GDBBM – Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: “Mass Production”

Having gone to the Rui Lin Army barracks, Jun Wu Xie finally understands, the might behind the Jun Family. This razor sharp blade has killed many who had plotted against the Jun Family, and weighed heavily even on the Emperor’s mind, deterring any moves against them.

Jun Xian and Jun Qing had backed down and ceded their authority, as there had been none capable enough to succeed the Rui Lin Army.

Now, that has changed!

After her return from the Rui Lin Army barracks, Jun Wu Xie went straight to the pharmacy.

The sharp blade of the Jun Family, must be honed further.

From that day on, Jun Wu Xie never left the Lin Palace, holed up in the pharmacy, having heaps of medicinal herbs delivered everyday. Despite being absent from the Crown Prince residence, Mo Qian Yuan had sent Jade Nectar to her every other day.

Even the budding lotus was moved to the pharmacy and no one knew what she was doing in there.

Jun Wu Yao pushed the door open and saw the petite frame, leaning back on the chair, fast asleep.

Jun Wu Xie’s tranquil beauty shone as she slept, with the absence of her usual cold and distant self.

Jun Wu Yao glanced at the crates in the corner, strode over to Jun Wu Xie and gently carried her up.

“Meow.” The little black cat asleep upon the knees of Jun Wu Xie stirred, looked up at Jun Wu Yao once, and snuggled back into the embrace of Jun Wu Xie, asleep.


The little black cat’s movements roused her and Jun Wu Xie opened her eyes briefly. Seeing the mischievous face of Jun Wu Yao, she closed her eyes again.

“If I did not come here, you intend to make the pharmacy your home?” Jun Wu Yao asked, an eyebrow raised.

“How long did I sleep for?” Jun Wu Xie rubbed the sleep from her eyes, a crystalline tear at the corner.

“Why are you working so hard? The Rui Lin Army is already so strong, do you think you are made of iron? You cannot possibly produce fortification medicine for an army alone!” Sitting down on a chair, Jun Wu Yao placed her on his lap, gently curling stray strands of her hair behind her ears.

“Why not?” Jun Wu Xie countered.

Medicine for an army of a hundred thousand might be overwhelming, but with her speed, it could be done.

Jun Wu Yao laughed and leaned over and rested his forehead on her forehead as he said tenderly: “I thought you only cared about the father and son of the Jun Family.”

Within a month, tens of crates of fortification medicine, every single one packed to its brim were ready.

The soldiers in the Rui Lin Army are all grown men, and have cultivated their spiritual energies for a long time. The harsh military training have developed their bodies to excessive extends, but their veins and arteries, crucial in the spiritual development, were hard to develop. It is widely known, the stronger the veins and arteries, the faster the spiritual development.

Before one turns into an adult, one can strengthen the veins and arteries with medicine. Once they reach adulthood, and the veins and arteries mature, it is difficult to strengthen or develop them any further.

Within the vast lands, many have sought to find ways to develop the veins and arteries of adults, very few have succeeded.

Not Bai Yun Xian, nor her master.

Not even the Sovereign of Qing Yun Clan can develop medicine such as this, but Jun Wu Xie was churning them out as if they did not require money , intending to give out tens of thousands pills free, to mere soldiers who were commoners.

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