GDBBM – Chapter 975

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Chapter 975: “Lord Meh Meh’s Rage (4)”


The ferocious tiger ran like its life depended on it, its face twisted into a mask of terror. Its completely horrified look was totally devoid of any sign from its earlier strong dominating demeanor!

In an instant, everyone was totally shocked beyond words.

Nobody could have thought that such a thing would happen!

The ferocious tiger’s owner was even more surprised as his eyes bulged wide open and his mouth went agape as he saw his tiger Spirit Beast leaping off the battle arena platform in fright, completely bowling his stunned self over to fall onto the ground!

What kind of a situation was this?

The entire battle arena fell deathly silent.

Everything that the people there expected to see did not happen. Everything had instead been completely turned around.

The Spirit Beast that should have dominated over its opponent and exhibited its overwhelming strength with a satisfying bloodbath was suddenly trembling like a newborn chick in its owner’s arms, almost crushing him to death under its weight.

While the fat sheep that should have become the ferocious tiger’s feed was standing safely upon the arena platform, looking every inch just like a dumb and innocent sheep.

The people were staring in utter disbelief and it was even harder for them to accept what was happening as fact.

No one knew how they were to react to such a result…..

Who could tell them what had actually happened?

Qing Yu who had his heart stuck in his throat was equally stunned. Lord Meh Meh had not only avoided being swallowed up by the ferocious tiger, it had even managed to frighten so badly the ferocious tiger which had been several times its own size with just a weak and feeble “meh”…..

The way things turned out really threw the people there into complete disarray.

Lord Meh Meh stood upon the stage and looked at the ferocious tiger who was at that moment curled up into a trembling ball upon its owner, and a faint trace of white foam could even almost be seen. Its eyes were almost showing its whites which told of the immense terror the Spirit Beast was feeling, almost fainting away in fright!

With the ferocious tiger’s immense size, its owner’s ribs were almost breaking under that great hefty weight.

“Meh?” Lord Meh Meh opened up its four hooves in stride as they tapped upon the battle platform floor, coming to stand right on the edge, its round fluffy tail wagging happily as it raised it head to look excitedly at Jun Wu Xie.

[Lord Meh Meh won the “mehtch”? Will there really be lotus leaves for meh?”

Seeing Lord Meh Meh putting forth an expression that was asking so innocently for praise and reward, the icy frost in Jun Wu Xie’s eyes finally dissipated and a faint light of joy came to show in her eyes.

The other people did not know, that the little round ball of a sheep before their eyes was in reality a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast. It usually assumed its tiny sheep form which allowed it to suppress a good part of its Guardian Grade Spirit Beast’s dominating presence. Moreover, Jun Wu Xie had always asked for it to try its best to hide it for quite a period already and hence, Lord Meh Meh was by then able to completely hide its real presence as a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast when it took on the form of this little bumbling sheep.

But at the moment when Lord Meh Meh had opened its mouth earlier, it had summoned up its powers as a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast. That weak and feeble sounding bleat might not have sounded any different to humans, but when it reached the ears of another Spirit Beast who possessed sharp animal instincts, they could feel that that bleat had come from one who stood at the highest pinnacle of Spirit Beasts, an admonishment from the boss, a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast!

Needless to say that the ferocious tiger was just a low grade Spirit Beast, even for a high grade Spirit Beast, Lord Meh Meh’s “roar” would have scared the wits out of them just the same. They wouldn’t be able to resist Lord Meh Meh at all, they would not even have the courage to look Lord Meh Meh straight in the eye.

Not having been shocked out its life on the spot already spoke a lot about the ferocious tiger’s mental resilience!

But all of this about Lord Meh Meh was known only to Jun Wu Xie and not anyone else in the arena. In the eyes of everyone there, it was a strange and incredulous sight that they witnessed!


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