GDBBM – Chapter 973

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Chapter 973: “Lord Meh Meh’s Rage (2)”

Jun Wu Xie ignored the man’s disparaging jeers. She was looking at Lord Meh Meh who was throwing a tantrum and she said:

“Win, and you eat lotus leaves.”

The lotus leaves that Jun Wu Xie was talking about could only be the sweet juicy lotus leaves from Little Lotus’s Snow Lotus. Little Lotus should have accumulated quite a horde by now and Lord Meh Meh absolutely loved the taste of that Snow Lotus. Well, it was not allowed to bite Little Lotus himself, but his leaves would still do very well indeed.

As Little Lotus always got so terrified that he would immediately break out into tears whenever he saw Lord Meh Meh, never had the little plant spirit had the presence of mind to instead feed it with some of his lotus leaves. Little Lotus would either straightaway burrow into Jun Wu Xie’s arms to seek protection or immediately morph into his spirit ring form to disappear without a trace. At that moment, all Lord Meh Meh could think of was to win itself a few bites of those succulent and sweet fresh lotus leaves to ease its hungry craving.

As expected, upon hearing the three words “eat lotus leaves”, the displeasure in Lord Meh Meh’s eyes evaporated into nothing, a glint of joy and anticipation immediately shining brightly in its eyes!

“Meh! Meh!”

[You promised, don’t cheat meh feelings!]

Although she did not understand what Lord Meh Meh was saying, but seeing the change in the sheep’s demeanor, Jun Wu Xie knew that it had agreed and she nodded in reply.

Having gained its feedstress’ affirmation, Lord Meh Meh immediately turned its fluffy tail around, held high up in the air as it trotted “tappily” with its hooves to go towards the centre of the battle platform, its eyes narrowed into two crescents of bliss.

[Gonna have lotus leaves to eat~ Lord Meh Meh is just too happy now~]

The ferocious tiger’s owner could not fathom what the exchange between the boy and his Spirit Beast was all about as he fed another piece of bloody raw meat to the ferocious tiger and said: “Go get him.”

The ferocious tiger did not understand what its owner said but its barbed tongue licked with anticipation at the traces of blood smudged around its jaws, as it slowly turned its body around, ready to proceed with its next match.

Upon the arena stage, a round wooly fluffball could be seen standing on one side and facing it on the opposing corner, was the ferocious tiger that was heavily marked with the blood of its previously defeated opponents. Looking based purely on size and aggression, it was clear who had the upper hand in this match.

The ferocious tiger’s owner glanced over at Jun Xie who was standing by the side of the arena stage and he clicked his tongue with disdain. He had never seen a kid that would send his Spirit Beast to seek death so persistently.

“Later, when your Spirit Beast gets eaten up, you’d better not bawl your eyes out.” The man sneered nastily.

Jun Wu Xie swept him a cold glance and did not give him any other reaction.

Inside the Spirit Beast Arena, the crowd wasn’t showing much interest in this current match as they had already decided the result in their minds. They would much rather look forward to the matches coming up after this.

The person in charge of the match looked at the enormous disparity of power between the two sides and his heart was suddenly overcome with nervousness.

That little Lord Meh Meh, had just been registered by Qing Yu, the Fiery Clan Hall’s Deputy Chief moments ago and none of them had seen the Spirit Beast before. They had thought that since it was recommended by the Fiery Clan Hall’s Deputy Chief, it must be a highly impressive Spirit Beast.

They had finally gotten to see the Spirit Beast in the flesh now and all that anticipation and confidence had suddenly crumbled to dust.

They could all picture it vividly in their minds at that moment. Moments after the match began, that helplessly dumb looking little sheep would very quickly end up becoming food for the ferocious tiger and they hoped that Qing Yu would not be too upset by it at that time.

The bell for the match rang loudly, its crisp clang tearing through the air!

The ferocious tiger ambled slowly as it ringed its opponent, its tail raised up behind stiff like an iron rod. After having fought several battles and having just been fed those blood filled raw meat, the bestial animal instincts within it had been greatly heightened and brought out to the fore. The great amount of exertion earlier had made it absolutely ravenous with hunger and those two tiny slices of meat had done nothing to ease its appetite in the least, which served to further hone its innate hunting instincts to a keener edge!


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