GDBBM – Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: “Rui Lin Army (3)”

Jun Wu Xie, since her rebirth, had heard much of the Rui Lin Army and today she finally saw with her own eyes, the widely feared and reputed ferocious warriors, in the flesh.  

A hundred thousand troops training under the melting sun with not a single whisper of complaint, Jun Wu Xie would not have thought it possible if she had not witnessed it herself. Such a highly disciplined and ferocious army!

“The Rui Lin Army, as a whole can defeat the enemies, fragmented can take the enemy general’s head. Remember this, Jun Wu Xie, no army in Qi, matches up to even a minute fraction of the Rui Lin Army. The Emperor had generally left the Lin Palace to its own devices, because we command such a formidable force.” Jun Qing’s eyes no longer showed the soft pampering gaze of her uncle, but the gaze of a commander of an army, steadfast, and proud.

Any soldier picked out from the Rui Lin Army can easily take on five grown men in a brawl. One wonders what it must have taken the Jun Family, to shed how much sweat and blood, in what way, to achieve command of such a formidable force, willing to fight under the Jun Family’s banner.

No one knows.     

Many have tried to poach from the Rui Lin Army, they have either died at their hands, or unceremoniously thrown out.

They are the sharpest blade, a blade that will never point at the Jun Family!

“I understand, Uncle.” replied Jun Wu Xie, hiding the awe she is feeling. This trip to the Rui Lin Army was not a mere tour, Jun Qing has deemed Jun Wu Xie, qualified to know of their outstanding army, and no longer looked at her as an innocent and ignorant kid, but as one of the Jun Family’s stalwart pillars.

Jun Qing softened his gaze and nodded his head.

“Your coming to the barracks today, was the intention of me and your grandfather. There is something, we have to give you.” Jun Qing gestured to Long Qi.

Long Qi handed over a brocade bag to Jun Wu Xie.

Outlined on the black brocade bag, with silver silk thread, was a *Qilin (Chinese mythical creature), treading on clouds, an auspicious sign. There were three tubes, as wide as her finger, in the bag and Jun Wu Xie looked up in wonder at her Uncle.  

Jun Qing explained: “Those are Soaring Cloud Signals of the Rui Lin Army, pull the lever on the Soaring Cloud Signal and a flare will fire high into the sky, bringing the Rui Lin Army to you. Wu Xie, your grandfather and me were worried you would be rash at such a young age, unable to weigh the severity, and were hesitant to hand you something that mobilizes the Rui Lin Army. However, you have recently surprised us with the huge changes in you, and both your grandfather and I agree, you are mature enough to handle the Soaring Cloud Signal.” The Soaring Cloud Signal, to the Jun Family, is something very closed guarded. Once the signal flare is fired, it mobilizes the entire Rui Lin Army.

The shows the trust bestowed upon Jun Wu Xie, by Jun Xian and Jun Qing. They have handed the sharpest blade, over to Jun Wu Xie.

“Thank you.” was all Jun Wu Xie could manage, the three tiny tubes were light, but the implications it came with weighed a ton.  

“We are family, no thanks needed.” Jun Qing smiled, he knew, they were in Jun Wu Xie’s good hands.

Recently, Jun Wu Xie had been on close terms with the Crown Prince, and the Crown Prince health was improving, as was his temperament. His reputation which had vastly improved both in Court and among the commoners, was a good thing, except to the eyes of some – it was something else.

Lin Palace will shield Jun Wu Xie from any harm, for anyone scheming otherwise, shall best reconsider, whether they can withstand the might of the whole Rui Lin Army storming down in vengeance!

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