GDBBM – Chapter 989

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Chapter 989: “Challenger (5)”

In the midst of that screeching wail, the Six Armed Black Ape looked like it had been dealt a huge blow as it turned its head around and without even looking back once, it picked itself up and scrambled to rush away backwards, the speed it was fleeing at faster than it had charged earlier!

Shangguan saw that something was wrong and he hurried over to come to the side of the battle stage to shout angrily at the Six Armed Black Ape: “What are you doing! ? Get back in there! You still…..”

However, before Shangguan Miao was able to finish the words he came out to say, he suddenly saw the Six Armed Black Ape leaping straight at him off the battle platform in a frantic rush!

Shangguan Miao’s heart almost stopped! He could not even dodge in time and the Six Armed Black Ape fell right on top of him!

The Six Armed Black Ape’s humongous body was also the heaviest among the low grade Spirit Beasts and as Shangguan Miao had always raised it carefully, its strength and power had grown to new terrifying heights. Struck by his own Six Armed Black Ape’s full barreled charge, Shangguan Miao saw his world begin to go black, and at the moment of impact when he was thrown to the ground, he heard the clear and crisp sound of bones breaking!

“Argh! ! !”

The badly traumatised Six Armed Black Ape lay trembling over Shangguan Miao. Meanwhile, being pinned under the heavy Spirit Beast, Shangguan Miao’s face had turned deathly pale!

The charge from the Six Armed Black Ape had broken several of his ribs and that heart wrenching pain was causing cold sweat to break out of him while he remained pinned down,not daring to move a single inch.

The sudden and unexpected turn of events made the entire crowd in the arena fall completely silent. They stared with their eyes widened with flabbergasted shock, as the scene similar to yesterday replayed before their eyes once again!

The towering and ferocious Six Armed Black Ape had actually fallen just like all the other Spirit Beasts yesterday had, fleeing in mindless terror from just a single bleat from Lord Meh Meh…..

That had really shocked everyone within the fully packed arena.

The Six Armed Black Ape was the strongest among all the low grade Spirit Beasts, so how did it suddenly turn to become so utterly useless?

Everyone could see that the Six Armed Black Ape who had just mere moments ago been highly magnificent and was full of vigor, but now clutching itself tightly against Shangguan Miao’s body on the ground, oblivious to the wails and howls of pain coming out of Shangguan Miao’s mouth, seemingly frightened out of its mind in terror, refusing to move from its spot.

Qing Yu’s lower jaw almost dropped to the ground. At that moment, he realized just how laughable he had been for even worrying about Jun Xie.

No wonder Jun Xie had seemed like he could not be bothered about his opponent in the slightest. He must have already expected that this would be the result!

Jun Xie walked calmly to the side of the arena battle platform and Lord Meh Meh trotted happily over to her, the little tail at the back wiggling excitedly as it tried its hardest to raise that head that was almost part of the ball of wool he really was, its expression asking excitedly for praise.

Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes and looked at the stupefied referee.

“You can announce the result now.”

The man was dragged back to his senses by Jun Xie’s reminder, and the eyes that the man was looking at Lord Meh Meh with were suddenly filled with horror.

With yesterday’s victories, he could still find some excuses to justify himself. But today, when even the Six Armed Black Ape who dominated over all low grade Spirit Beasts had been frightened into madness by this little sheep, he really could not fathom just what kind of a Spirit Beast that sheep could be anymore.

“The winner for this match….. Jun Xie…..” The man then announced loudly.

Not a sound was heard in the whole arena. None of them had yet recovered from the shock.

Jun Wu Xie had brought Lord Meh Meh in here and completely erased all forms of expectations and principles the people viewed Spirit Beasts with in there.

Jun Wu Xie carried Lord Meh Meh off the stage. After having defeated the Six Armed Black Ape, Lord Meh Meh had gloriously ascended to the Spirit Beast Arena’s first rank!

Having already achieved what she came here for, Jun Wu Xie did not want to remain there another moment more. She picked Lord Meh Meh up and immediately left the Spirit Beast Arena.


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