GDBBM – Chapter 990

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Chapter 990: “Even Before the Water Had Calmed (1)”

In the end, Shangguan Miao was carried off by his companions. He had schemed with Lin Feng how they were going to create an accident to let Jun Xie get hurt….. But that had been turned back onto him. The one who had gotten hurt by the Six Armed Black Ape turned out not to be Jun Xie, but he himself!

After Shangguan Miao was carried back home, Lin Feng had quickly received news of his return. He had remained at home to await hearing the good news news on how Shangguan Miao had “taken care” of Jun Xie, but he had not thought after all that waiting, he would hear the news that Shangguan Miao had gotten himself severely injured instead.

When the servants came to inform him, Lin Feng was completely stunned. Not even in his dreams would he have thought that things would turn out this way. He immediately rushed over to Shangguan Miao’s home and when he saw the pale faced Shangguan Miao lying motionlessly on the bed, his mind went into a whirl.

“Why did it become like this? What actually happened?” Lin Feng shouted out in shock. Wasn’t Jun Xie the one that was supposed to be injured? How did it turn out that the one lying on the bed had become Shangguan Miao instead?

Shangguan Miao’s injuries were grave. When the Six Armed Black Ape had charged into him with all its might, he had been taken completely off guard up and having taken the full brunt of the force, five of his ribs had broken and the broken ribs had in turn caused great damage to his internal organs. Two physicians had already arrived at the house to tend to Shangguan Miao’s injuries and servants from his household had already gone to invite Feng Yue Yang over.

From the way things were, if they did not get Feng Yue Yang to tend to him personally, it was deemed Shangguan Miao’s life might be forfeited.

All the youths who had gone to the Spirit Beast Arena together with Shangguan Miao were trembling with fear after Lin Feng‘s shout.

“We….. We do not know what really happened as well….. Things were going very well at first. The Six Armed Black Ape was going to tear that Spirit Beast to shreds. But then, the Spirit Beast had suddenly bleated once, and for no reason at all, the Six Armed Black Ape seemed to suddenly go mad! It turned itself completely around, and charged right into Young Master Shangguan.” One of the youth explained sheepishly.

None of them had thought that things would turn out like this.

If Shangguan Miao had not harboured intentions to harm someone, he would not have made the Six Armed Black Ape go hungry the entire night before. The Six Armed Black Ape was highly agitated and raging at that time and its speed was at its peak. Under that kind of speed, not to mention a young youth like Shangguan Miao, even if it was a full grown man, with that kind of an impact, the results wouldn’t have been any much better.

“Which Spirit Beast was that? Jun Xie’s one?” Lin Feng’s eyes narrowed.

The youths before him all nodded immediately.

“Impossible!” Lin Feng suddenly shouted to berate them: “The Six Armed Black Ape holds dominion over all low grade Spirit Beasts, how is it possible that a low grade Spirit Beast would be able to defeat it? Moreover, just with one sound that it made! ? That cannot be possible!”

“But….. That is really how it happened…..”

Lin Feng said: “Something smells fishy! There is definitely something fishy about this whole thing! Jun Xie’s Spirit Beast couldn’t possibly have achieved victory based just on its own strength. He must have used some despicable means!” Lin Feng would never believe that the Six Armed Black Ape could be taken down so easily.

“That’s right! That must be the case! We had been thinking it was all very strange as well. That Spirit Beast looks so tiny and it had not done anything else. There must be a trick behind this.” The youths nodded their heads vigorously, suddenly feeling that Lord Meh Meh’s win was indeed rather strange.

Lin Feng’s jaw clenched up tightly.

[That Jun Xie….. The boy had first competed with him for his lady, now he had even used such despicable means to injure Shangguan Miao who was as close to him as a brother so severely! He would never like this matter rest!]

“Go see my father! Tell him that someone had used underhanded means to cheat in the Spirit Beast Arena. Ask him to get some men to go investigate into Jun Xie’s Spirit Beast!”

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