Adorable Consort – Chapter 123

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Chapter 123 – The great battle of coaxing Big Block of Ice

On the thick stack of papers were impressively written several large characters.

The great battle of coaxing Big Block of Ice.

The first tactic: paint the feeling of her existence for him.

Chu Qing-Yan changed out of her excercise clothes and thought for some time. She knew at this time Big Block of Ice was about to come out of the study, therefore she ran to the door of the study to wait for him.

Sometime before, Gu Rong who was sent out on errands returned. Nowadays he was still Big Block of Ice’s personal bodyguard, and at this moment, he was standing at the door.

“Little consort, His Highness has already given orders not to let people enter, you should go back!” Gu Rong, with a slight threatening smile reminded her.

Chu Qing-Yan waved her hand and said. “No problem, I’m not going in, will just stay outside.”

Although Gu Rong didn’t know what she wanted to do, he still let her do as she pleased. After all, His Highness didn’t say little consort was not allowed to stand at the door.

And just at this moment, the study’s door was opened by someone from the inside. Xiao Xu walked out dressed in black. At first glance, he saw Chu Qing-Yan who stood outside, but without even glancing at her, he brushed past.

Chu Qing-Yan immediately followed after with hands behind her back and was all smiles as she followed him, going left and right.

Xiao Xu didn’t know why she suddenly become so abnormal. He frowned and walked forward, minding his own business.

Second tactic: Absolutely necessary to inquire about his well-being.

Every morning, Big Block of Ice would always go do morning exercise, to practice martial arts.

Chu Qing-Yan got the location of where Big Block of Ice usually practiced martial arts from Fire Spirit. At dawn, she ran to that place and stayed there. After waiting for him to finish practicing, she immediately tagged along by his side.

“Big Block of Ice, are you hungry? Do you want to eat some of the pastries I asked Huang Yi to prepare for you?”

“Big Block of Ice, are you thirsty? Do you want me to go make tea for you?”

“Big Block of Ice, are you tired? Do you want me to massage your back?”

Xiao Xu didn’t understand why recently she changed to become so attentive. He frowned. When faced with things he doesn’t understand, he would always refuse it.

Only that this made it hard for Fire Spirit. His wounds from the beating with wooden staves hadn’t healed fully, yet he was always being pulled by the little consort to rush about busily. Using pretty words to say it, he was her assistant , but in fact, he was merely a laborer who did all the hard work.

Fire Spirit looked at his hands, one held a food box, another had a tea set, with his head hanging low, he was about to cry!

As a result, this kind of thing became a routine. Everyday, Chu Qing-Yan would always appear in his sight, whether it was getting up in the morning, eating or during leisure, her figure would always wave in front of his eyes.

Even the matter of getting up so early to accompany him for breakfast that she was afraid of before, nowadays he would always see her at the dining table. Moreover, she even wanted to help him change into his court robes.

Although he didn’t have the habit of having people wait upon him when changing clothes, since she asked, he didn’t have the thought to decline. So he let her do as she pleased. Only that the matter that caused people not to know whether to laugh or cry was that her methods of helping him change clothes was really hard to agree to. Everytime he saw her fluffing the court clothes, he always had an intense feeling of wanting to slap her away with one palm. Only in the end, he was defeated under her serious and very concentrated appearance on the task.

It was as if in his life there wasn’t a hole she hadn’t entered, as she was everywhere.

Yet he was not at all repulsed by this.

This day, Xiao Xu walked out of the study and didn’t see the figure of the person waiting for him. He frowned and immediately walked towards the great hall. Along the way, there wasn’t that person who would jump out suddenly and scare him. He narrowed his eyes, then sat in a chair in the great hall. And there wasn’t a person who asked him if he wanted to drink some water or use tea.

Xiao Xu suddenly had an indescribable feeling, as if the normally lively manor all of sudden had become quiet. He had never thought that inside the manor was empty, yet it suddenly seemed so big as to make people feel uncomfortable.

He thought it was because normally his ears were disturbed, but suddenly it become quiet. Therefore maybe he was somewhat not used to it.

