GDBBM – Chapter 932

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Chapter 932: “Slap with Borrowed Hand – Second Form (2)”

[When the enemy has fallen into utter despair, when the enemy has been totally defeated, letting them know whose hand they have been defeated by, savouring their expressions of complete despair, was quite an enjoyable form of amusement.]

Jun Wu Xie changed out of Qu Ling Yue’s clothes, and donned the Zephyr Academy’s uniform. She wiped away the disguise on her face, and assumed the appearance of the delicate featured youth, Jun Xie.

Ye Sha brought Jun Wu Xie out from the place.

The show was about to come to an end, she would naturally want to savour the fruits of her labour!

The Emperor was sitting within the Imperial Palace’s main hall as he stared at the Empress and the Prime Minister who were brought in by the guards and were kneeling down.

These two people, one was the person who shared the same bed with him for many years, while the other was his most trusted court official. But they had both secretly betrayed him behind his back for many years and from what he had heard and witnessed personally earlier, this was not the first time they had engaged in such secret illicit affair!

When he thought back to how the always gentle and compliant Empress had actually committed adultery with another man, the Emperor was suddenly feeling utterly disgusted!

“Reporting to Your Majesty! As per Your Majesty’s orders, your subject has searched through the Empress’ Palace and I discovered all the eunuchs and palace maids from the Empress’ Place knocked unconscious and tightly bound up in the backyard.” Yuan Biao walked into the main hall and knelt down to make his report. He had been out searching for traces of Jun Xie but had been urgently summoned back by the Emperor only to discover that such a scandal had broken out in the Imperial Palace!

When the Empress heard that, her heart went cold. This meant that someone had obviously set all this up, knowing about the illicit affair between her and the Prime Minister, had been able to predict that the Emperor would show up at her chambers, and set all these up to coincide flawlessly.

[Just who was this person? How did he know this well kept secret?]

The Empress suddenly recalled that Lei Fan had told her that the black robed assassin had possibly known the truth behind his birth. She had thought that Lei Fan was just being over suspicious but from the way things were now, everything might very well have been part of that person’s plan, that was slowly and irrevocably pushing them over into this bottomless ravine!

What made the Empress even more fearful was, even when she had fallen to such a sorry state, she did not have the slightest idea just who was the person responsible for all of this!

“Lock all of them up and you send some men to interrogate them thoroughly!” The Emperor ordered.

“Yes!” Yuan Biao answered.

At that moment, Lei Fan was slowly walking into the main hall assisted by a group of eunuchs, Lei Chen accompanying him by the side.

Lei Fan’s body had not recovered and his face was a sheet of white. Seeing the Empress and the Prime Minister kneeling on the ground, his eyes showed him startled a moment, but he did not dare exhibit any other sign of his shock.

“Fourth Brother, be careful.” Lei Chen saw Lei Fan body sway slightly, and he pretended to give him a concerned reminder.

Lei Fan had found Lei Chen an eyesore for a long time but he was now being doubted by the Emperor and he had no choice but to depend on Lei Chen’s help. So, he smiled weakly and said: “Big Brother, you’ve got to help me.”

Lei Chen nodded his head gravely and replied: “My Fourth Brother, rest assured. You are my brother, I will not let you be bullied.”

Hearing that, Lei Fan sighed in relief inwardly.

The Emperor saw Lei Fan and Lei Chen entering the hall and the rage with him was still boiling. He scrutinised Lei Fan’s face repeatedly as if trying to ascertain that he had not made the wrong judgement.

“Towards the incident today, do the two of you have anything to say about it?” The Emperor turned his gaze back to the front, glaring angrily at the kneeling Empress and Prime Minister before him.

“Your Lady realizes her crime!”

“Your subject realizes his crime!”

The Empress and the Prime Minister both kowtowed and acknowledge their crime readily. They were caught by the Emperor himself engaged in their illicit affair and no amount of denial would get them off the hook. They were both thinking the same and having realized that they would not be able to save themselves, they wanted to at least protect Lei Fan!

The Emperor snorted with derisively and he was just about to issue his Imperial Decree to execute the Empress and the Prime Minister when he suddenly heard the eunuch making an announcement!


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