. Only he still wanted to have a thread of hope that he came to the prison because he was concerned about him.

A pity, sometimes he felt very disappointed because these people had never lived up to his hope.

Xiao Xu controlled his expression. “That Father emperor favors Fourth younger royal brother is a fact. This king can not change it, ever since Fourth younger royal brother was born, father emperor’s thoughts have been very clear.”

Before he didn’t understand, but now he understood.

“But so what, with you present Fourth Prince can not legally be conferred. His Majesty wanted to obstruct your existence, but he still couldn’t establish him as the heir as he wished.” Minister Liang’s tone was somewhat excited as if he didn’t approve of his somewhat negative attitude at this time.

But he didn’t understand Xiao Xu wasn’t being negative, rather he didn’t want to live the life of openly vying for power while battling in secret.

Minister Liang eased his tone and continued to say. “However, you also needn’t be worried, even if His Majesty is determined this time to put the blame on you, we also have the stratagem of burning our boats.”

“Reaching that stage, what good methods does maternal grandfather have?” Xiao Xu frowned.

Minister Liang glanced at him, immediately walked to the table and dipped into the tea water. Afterwards, he wrote a word on the wooden table.


When Xiao Xu clearly saw that word, both eyes raised up. His expression became grave. “Maternal grandfather, that’s out of the question!”

Minister Liang wiped away that word, and in a low voice full of anger said. “Why would it be out of the question? You have already endured for so many years. Could it be that you still want to continue to be suppressed?”

Seeing as maternal grandfather ruthlessly exposed the matters for so many years, Xiao Xu’s gaze flickered. But he knew maternal grandfather wanted to provoke his anger so he would agree with his stratagem.

Xiao Xu’s tone was still as grave as he said. “Even if it is like this, there will inevitably be a bloodbath. It would cause matters that would spread widely, and being illegally conferred, the common people would panic. The enemy outside would take this opportunity to enter and the internal struggles and outside aggression would sink Western Xuan into disaster.”

These years Western Xuan empire was in a weak state, the south endured floods, the north had a drought, it was a bad harvest year so the common people had no way to continue living. Whereas the bordering countries eyed them covetously, just waiting for an opportunity to invade Western Xuan. How could he provide such an opportunity to foreign enemies?

Minister Liang looked at the grandson in front of him in shock. It’s not as if he never thought about these problems, only he never thought Xiao Xu would so firmly oppose the idea.

“But those are the dangers in seeking riches and honor, if it’s not broken, then how can people establish themselves? You really thought of this clearly?” He tried again to persuade him.

“Xu’er doesn’t want to become someone condemned in history.” Xiao Xu turned his back as he dully replied.

Minister Liang sighed. “If your father emperor he took some time to understand you, he would not always push you out the door. You have the ability to govern and able to rule the court, but——”

Being stifled while alive.

The unfinished words were buried inside the gloomy royal prison.

Xiao Xu mockly laughed at himself. In fact, he really wished he didn’t have this identity as a prince.

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