GDBBM – Chapter 987

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Chapter 987: “Challenger (3)”

When Shangguan Miao was measuring up Jun Xie, Qing Yu noticed his unfriendly gaze as well.

“That is your opponent today, Shangguan Miao. His father, Shangguan Yan is the Icy Frost Clan’s Deputy Hall Chief. That kid is on rather close terms with Lin Feng. When you first came to this city yesterday, do you remember that you met Lin Feng then? Lin Feng doesn’t really have a great personality and judging from Shangguan Miao’s demeanor, Lin Feng must have said something to him to make Shangguan Miao feel such animosity against you.” Qing Yu warned Jun Xie carefully. Truth to be told, he really did not wish that Jun Xie would go ahead with the match.

But Jun Xie instead shook his head.

“Don’t bother about him.”

If it’s the enemy, then there wouldn’t be anything much to care about. As long as they fell, that would be all that mattered.

Seeing that Jun Xie wasn’t bothered in the least, Qing Yu did not say anything else and only stood on one side quietly.

Whispers filled the entire arena everywhere as everyone waited for the great show to begin.

Very soon, the match was about to start, and according to the rules, Jun Xie and Shangguan Miao needed to bring their Spirit Beasts onto the stage.

Jun Wu Xie carried Lord Meh Meh and put it on the arena platform. Compared to yesterday’s dazed and confused reaction, Lord Meh Meh’s performance today could be said to be highly cooperative!

By now, it understood that as long as it stood within this place and bleated at other Spirit Beasts a few times, it would be rewarded with lotus leaves to eat. Hence, Lord Meh Meh was suddenly taking the initiative today. The moment it was put onto the stage, it immediately lifted its hooves and went tapping over to the middle of the stage, looking highly eager and excited.

Lord Meh Meh, with its round spherical body wobbled very adorably when it walked. But such cuteness, when exhibited upon the Spirit Beast Arena’s battle platform, wasn’t what the people in that place would come to admire. It only made them feel that the Spirit Beast really didn’t look to be any good, so how had it won ten consecutive matches then?

With all those doubts within, the people were hoping to see after Lord Meh Meh’s and the Six Armed Black Ape’s battle today, whether they would be able to spot the trick behind it. As no matter how much they thought about it, they could not understand, how such a dumb sheep could possibly possess any capabilities.

Shangguan Miao stared at Lord Meh Meh standing upon the stage and the corners of his mouth curled up in a sneer. He gestured with his chin at his companions and they immediately went to check on the Six Armed Black Ape.

The Six Armed Black Ape was locked in a huge iron cage as they pulled it in to come to the stage on a little trolley. It had just appeared in there when it was immediately agitated by the ever present stench of blood in the Spirit Battle Arena. Shangguan Miao had not fed it yesterday and it had come to the competition with a hungry stomach. With its bestial instincts aroused by both the stench of blood and its hunger, the beast was highly agitated.

“Roar! Roar!”

The Six Armed Black Ape in the iron cage was restless in its agitation as it rocked and pushed against the cage, rattling it loudly. It was enormous, like a small mountain. Every time it crashed into the cage, it seemed almost like the entire arena shook.

“Roar! !” The Six Armed Black Ape saw the little ball upon the battle platform, that snow white figure looking very much like the lambs it swallowed up everyday. The moment it spotted Lord Meh Meh, every single molecule within its body seemed to be screaming to swallow up its opponent, no matter who it was!

The loud and deafening roars pricked the ears of everyone within the arena where they began to hurt with a dull ache. The crowd looked on excitedly at the raging Six Armed Black Ape, their mood rising to a fevered pitch, influenced by the Six Armed Black Ape’s agitated rage!

To see the mightiest among the low grade Spirit Beasts, the Six Armed Black Ape, was really mind blowing!

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