GDBBM – Chapter 929

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Chapter 929: “Slap with Borrowed Hand – First Form (5)”

Seeing the scene of the two people tangled up in carnal lust, something in his chest seemed to explode at that moment, his rage so great he could not even speak.

“Your Majesty….. Your Majesty…..”

The Empress and the Prime Minister suddenly regained their senses and a wave of unspeakable fear washed over them entirely. They immediately separated themselves, not even giving any attention to their disheveled clothes in a messy disarray as they both fell to their knees before the Emperor, shivering in overwhelming terror.

“Your Majesty….. Your Majesty….. Your Lady….. Your Lady is innocent…..” The Empress’ face which had been flushed red from pleasure just a moment ago had now immediately faded, the deathly pale pallor now looked scarily terrifying.

And the Prime Minister kneeling at the side had his head plastered to the ground, shivering in terror and not daring to move at all.

Never in their wildest dreams that the Emperor would suddenly appear here at that moment, to coincidentally stumble right into the scene of the two of them engaged in their illicit affair.

“Shameless scoundrels! Two scoundrels so completely bereft of morals! I will kill both of you! Kill you!” The Emperor was so filled with rage that his face had turned visibly purple, his eyes red and bloodshot.

“Your Majesty, spare me! Spare me, Your Majesty!” The Prime Minister howled, his body a shivering mass.

The Empress had already turned into a sobbing wreck. She was sure she had made her most trusted aide stand guard outside the chambers and to come inform her if any situation comes up. But when the Emperor had arrived, she had not heard the slightest peep from those aides!

What the Empress did not know was that those aides of hers, had all been knocked out and tightly bound up in the backyard of the chambers, and were not able to provide the Empress with any form of warnings that the Emperor had arrived.

Lei Chen looked at the Emperor as he sputtered with rage, looking like he was almost going to vomit out blood. Lei Chen knew that the show had just barely begun and the Empress together with the Prime Minister were truly finished this time. Having been caught in the act and it was witnessed by the Emperor himself, there was no way those two would still live.

“Father! Father, do not get yourself too worked up!” Lei Chen put on a false facade of worried concern, trying to placate the Emperor.

The Emperor instead brushed him off in indignant rage!

Lei Chen fell with a thud to his knees before the Emperor, pleading pitifully: “Father, although Mother has committed a travesty, but Fourth Brother he has just…..”

A loud clear smack resounded!

The Emperor’s slap fueled by his indomitable rage swung straight across Lei Chen’s face.

“Do not even bring up that bastard before me!”

Having just had the poison purged from his body, Lei Fan began to stir awake. He had been shocked awake by the loud curse from the Emperor and he got up groggy and confused. When he saw the Empress and the Prime Minister both kneeling on the ground, the realization suddenly hit him in the head like a lightning bolt!

“Fa….. Father…..” Lei Fan began to tremble like a leaf as he turned to look at the seething Emperor, feeling a wave a dizziness suddenly hitting him.

“You bastard child! Who allowed you to address me as your Father! ?” The Emperor was bitter and overcome with hatred as he looked at Lei Fan, thinking back to the years of love and attention he had showered on this son, but it turned out that he was someone else’s, which made him feel completely disgusted at that moment!

Shock ran through Lei Fan’s entire body and he crashed to the ground on his knees, his heart filled with abject fear. He did not know what happened, but seeing the Empress’ and the Prime Minister’s clothes in their disheveled state of undress with the two of them kneeling on the ground, and together with the Emperor’s expression of furious rage, he was able to surmise that the Empress and the Prime Minister must have engaged in illicit activities in the period while he had been unconscious, and got themselves discovered by the Emperor!

At that moment, Lei Fan felt like his entire body had been plunged into a icy pit. Caught with throes of extreme terror, he suddenly thought of something.

“Father! What is wrong, Father? Does Father not want your dear son anymore?” Lei Fan suddenly raised up his head to say sobbingly.

“A bastard child like you is no son of mine! You are not fit to call me Father!” The Emperor hollered. “You are just a bastard child born from the Empress and that adulterous lecher.”

Lei Fan was startled but he forced himself to calm down as he put on a forlorn expression and said: “Father, how is it possible I am not your son? Doesn’t Father recognize this face on your son anymore? Father! Have you really forgotten my mother’s looks already! ?”


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