GDBBM – Chapter 985

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Chapter 985: “Challenger (1)”

Shangguan Miao was just one year younger than Lin Feng and due to the relationship between their fathers, the two of them had known each other from a very young age.

The Six Armed Black Ape that Shangguan Miao owned was even gifted to him by Lin Feng’s father, Lin Que, on Shangguan Miao’s tenth birthday when the Spirit Beast was still in its infancy. It had been carefully reared by Shangguan Miao to become incomparably strong now and the moment it had fully matured, Shangguan Miao had immediately brought it to the Spirit Beast Arena to show it off in all its glory.

“Reporting to Young Master Lin, it is a young youth who was brought there by the Deputy Hall Chief of the Fiery Blaze Clan, Qing Yu, and the boy’s name seems to be called Jun Xie, who isn’t a local resident of the Thousand Beast City.” The servant reported truthfully.

The moment the name Jun Xie was heard, Lin Feng’s eyes immediately burned in rage.

“It’s him?”

“Why? Brother Lin knows this person?” Shangguan Miao asked when he noticed Lin Feng’s reaction.

Lin Feng laughed coldly and said: “Of course I know him. How can I not know that boy? Remember the time I told you before, when Qu Ling Yue returned here, they brought back a young youth together with them? That boy had been called Jun Xie!”

Shangguan Miao was surprised. He knew very well the kind of intentions Lin Feng had towards Qu Ling Yue. But as Lin Feng’s father, Lin Que, had switched his allegiance to serve under the Great Grandaunt, his relations with the Grand Chieftain of the Thousand Beast City, Qu Wen Hao, had inadvertently soured quite a bit, which had led Qu Ling Yue to have distanced herself from Lin Feng a lot as well.
“So it’s the same person? That’s just great.” Shangguan Miao said with a laugh of disdain. He gave Lin Feng a pat on the shoulder and continued to say: “Since this boy is not from our  Thousand Beast City, we do not have to show him any courtesy. He dared to come challenge my Six Armed Black Ape so, just wait till tomorrow and I will definitely make him pay dearly. I think I won’t feed the Six Armed Black Ape today so it can eat up that kid’s Spirit Beast tomorrow, in revenge for him going against you.”

Lin Feng nodded. He had not liked Jun Xie the least bit and especially after he saw how gently Qu Ling Yue was when she spoke to Jun Xie, that sight had pricked at his eyes.

“I had heard it somewhere before, that in the Spirit Beast Arena, there had been occasions where the Spirit Beasts had harmed people. Is that true?” Lin Feng’s face was suddenly looking highly vicious.
Shangguan Miao immediately caught his meaning and he quickly replied: “When the battle gets too intense and the Spirit Beasts get overly excited by the overpowering stench of blood, some of them could naturally lose control. If in a state of frenzy and they run off the stage to cause harm upon someone, that is definitely a situation that is to be expected.”

Lin Feng’s face lit up with a malicious smile as he stared at the Six Armed Black Ape locked within the cage.

The Six Armed Black Ape was enormous in size, two sizes bigger than a full grown man. It had six thick, muscular and strong arms that were able to tear a tiger apart.
“That’s great. Since someone does not know his place, then let him have a good taste of the might of the Thousand Beast City. He really thinks just anybody can come to the Thousand Beast City’s Spirit Beast Arena and show off.” Lin Feng snorted in contempt.
Shangguan Miao then said with a laugh: “You just wait for my good news tomorrow. I guarantee that I will make the Six Armed Black Ape take good care of that Jun Xie and we’ll see the boy get completely frightened out of his wits. At that time, the news will then reach Qu Ling Yue’s ears and I highly doubt that she will continue to see any good in such a hopelessly timid and overconfident guy then.”

Shangguan Miao’s words elicited a loud guffaw out of Lin Feng.

“Then, I’ll count on you for that.”

“I’ll handle it all. Rest assured.”

Lin Feng nodded, his eyes sinister and malicious.
For Qu Ling Yue, he was certain that he would succeed in marrying her. No matter who was coming in to compete with him, he would not hold back in the slightest!

After the two youths planned out how the show tomorrow would play out, they did not bother with the Six Armed Black Ape anymore but just slipped their arm over each other’s shoulders and walked away to have dinner. Just with the time they took for that meal, they had almost thought through entirely how they were going to embarrass Jun Xie tomorrow!

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