GDBBM – Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: “Imperial Ruse (1)”

Hearing about it drives one mad!

Jun Wu Xie did not respond to Jun Wu Yao’s statement, and got out of his embrace. She walked to the furnace, adding more firewood.

She had requested the furnace from Jun Qing after visiting the barracks.

It was huge, yet finely detailed, most suitable for the production of massive quantities.

Production of fortification medicine for an army of a hundred thousand, was an insurmountable task.

But in the hands of Jun Wu Xie, it was relatively easy for her.

For an average practitioner of medicine, they avoid mass production of any medicine, due to the inability to control the various precise quantities of herbs in the doses, resulting in blunders and wastage.

It was not a problem for Jun Wu Xie, as in her past life, her grasp and control of medicine, were more precise than machines. Medicine produced under her hands, were always flawless.

Let Lin Palace’s Rui Lin Army, the sharpest blade, be honed further!

Jun Wu Yao, chin in his palm, watched lazily as Jun Wu Xie busied herself. He rubbed his long slender fingers together, feeling the lingering warmth from the body of Jun Wu Xie.

This girl, I must say, has moves both smooth and bold! His lips curled up as he watched her concentrating and effortlessly making more and more.

While Jun Wu Xie was busy with the medicine, another scene was unfolding in the Imperial Palace….

After the humiliating episode at the Crown Prince Palace at the hands of Jun Wu Xie, Bai Yun Xian had been moody ever since. Mo Xuan Fei had tried all ways and means to cheer her up, but to no avail.

Having been snubbed by the lady, Mo Xuan Fei went to the Emperor.

“Father, Jun Wu Xie is getting rather impertinent, will you continue to indulge them?” Mo Xuan Fei implored, kneeling in the Imperial Study, brows knitted as though in pain.

The Emperor looked up from the scrolls he was perusing, “I have told you countless times to stay away from the Crown Prince Residence.”

Mo Xuan Fei bit down on his lip, and implored further: “But, the change in the Crown Prince recently has been strange! His health is improving, temperament reverting back to normal, goes out of the Imperial Palace frequently, spreading benevolence in the city… He is planning something! I, ….. your son and vassal, does not feel at ease.”

With the poison from the Wheat Night Flower purged, Mo Qian Yuan had regained his strength. With his finesse and natural flair, it was easy as pie to win over the hearts of people. Mother to Mo Qian Yuan, the late Empress, her virtuous fame widely spread throughout the lands had made the people more receptive to him.

Sensing Mo Qian Yuan’s strong comeback, Mo Xuan Fei was getting restless.

The Emperor sighed, “You mentioned the other day, the Jade Dew pills were made by Jun Wu Xie. Was that true?”

Mo Xuan Fei hesitated a moment, and said: “Yes.”

“With the exclusive recipe for Jade Dew pills with Qing Yun Clan, how did Jun Wu Xie learn that? Moreover, you know too well her temperament, arrogant and ignorant, how is it possible for her?” The Emperor gazed down at his kneeling son, with eyes narrowed.

“That….. Your son does not know, it is said though, that Lin Palace has recently gathered lots of medical books. May…….. The Lin Palace is secretly in contact with someone, who in turn teaches Jun Wu Xie medicine.” Mo Xuan Fei’s brows furrowed deeper, at the thought that Jun Wu Xie was able to produce Jade Dew Pills. It was simply unbelievable.

“Father! Jun Qing was poisoned previously, the Imperial Doctors declared he did not have long to live. It has been quite a long while since and things have been quiet at the Lin Palace, Jun Qing is holding on till now, all these smells rather fishy!”

“Hmm? If what you say is true, there is a gifted doctor in Lin Palace?” The Emperor queried, his gaze turning cold.

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