A person that always chirped at his ear everyday, don’t know where she ran to now to play! His heart all of a sudden felt somewhat upset.

The person that would come and disturb him all day long, nowadays didn’t come, he really wasn’t used to it.

In the end when Huang Yi delivered the tea, Xiao Xu opened his mouth to ask. “Where is Qing-Yan?”

Huang Yi smilingly replied. “Little consort entered the kitchen since dawn. She hasn’t come out since then.”

“Kitchen?” Xiao Xu was somewhat puzzled.

Huang Yi was also puzzled as she replied. “This servant also doesn’t know, because little consort won’t let us servants get near the kitchen.”

“En, this king knows, withdraw!” Xiao Xu said.

These several days, Fire Spirit’s wounds have been healed from care and he had been given directions by the little consort. So everyday, he would appear at master’s side, making his existence known. He wanted to reduce master’s displeasure from before when he caused trouble and made the mistake.

Originally, Fire Spirit did not think highly of little consort’s methods. But seeing her so dedicated to it, he couldn’t pour cold water over her idea, even to the point that he would occasionally help her. Now he saw master that didn’t see the little consort for one hour and already started to ask about her, Fire Spirit couldn’t help but be amazed. Could it be the little consort had succeeded in this battle?

After a short period of time, the sound of familiar footsteps could be heard. Fire Spirit subconsciously took a glance at master, although master’s posture didn’t change, he could clearly feel the temperature around his body went up.

“Big Block of Ice, half a day no see. Did you miss me?” Chu Qing-Yan walked into the great hall and said, beaming with smiles.

With regards to her arriving and trying to hype up the audience, Xiao Xu never replied. Otherwise, she would continue with no end.

Only when his gaze landed on that face of hers, the corner of his eyes twitched. Her face was covered with ash grey powder, like a very lively, little striped cat.

Having already been used to Big Block of Ice’s blocking system, the seasoned Chu Qing-Yan’s body was like an impenetrable defense, not afraid of his cold air.

And the sharp eyed Fire Spirit saw that Xi Ning followed behind her, carrying a tray of something. “Little consort, what did you bring?”

Because it was covered by a silver lid, he couldn’t see the things inside.

Chu Qing-Yan smiled mysteriously.

The great battle of coaxing Big Block of Ice, third tactic: Grab his stomach.

Chu Qing-Yan waved her hand, Xi Ning understood and lifted up the lid, revealing yellow pastries on top of green leaves. It was small and delicate but did not lose its cuteness. It made people’s mouths water.

These were the pastries she made after locking herself for a whole morning in the kitchen. Before in her previous life, what she loved the most was to research gourmet food. Only that after coming here, Huang Yi’s culinary skills were exceptional and also because of her own status, so she hadn’t entered the kitchen to personally cook. Today, for Big Block of Ice, she rolled up her sleeves and battled with those firewood, pots, counter and cauldrons she was unfamiliar with. After all, the kitchen equipment of the modern world was not the same as the ancient world. She tried for half a day and only made a tray of pastries. Just speaking of it made her cry!

“Golden millet cake, Big Block of Ice, quickly, quickly, quickly try a bite. Otherwise in a while when it gets cold, it won’t taste good.” She pushed the tray in front of him as she enthusiastically recommended.

Xiao Xu took a glance at the pastries. “This king doesn’t like sweets.”

This sentence sent Chu Qing-Yan to the valley floor. It was like a fuse that was already lit and started to spread.

This period of time, she did so much but never got a response from Big Block of Ice. Like performing a one-man show with no one to appreciate it. She didn’t have much confidence left, and at this moment, finally, she had nothing left.

Hearing her family Highness’s words, Xi Ning was young so she couldn’t bear it and wanted to fight for justice for her family’s mistress. Fire Spirit, seeing this, was scared and immediately pulled her outside.

Inside the great hall, only the two of them remained. Chu Qing-Yan had her head hanging down thinking if she should also go out. In any case, even if she stayed there she was just like air, and he wouldn’t care about her.

Just when she was about to turn around and leave, suddenly, a hand extended over and gently pulled her closer.

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