GDBBM – Chapter 930

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Chapter 930: “Slap with Borrowed Hand – First Form (6)”

Lei Fan was startled but he forced himself to calm down as he put on a forlorn expression and said: “Father, how is it possible I am not your son? Doesn’t Father recognize this face on your son anymore? Father! Have you really forgotten my mother’s looks already! ?”

[He still has wiggle room to put up a final struggle!] [He still has a chance to turn this around!] [His face might just be able to save his life!]

When the Emperor saw the face that looked so much like the woman he had loved so much on Lei Fan, he hesitated a moment. It was a fact that Lei Fan’s countenance looked very similar to the woman he loved and did not look the slightest bit alike to the Empress or the Prime Minister at all.

The Empress knew she had no way of getting herself out of this anymore but Lei Fan’s words had given her another glimmer of hope. She would not be able to save herself, but her son, might still have a chance to be able to live!

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Your Lady had in a moment of folly, committed such a shameless deed. But Little Fan….. Little Fan is really the son you had with Lady Cheng! No matter how much you detest and abhor your Lady now, but don’t you still remember elder sister Lady Cheng’s looks anymore? In what way does Little Fan even looks like me, your Lady at all?” The Empress said as she continued to weep.

The Emperor’s brows knitted up in a knot, as he stared fixedly at Lei Fan’s face.

“Whatever you said to the Prime Minister earlier, I heard them very clearly.” The Emperor glared at the Empress coldly.

The Empress was taken aback but she refused to give up. She hurried to kowtow, hitting her head on the cold hard floor as she said: “It was all your Lady’s greed! Your Lady wanted the Prime Minister to assist Little Fan to ascend into the throne and tried to pull wool over his eyes. Little Fan is not his or my child at all. He is Your Majesty’s son that Lady Cheng gave birth to! If Your Majesty doesn’t believe me, you can just look carefully at Lei Fan’s face!”

She knew she and the Prime Minister were sure to lose their lives here, but if the Emperor could be convinced that she had said all those words just to deceive the Prime Minister, Lei Fan might still stand a chance to escape.

As expected, the Emperor’s face showed a trace of hesitation as he stared at the face that looked so much like his most beloved woman. He had been reluctant to believe that Lei Fan was not his biological son as well. Afteralll, he had loved him so so many years, and doted on him for so long!

“Father! Father! I am really your child, just look at my face!”

The Emperor drew in a deep breath. “Since you are not the Prime Minister’s son, then tell me how was the Prime Minister able to save your life?”

Lei Chen was stumped for words. Blood of Kin had become a major flaw in his plan.

The Empress saw that things had taken a bad turn and she immediately said: “The Prime Minister did not give Little Fan any blood. Your Lady had used an alternative method to neutralize the poison in Little Fan’s body, and I have asked the Prime Minister to come here as I wished to use this opportunity to make him believe that Little Fan was his son, to convince him to assist Little Fan more strongly.”

The Emperor’s frown creased up deeper and he looked at Lei Fan’s tear streaked face, the hatred within his heart slowly being eroded!

“Guards! Immediately imprison those two people! I will slowly interrogate them!”

With the Emperor’s orders given, the guards outside instantly moved to arrest the Empress and the Prime Minister, but they did not bring Lei Fan away. It was obvious that he had believed the Empress’ version of events in his heart.

Lei Chen observed everything that was happening, and he spied Lei Fan’s expression secretly secretly showing signs of relief and Lei Chen laughed coldly in his heart.

As expected, the Emperor did not have the heart to part with that face on Lei Fan. Lei Fan had managed to avert disaster based purely on that countenance he was showing. But alas, that was not all that Jun Wu Xie’s plan was and there was more to come. Lei Chen told himself to patiently await the moment that Lei Fan’s facade would be smashed, and he would like to see if Lei Fan could still be so relaxed then!

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