GDBBM – Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: “Rui Lin Army (2)”

Jun Wu Xie has no qualms going gallivanting with Jun Qing.

After changing into a fresh set of clean clothes, Jun Qing got back in his wheelchair, with Long Qi pushing him out of the Lin Palace gates, and onto the horse drawn carriage with Jun Wu Xie.

The carriage went around in the Imperial City for a while, Jun Wu Xie had no interest and paid no heed to the hustle and bustle of the city, merchants shouting their wares or the people engaged in conversations. The entire time, her eyes were lowered while she stroked and caressed the cat sitting quietly in her lap.

Looking at Jun Wu Xie, Jun Qing could not help but sigh.

Jun Wu Xie had never been talkative from a young age, but seeing this blossoming girl so withdrawn, still so quiet, does make one worry.     

After some time, the carriage finally stopped. Long Qi helped Jun Qing down from the carriage, and Jun Wu Xie followed suit.

After getting off the carriage, she looked around to see where she was and was taken aback.

Just meters away, an army garrison stood, Jun Wu Xie turned to look back, the Imperial City sat far off in the distance. Unknowingly, the horse carriage had taken them out of the Imperial City.

“The Jun family is famous for our Rui Lin Army, as a daughter of the Jun Family, you will have to come here sooner or later.” Jun Qing proclaimed with pride, sitting in the wheelchair, with Long Qi pushing him from behind.

“Miss, please come with me.” Long Qi asked respectfully, pushing the wheelchair into the barracks.

The Rui Lin Army, the most ferocious army in the Kingdom of Qi, had proven their mettle on countless battlefields. Their reputation preceded them, it kept their enemies holed up behind their borders for many long years.

In recent years, Qi Kingdom enjoyed stability at their borders, only then did Jun Xian pull back the Rui Lin Army. To avoid suspicion from the Emperor, Jun Xian handed over most of the military might over and garrisoned the barracks away from the Imperial City. He housed the Jun family of three within the Imperial City, to put the Emperor at ease of any rebellion, with their three lives within the grasp of the Emperor.

It was known, only the descendants of the Jun Family can command the Rui Lin Army.

With the lives of the Jun Family in your hands, you control the Rui Lin Army indirectly.

It was the first time Jun Wu Xie had set foot in the Rui Lin Army barracks, for her and for this body as well.

It was high noon, the sun was beating down strongly, in the huge expanse of the barracks, only one group of soldiers were on patrol, the whole encampment was silent.  

With Long Qi leading with the wheelchair, he brought Jun Wu Xie deep into the barracks. Enveloped in utter silence, Jun Wu Xie followed behind without a word, intently observing all that she saw.     

There was no one in the barracks, there was no sign of the Rui Lin Army out at the garrison. The notoriously feared Rui Lin Army seems to have disappeared into thin air.

However, the moment when Jun Wu Xie came to the training grounds, her eyes widened.

Rows upon rows, soldiers fully armored, under the scorching sun, weapons gripped in hands, engaged in mock battle, in uniformed unison. The heavy still air within stirred into a warm rush, from the forceful slashes of the weapons.

Feeling the warm rush up close, it felt oppressive and overwhelming.

“This is our Jun Family’s Rui Lin Army, our sharpest sword, Wu Xie, remember, this sword, can only be wielded by the Jun Family.” Jun Qing turned, his smile faded, his eyes steeled, chilling to look at.

Rui Lin Army, it can be the strongest talisman of the Jun Family, protecting them for centuries, but it can also attract the suspicions of the Emperor.


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