GDBBM – Chapter 986

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Chapter 986: “Challenger (2)”

Early the next morning, Jun Wu Xie brought Lord Meh Meh with her, to go to the Spirit Beast Arena.

The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit had wanted to tag along but its body still had not fully recovered. Even when it whined pitifully and tried to act as cute as it could, Jun Wu Xie had remained stoically unmoved. So, it had had no choice but to stand by the window as it looked at Jun Wu Xie’s back, waving its little paw sadly.

Qing Yu had been waiting outside the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall gates for a long while and when he saw Jun Xie appear, he gave sighed helplessly to himself.

“Are you really going to go there today?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

Left with no other choice, Qing Yu sighed again in helplessness and led Jun Xie towards the Spirit Beast Arena in resignation.

Lord Meh Meh had been just awe inspiring in the Spirit Beast Arena yesterday and that had attracted the attention of quite a number of people. When everyone heard that the tiny low grade Spirit Beast actually had the guts to challenge the Spirit Beast Arena’s first ranked Six Armed Black Ape, many of them had all crowded together bright and early to come to the Spirit Beast Arena to catch the highly anticipated show.

The Six Armed Black Ape had never been defeated in all its past several rounds of battle and not a single Spirit Beast had been able to even harm it in the slightest. It can be said, among all the low grade Spirit Beasts, the Six Armed Black Ape could be counted as the most dominant ferocious beast. All those who had witnessed the Six Armed Black Ape’s ferocity before, were yearning to see the brutality of the Six Armed Black Ape once more.

Although it was still early in the morning, the Spirit Beast Arena was already overflowing with people. Besides the close attention they paid towards the Six Armed Black Ape, the crowd was also feeling highly curious about Jun Xie’s Lord Meh Meh.

All those people who saw Lord Meh Meh battle yesterday, had till now still not been able to comprehend, just how powerful was that soft and frail looking sheep was, that it had been able to scare away so many Spirit Beasts, just based on a single bleat at them.

Shangguan Miao had reached the Spirit Beast Arena very early. He stood below the battle platform with his companions crowded around him. As the Six Armed Black Ape was too large in size, it had not allowed to be brought in before its match was due to begin.

“He’s here! That’s the one! That’s Jun Xie!” A youth beside Shangguan Miao spotted Jun Xie, who had just walked in together with Qing Yu, and he immediately hollered, to tell Shangguan Miao about it.

Shangguan Miao’s eyes narrowed, as he looked over at the youth who had challenged him. With that one glance, it immediately caused the disdain curling at the corner of his lips to grow in intensity.

He only saw a delicate and frail looking youth, carrying a wooly sheep Spirit Beast that looked like it possessed absolutely no capability to attack. And as they entered the Spirit Beast Arena. Shangguan Miao’s gaze blatantly measured his opponent without hiding in the slightest, looking Jun Xie from head to toe, his disdain for his opponent obvious for all to see.

“His Spirit Beast, is it the one in his arms?” Shangguan Miao asked dismissively, as he stared at Lord Meh Meh within Jun Xie arms.

“That is the one.”

“Ha! That Spirit Beast was able to win ten consecutive matches! ? Wouldn’t that mean that there were only some cats and dogs here in the Spirit Beast Arena yesterday?” Shangguan Miao found it highly laughable, that a Spirit Beast like that would able to win ten consecutive matches. If word of this got out, wouldn’t it be such a joke?

“That Spirit Beast is rather strange. I heard from those who took part yesterday, that the Spirit Beast had not done anything on the arena battle platform, but only to bleat once at its opponent, and the Spirit Beasts had all fallen one by one twitching in fear, completely losing their ability to battle.”

“Oh? What does that mean? A bleat and it scared off the Spirit Beasts? I had not known that such a kind of Spirit Beast actually exists under the Heavens.” Shangguan Miao felt that those rumours were not to be believed. If victory could be gained that easily, then the Spirit Beast Arena should just be closed off! Who cared what really happened here yesterday, Shangguan Miao refused to believe a word of everything anyone said about it.

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