GDBBM – Chapter 976

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Chapter 976: “Lord Meh Meh’s Rage (5)”

To think that a ferocious and powerful tiger Spirit Beast would really fall over to foam at its mouth in terror from a feeble bleating “meh” by a sheep that was only as big as its head. That was…..

An extraordinarily strange incident completely unheard of!

Within the sudden silence that fell, Jun Wu Xie turned to look at the person in charge of the match at the other end of the stage. The man’s jaw had dropped in shock as he stared at the ferocious tiger fallen into a dead faint and foaming at the mouth upon its owner, and it was clear that the man was still gripped in surprise.

“You can announce the result.” Jun Wu Xie said coldly.

With Jun Wu Xie’s reminder, the man snapped back to his senses and according to the Spirit Beast Arena’s rules, once a Spirit Beast was pushed off the battle arena stage, it would constitute as a loss. And as the ferocious tiger’s entire body was currently outside the stage’s boundaries, the result was clear to see.

“Err….. the winner for this match….. is Jun Xie’s Spirit Beast…..” The man stammered hesitatingly, the expression on his face looking rather flustered.

A result like this, had really been beyond anyone’s expectations.

Even though it had all happened right before their eyes, but they were all still finding it all rather surreal.

Immediately upon that announcement, the entire Spirit Beast Arena immediately broke into an uproar. Everyone was discussing excitedly about the result, though not a single one among them was able to give a plausible answer explaining what had actually occurred.

Under that noisy ruckus, the announcer looked at Jun Wu Xie and hesitated a moment before he asked: “Young Master Jun, will your Spirit Beast be continuing to take part in the matches after this?”

According to the rules of the Spirit Beast Arena, the owner of the Spirit Beast competing in the arena would be able to choose the number of times its Spirit Beast would compete. If the Spirit Beast got injured, the owner could choose to stop first and continue with the competition later, or to immediately proceed on with the next match. And to successfully win the opportunity to challenge the top ten ranks in the Spirit Beast Arena, they would need to gain victory in ten consecutive battles.

But, the announcer did not think that Jun Xie would really allow the tiny little sheep Spirit Beast to continue to compete. The result of this match had been completely unexpected but no one there would credit that victory to Lord Meh Meh’s power. From everyone’s perspective, Lord Meh Meh had merely bleated weakly and the ferocious tiger had suddenly for no good reason just run away as if possessed. Most of them believed that something must have occurred to the tiger Spirit Beast internally.

It might be possible that the issue had been in the food its owner had fed it just before the match that had brought about such a result.

Lord Meh Meh had been able to emerge victorious this time entirely because of pure dumb luck.

However, Jun Wu Xie replied: “Continue.”

The man was taken aback and he repeated his question. When he received the same answer, he then went back feeling highly flustered and with great consternation as he made arrangements for Lord Meh Meh’s next opponent in the upcoming match.

When the crowd heard that Lord Meh Meh would be continuing with the competition, the Spirit Beast Arena was suddenly abuzz with frenzied debate. They could not find anyway to link the previous victory to Lord Meh Meh in the slightest and they were all thinking that it had just been a case of a blind cat stumbling upon a dead mouse, where some issue had come up with the ferocious tiger’s body, like it could be sick of something, that had allowed to win as a result.

Holding all these preconceived notions in their hearts, the people soon came to all kinds of “reasonable” conclusions to justify it to themselves.

They believed, that good fortune would never stay with a person forever.

They assumed that Jun Xie must have wanted his Spirit Beast to continue with the Spirit Beast Arena matches because he was still dizzy with his fortunate win in the first round!

Finally having calmed themselves somewhat, the crowd settled back and sat back into their seats, all prepared to see how the next match would play out. They strongly believed that the strange occurrence would not happen a second time!


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