GDBBM – Chapter 988

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Chapter 988: “Challenger (4)”

When the Six Armed Black Ape was released from its cage, it had immediately charged out from it. When its towering body stood upon the battle stage, it looked even more magnificent and imposing. Every one of its six arms was as thick as a man’s thigh as it pummeled itself on the chest, giving vent to the rage within!

“Roar! Roar!”

As the Six Armed Black Ape struck at its chest, the dull thumps could be clearly heard. With its mouth opened up to reveal sharp fangs, it ran around the battle stage as it let out more deafening roars, showing off its awe inspiring dominance.

The entire Spirit Beast Arena was silent, caught in rapture before the Six Armed Black Ape’s ear splitting roars, the sound getting everyone hopelessly excited.

Lord Meh Meh stood unmoving in its spot, looking utterly disgusted with the dumb Six Armed Black Ape that was already roaring its head off before the match had even begun.

Lord Meh Meh was thinking that it wouldn’t act so stupid like the monkey. Roaring like this even before the match begun would not win it anything to eat at all, what a dumb thing to do.

Completely unaffected by the Six Armed Black Ape’s threatening roars, Lord Meh Meh stood calmly in its spot without moving an inch. The crowd on all sides was getting highly riled up by the Six Armed Black Ape’s incessant roars but none of that concerned Lord Meh Meh in the least.

Shangguan Miao looked on with satisfaction at the Six Armed Black Ape’s fantastic condition. When nobody had dared to challenge it these few days, the Six Armed Black Ape had not had a chance to make an appearance, which had caused Shangguan Miao to lose the opportunity to show off his Spirit Beast’s glory. Now that someone had come knocking on the door to seek death, why would he want to hold back at all?

Shangguan Miao turned his gaze to look at Jun Xie with an evil glint in his eye. He could not seem to see that the young kid could be better than Lin Feng in anyway.

Lin Feng was the Icy Frost Clan’s Hall Chief’s son and his position and status in the Thousand Beast City was one that many people in the Thousand Beast City could compare to. This Jun Xie was not even from the Thousand Beast City and judging from his dressing, he did not even seem to be from any prominent families as well. That such a common looking little kid could even dream of competing against Lin Feng for Qu Ling Yue was just too laughable.

As time trickled by little by little, the starting bell for the match finally sounded!

The six burly arms of the Six Armed Black Ape were firmly planted on the ground, its body leaning slightly forward, staring maliciously at the completely defenceless sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

The entire arena erupted with a series of roaring cheers. They were excited by the chance given to them to witness the brutal and gory massacre that was about to unfold before their eyes!

However, Lord Meh Meh remained standing firmly in its spot, just like it had in its last ten matches, its hooves not shifting by the tiniest fraction of an inch.

Suddenly, the Six Armed Black Ape charged directly towards Lord Meh Meh! Its six arms leaving many deep impressions that caved into the ground of the battle platform under its hands as it charged with all its might, looking every inch like an uncaged beast!

Everyone had thought that Lord Meh Meh’s legend would finally be put to an end in that place without a doubt in their mind.

Lord Meh Meh then opened its mouth towards the ferocious and merciless Six Armed Black Ape…..


Charging forward with all its rage behind it, the Six Armed Black Ape had with just one highly unexceptional and harmless sounding bleat from Lord Meh Meh, suddenly seemed to have been struck by a thunderous lightning bolt, the body charging forward spasmed in several places in its sudden attempt to reverse its direction, all six hands digging hard into the ground the way it had come before!

‘Crack crack crack!’

A series of crisp sounding cracks resounded as the fingers of the Six Armed Black Ape dug deeply into the arena battle stage’s floor as it scrambled to stop its full powered charge!

Against the monumental drag of its powerful forward momentum, its palms had huge chunks of flesh torn off by the friction on the ground!

Its huge lumbering body finally screeched to a halt, at a distance of roughly half a metre away from Lord Meh Meh!

“Howl! ! Howl! !” A series of pitiful wails suddenly broke out from the Six Armed Black Ape’s mouth!

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