GDBBM – Chapter 931

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Chapter 931: “Slap with Borrowed Hand – Second Form (1)”

The Emperor walked out in a huff, not saying much more but just ordered for people to clean Lei Fan up and instructed Lei Fan and Lei Chen to go to the Imperial Palace’s main hall where he would carry out the interrogation.

Lei Fan had just suffered from a huge loss of blood and adding the shock he had just been put under, his legs were now very weak, needing help from a group of eunuchs before he could even struggle to stand.

Ye Sha had observed everything that occurred within the Empress’ Chambers from a hidden location and he quickly rushed to where Jun Wu Xie was to tell her everything that he had seen.

“The Emperor had only ordered for the Empress and the Prime Minister to be arrested but did not do anything against Lei Fan.” Ye Sha said, kneeling before Jun Wu Xie.

“As predicted.” Jun Wu Xie did not show the tiniest bit of surprise but was just calmly sitting in her chair, stroking the little black cat’s soft fur.

“Young Miss had expected this to happen?” Ye Sha was the one surprised instead.

Jun Wu Xie replied: “What’s not to know? Lei Fan was afterall his most favoured son for so many years whom he had doted on for so long. As long as the slightest possibility remained, the Emperor would not have wanted to see that Lei Fan was truly the Empress’ and the Prime Minister’s child. The Empress is a smart woman. She knows that she has totally lost this time and she could not be saved. Hence, she had pinned all her hopes on the face that Lei Fan carries, hoping against hope that the Emperor would soften and be a little more lenient when seeing that face.”

“Would our Young Miss require me to go reveal Lei Fan’s disguise?” Ye Sha asked.

Jun Wu Xie however, shook her head. Her eyes lifted as she stared at the scenery outside as she said slowly: “You know who the Fire Country’s Third Prince is?”

Ye Sha was startled by the question.

The Fire Country’s Third Prince had shown great intelligence when he was very young, but because his mother’s position in the Imperial Palace had been shaky, the Third Prince had not been greatly favoured. But due to the high intelligence he had exhibited when he was young, he had also been shown favour for a time by the Emperor. A pity though, the year when he was seven, his mother suddenly passed away and the young Third Prince lost the protection of his mother. His time in the Palace after that was hard and it was incredibly difficult for him to progress, causing him to gradually lose his spirit, finally turning into the current scared and timid weak prince, who doesn’t step out of his chambers.

“That your subordinate knows.”

Jun Wu Xie gingerly stroked the little black cat’s smooth luxuriant fur.

“The year the Third Prince’s mother died, it was also the same year that Lei Fan was born. When the Third Prince’ mother died, the real Lei Fan had just been sent to the Empress’ Palace and not long after that, the real Lei Fan’s mother then died, while the real Lei Fan was switched out with the Empress’ and the Prime Minister’s child. Do you still not see the link within all this?”

It suddenly dawned on Ye Sha what Jun Wu Xie was implying at. “Don’t tell me the Third Prince’s mother found out about what the Empress did and hence she was silenced by the Empress?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly. “Fei Yan had investigated into the circumstances surrounding the Third Prince. Although he is timid as a mouse in front of people, but he is a truly intelligent person. I am thinking he must have either personally witnessed something, or he had discovered some important fact. In the past, the Empress had ruled oppressively within the Imperial Palace harem and he had not been able to make a move. Now that the Empress has fallen from grace, he will definitely not miss this rare opportunity to avenge his mother.”

After saying that, Jun Wu Xie set the little black cat upon the table and picked up the teacup to take a small sip from it.

“Before Lei Chen came here, he had secretly gone to meet the Third Prince and by now, the Third Prince himself should have shown up within the Imperial Palace.”

[To take out the enemy, and to throw them over into the deep abyss, doesn’t always require her to do everything herself.] [Sometimes, when the chess pieces in hand are well played, the same desired result can be achieved just as well.]

“Nevermind. How can such a great show be missed? Ye Sha.” Jun Wu Xie suddenly stood up.

“Your subordinate awaits your orders.”

“Come with me to watch this great show unfold. I still have a great big gift that I want to present to the Fire Country’s Emperor.” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed up as she said.


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