GDBBM – Chapter 974

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Chapter 974: “Lord Meh Meh’s Rage (3)”

The ferocious tiger’s heavy steps plodded upon the arena stage, dull thuds sounding out from under its paws. Its malicious gaze stared unwavering at the delicious succulent prey before it eyes as it approached one step at a time towards Lord Meh Meh.

Qing Yu watched perched on the edge of his seat as the ferocious tiger got closer, his heart stuck in his throat. He was extremely worried that the ferocious tiger would swallow Lord Meh Meh up whole and he would not be able to answer to Jun Xie. Even though this had been requested by Jun Xie himself, but he had been appointed to be Jun Xie’s chaperone and Qing Yu did not dare to imagine how he was going to explain to Xiong Ba when he comes back how he had allowed Jun Xie’s Spirit Beast to be “slaughtered” on the youth’s first day in the Thousand Beast City. Wouldn’t Xiong Ba immediately tear him limb from limb on the spot when that happened?

Although he was not directly responsible for it….. but Qing Yu was however still certain that his fate would not get any prettier just because of that.

At that moment, Qing Yu was really seriously considering whether he should just rush in to save Lord Meh Meh right in the middle of the match. Although that would be a blatant breach of the rules of the Spirit Beast Arena, but compared to a raging and mad Xiong Ba, he would rather choose to suffer a severe verbal admonishment from the Grand Chieftain.

As Qing Yu continued to fight with himself feeling highly conflicted in his mind, the ferocious tiger had already come to stand right before Lord Meh Meh.

Staring at Lord Meh Meh who was just about the same size as its own head, the ferocious tiger licked the sides of its jaws as its hunger and the faint residual scent of blood agitated its senses, the bloodthirstiness urging it to swallow up its prey before its eyes!

“Roar!” Its jaws opened up widely and a deafening bestial roar erupted!

The roar was so loud that the spectators sitting nearest to the arena stage were feeling their eardrums ache.

Its owner was standing at the side and he broke into a wide grin that showed upon his face.

Lord Meh Meh stood staring blankly and did not move from its spot at all. It continued to look at the “kitten” who was splattering its drool over all the place right before it. It was thinking that the “kitten’s” breath was rather strong, completely different from the clean breath it had been used to from the little black cat.

Lord Meh Meh was thinking how it was going to smack the little “kitten” to death when it suddenly remembered what Jun Wu Xie had promised it.

Its feedstress had said that it had to win before it would be able to munch on those lotus leaves. But what must it do before it’s counted as a win?

In Lord Meh Meh’s mind, there was only one way to deal with other Spirit Beasts. And that was to swallow them up. So, when it was told to “win”, it didn’t really understand what that was supposed to mean.

Lord Meh Meh stood there wrecking its brains about it with its head tilted as it stared at the ferocious tiger.

[Swallowing them up doesn’t sound like winning, does it?] [Lord Meh Meh doesn’t know what to do!]

The crowd had after seeing the ferocious tiger roar so loudly, thought that the round ball of sheep must have been too terrified to move and had frozen up in its spot. They thought the match was about to end in a bloodbath next.

Finally, Lord Meh Meh came up with an idea. It might not understand what it meant to win, but what this little “kitten” was doing now should be the correct way of doing it, right?

Hence, Lord Meh Meh copied exactly what the ferocious tiger did and opened its mouth and used all its might to…..


That one bleat didn’t even reach far into the spectators’ stands and just as everyone was roaring with laughter, a strange situation unfolded before their eyes!

Immediately after Lord Meh Meh’s soft and feeble bleat sounded, the gallant and magnificent tiger Spirit Beast suddenly reacted like it had been struck by lightning, its entire body stiffened and unmoving. The eyes with its malicious gaze suddenly widened up and just as everyone expected that it would pounce on Lord Meh Meh’s little round body, the ferocious tiger suddenly turned tail, scrambling and clawing frantically to go back the way it had come….. to run away with its tail between its legs…..

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