Adorable Consort – Chapter 122

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Chapter 122 – Fire and Earth spirit held a little meeting

Without a doubt, returning that night, Big Block of Ice refused to acknowledge her. He didn’t even give her a chance to explain! She was as anxious as a cat on a hot tin roof.

Next day.

Chu Qing-Yan finished running with sandbags tied to both feet, struggling to breath as she sat on the steps in the courtyard. Whereas Earth Spirit idly leaned against a tree, Fire Spirit with a strange posture couldn’t sit or stand still.

Today after the training was completed, Chu Qing-Yan called Earth Spirit to a stop. She even made Xi Ning to call out Fire Spirit who was lying down inside the room to come out.

Earth Spirit originally didn’t want to but still remained. Fire Spirit, wailing like a ghost also arrived in the end. However when all three arrived, they found the little consort in the midst of her own thoughts. Don’t know why the little consort called them over, so the two of them could only chat to pass the time.

“Earth Spirit, didn’t Air Spirit return? You help me find him to get a bottle of gold grade healing medicine!” Last night when he returned, he didn’t need master to tell him, he voluntarily went to the punishment room to be penalized. In the punishment room, it just so happened to be his arch-enemy that was on duty. When he saw Fire Spirit, his eyes gave off brilliant light. He hit excessively using all his strength, even if it was an iron bastion, it also wouldn’t be able to bear it!

Earth Spirit slanted him a glance. “Serves you right!” He had already warned him, who told him to be so obstinate. Now he ate suffering for his actions, he brought it upon himself.

Fire Spirit returned his gaze with a glare. He wasn’t the only one who was penalized. Weren’t you also penalized to run ah? Gu Yi was also beaten with wooden staves by His Highness. Gu Yi and Rong were both sent outside to run errands by His Highness. Recently, even their shadows couldn’t be seen.

And just at this time Chu Qing-Yan whose mind was elsewhere suddenly opened her mouth to say. “Today, I asked you guys over to hold a little meeting with you guys. I have a problem I want to discuss with you guys. That is, normally if you guys provoke His Highness’s anger, how do you guys coax him to be happy again?”

After Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit heard what was said, they were both stumped for words. Immediately they exchanged a glance, has there been a time when master was happy?

Fire Spirit shook his head and replied. “As a member of Xiao Lie cavalry, whenever we make a mistake, it’s always to voluntarily go to Punishment room to receive our penalty.”

Although Earth Spirit really didn’t want to respond to this question, seeing Chu Qing-Yan’s dejected appearance, his lips still moved. “We never had to go coax master to be happy, because the purpose of our existence has always been to protect master and to share master’s burden.”

“Could it be that you guys have never seen His Highness smile?” Chu Qing-Yan was very much flabbergasted.

“Maybe ten years ago!” Ever since that huge fire, after master didn’t speak for ten days and ten nights. Later a mask covered his face, he increasingly became cold and detached, not letting people get close.

Master’s smile that could make white snow ashamed, it was as if the master that was full of energy and hope for everything burned to ashes in that huge fire.

Ten years ago?

Chu Qing-Yan was astonished, however hearing Earth Spirit’s tone that carried some melancholy, she couldn’t help but be silent. It’s that ten years ago matter again, ever since she came to the capital and got close to Big Block of Ice, “ ten years ago” those three words were like a curse that followed everywhere she went. This gave her a suffocating feeling!

In the end, what really happened during that huge historical fire from ten years ago that everyone mentions? Why did it make a proud son of heaven become withdrawn to the point of having no emotions?

Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit, the two of them stood there in silence. Ten years ago – that was a wound that the entire Prince Ying manor and all of Xiao Lie cavalry could not speak about.

All of a sudden.

“I don’t care what it was like ten years ago. I also don’t care if after you guys make mistakes, you would coax His Highness or not. I made a mistake and made His Highness unhappy. I must go make up for it using my most sincerity to apologize!”

Chu Qing-Yan stood up and said as if making a vow.

They are them and she was her.

Since she failed to live up to Big Block of Ice’s expectations, then she will pick up Big Block of Ice’s expectations for her. As long as she perseveres, she doesn’t believe she can’t melt this big block of ice!

“Moreover His Highness’s life should be full of colors. His life should follow his own fancy and not living a so-so life like stagnant water. Therefore, I will use the greatest amount of effort to let him have the four emotions a regular person would have!”

Don’t know if she was influenced by Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit’s mood, suddenly a kind of strength burst out from her. Not only for her own mistake, a sour stream slowly flowed out from the bottom of her heart, calling out to her. ‘Don’t want Big Block of Ice to continue living like this, to live without emotions.’ She felt that Big Block of Ice should live even better than good.

Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit never thought that suddenly Chu Qing-Yan would have an idea like this. They wanted to softy laugh at her overestimating her own abilities. Trying in vain, using her own ways to change master. But don’t know why they couldn’t say those words.

Although her body was petite, however standing at the top of the steps, she had the height to force people to look up.

Earth Spirit and Fire spirit were speechless, they silently watched as the little figure jumped around and left.

“She is merely a little brat, why do the two of you have an expression of admiration and shame?” A white figure walked out from behind the locust tree. His tone was rather disapproving.

“You definitely don’t understand. That’s because you haven’t been in the prince’s manor recently. The matters between His Highness and the little consort, scoff, scoff, scoff——” Fire Spirit glared at a certain someone whose white clothes floated and said in annoyance.

The white figure was Air Spirit!

“Little consort? I haven’t returned for a short period of time and you have already changed your tone to call her so respectfully? Tsk, tsk, tsk——” Air Spirit shook his head while he lamented several times.

All of a sudden, Fire Spirit’s anger rushed up. “Air Spirit, you this bastard. Usually I dislike you talking so mystifyingly the most. If you have the courage, then fight with me!”

Air Spirit chuckled. “A military man that only knows how to settle matters by force. I’m too lazy to lower myself to your level!”

Fire Spirit got extremely mad. “You just don’t have the guts, coward!”

Earth Spirit retracted his moodiness, and slanted a glance at Air Spirit. “Didn’t you return a while back? How come you only appeared now?”

Air Spirit ignored Fire spirit’s calling out, with a lazy expression, he said. “Rushed several days on the road to return. Asked His Highness for a few days of vacation and slept for several days. Only woke up today. Oh that’s right, do you guys know what urgent matter His Highness has to ask me to come back this time?”

“If I didn’t guess wrong, it ought to have something to do with Great Lord Chu’s illness!” Earth Spirit slowly said.

“According to Great Lord Chu’s temper, hehehe. You are done for oh!” Fire Spirit said in a manner of rejoicing in others misfortune.

Air Spirit didn’t pay him any mind. “You guys are exaggerating a bit too much ah! Isn’t he just a person that doesn’t have the strength to truss a chicken? Look at you guys being terrified like this.”

Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit didn’t want to dispute this with him. When the time comes, see you later and you’ll understand.

At this moment, crouching on the side pestering Wood Spirit to carve a chaffinch from wood, Daddy Chu sneezed. Just now, was someone thinking about him?

Chu Qing-Yan as usual ran to the study but was told that His Highness doesn’t want to be disturbed by anyone. Even after having a door closed in her face, Chu Qing-Yan did not give up. After pondering deeply for an hour, she returned to her own room. She spread out the paper properly and started to draw and write on the paper. She used it for more than two hours before placing the brush down. After pinching her sore wrist, she picked up the thick stack of paper and smiled somewhat craftily.

Big Block of Ice, you just wait for me to come and conquer you!

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