GDBBM – Chapter 972

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Chapter 972: “Lord Meh Meh’s Rage (1)”

The thick stench of blood pervaded the entire Spirit Beast Arena. That foul smell not only excited the Spirit Beast’s innate bestial instincts, it also drove the surrounding spectators’ blood to come to a boil.

Under the loud and boisterous atmosphere, Jun Wu Xie carried Lord Meh Meh and walked slowly towards the battle arena platform. And when they saw the ferocious tiger’s next opponent, a stunned silence suddenly fell over the entire place.

Everyone was staring in shocked surprise at the young youth who was carrying the little wooly sheep Spirit Beast. They had all already been shocked once earlier with the big eared rabbit’s appearance in this place and they had not expected that just a few short matches after, they would see another young brat bring out another completely defenceless Spirit Beast onto the battle stage.

After that momentary silence, a loud explosion of raucous laughter immediately followed that almost tore the half covered roof off the Spirit Beast Arena.

“Another completely defenceless little fellow? Can’t the Spirit Beast Arena produce any better matchups than this?”

“Is that brat rushing to offer free feed to his opponent’s Spirit Beast? I think the ferocious tiger’s owner will not need to feed his Spirit Beast anymore. It can just swallow up that sheep as its meal.”

“These young ones nowadays are getting more and more wilful, they are really bringing in any kind of Spirit Beasts they can get their hands on in here.”

The crowd wasn’t really pleased to see Lord Meh Meh appearing for the next match. They had just seen the big eared rabbit getting itself totally trashed in seconds and they had felt that that had been a highly boring match. They really hadn’t expected to see such dull and senseless matches two times in a day.

Although Lord Meh Meh was slightly larger in size than the big eared rabbit, it was nevertheless still just about the size of the ferocious tiger’s head, and that was deemed to be sorely inadequate.

Very quickly, someone from among the crowd recognized Jun Xie to be the very same youth who had carried the “carcass” of the big eared rabbit away. They had all thought that the youth had been really soft hearted then and hence, they really hadn’t expected to see him come up here to send his own tiny and weak Spirit Beast onto the battle platform to die.

The ferocious tiger’s owner noticed Jun Xie as well and when he took a good look at Lord Meh Meh being carried in Jun Xie’s arms, he immediately laughed out loudly.

“I’ll say little brother, are you joking with me now? With just that bit sized Spirit Beast, you really want to pit it against my ferocious tiger on the battle arena stage?” The man looked at the rounded and dumb sheep with utter disdain. His Spirit Beast was getting all hyped up after winning consecutive battles and it was the best time for it to be accumulating as much glory as possible. But these successive matches with such useless Spirit Beasts really wouldn’t allow his tiger to properly exhibit its ferocity and it would all be just a big waste of time.

“Little brother, I’ll advise you to bring your little Spirit Beast home right now. My ferocious tiger has just won several battles successively and it should be ravenous now, but the meat I brought with me isn’t be enough to fill its stomach. If that little fella in your arms meets with my tiger at this moment, it might just swallow your little one whole, and you wouldn’t even be able to find any bones remaining then.”

The man’s words elicited a bout of laughter from the crowd that roared throughout the entire arena. The were all thinking that Jun Wu Xie’s appearance had been a joke as who in the world would persist to send his Spirit Beast to its death even though he knew very well that it had completely no chance of winning?

Jun Wu Xie stared coldly at the man chattering incessantly before her and she put Lord Meh Meh upon the battle platform.

Lord Meh Meh turned to look at Jun Wu Xie, its face looking confused.


[What is Lord Meh Meh supposed to do here? Lord Meh Meh doesn’t want to be here, Lord Meh Meh want hugs!]

It wasn’t happy. It had barely just “recaptured” its position in Jun Wu Xie’s arms from the big eared rabbit and now that was moving further away from it once more. Lord Meh Meh then stamped its hooves unhappily in protest.

Seeing Lord Meh Meh’s antics, the owner of the ferocious tiger laughed out loud again as he said vilely: “Little brother. Your little Spirit Beast looks like it has been frightened out of its wits. Are you really not going to bring him away? This round and spherical fluffball might not really possess any attack power, but it should do very well as a cute pet.”


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