GDBBM – Chapter 920

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Chapter 920: “Curtains Up (4)”

The words that the black robed man had said just before he disappeared caused a sudden feeling of dread to suddenly rise within Lei Fan’s heart.

“Your Highness!” The eunuchs immediately rushed over in a bunch and helped Lei Fan off the ground.

Despite being still caught in a state of panicked terror, Lei Fan managed to stand, and he pushed the eunuchs away from him in annoyance. The black robed man had appeared suddenly and then strangely just disappeared. Besides the small wound on his neck and the elixir that he had been forced to ingest, the push from the black robed man’s palm had no power behind it and it seemed that the black robed man merely wanted to push him away from him.

Having nearly been assassinated in the Imperial Garden and it had happened before the eyes of such a big group of guards, Lei Fan only felt that he had been completely humiliated before Qu Ling Yue today. And what terrified him even more was the unidentified elixir he had been made to swallow!

“Quick! Summon the Imperial Physicians! Get them to have a look at me to see what the man had made me eat!” Lei Fan could not be bothered to concern himself with anything else as the longevity of his life superseded anything else!

The guards immediately went to summon the Imperial Physicians as Lei Chen stood within the Imperial Garden continuing to gasp for air.

But a strange phenomenon suddenly happened. The tiny knick on Lei Fan’s neck started to bleed unstoppingly. The amount of blood that flowed out from that tiny wound had been enough to stained his entire hand. The warm blood continued to flow down his neck incessantly and he realised it was definitely not just a simple scratch!

Lei Fan clasped his hand tightly over his neck and he felt a chill run through his body. He eyes were widened and the unease in his heart grew more and more intense.

“Your Highness! What is happening to Your Highness! ?” The eunuchs were in a state of panic. It had obviously been just a tiny knick but the amount of blood that flowed out was shocking. The strange occurrence suddenly made terror run through everyone’s heart!

“Quickly summon the Imperial Physicians! Quickly summon the Imperial Physicians!” Under the eunuchs’ panicked wails, Lei Fan who had lost too much blood suddenly fainted right over! The eunuch’s and guards in the Imperial Garden suddenly lost their heads and they carried Lei Fan to the Empress’ Palace in a flurry of hysteria.

No one paid any notice to Qu Ling Yue who had stood gravely silent at the side without uttering a single word. The moment that Lei Fan had fainted, the corners of her mouth had curled up into a chilling smile.

Hadn’t the Emperor slandered her for having hurt the Fourth Prince in the Imperial Garden? Then she would turn that slander into absolute truth here today!

Nobody could have thought that Qu Ling Yue who had come to the Imperial Palace with Xiong Ba and the others had been switched out a few days ago, and the person who came here today wasn’t Qu Ling Yue at all but the very person who had caused Yuan Biao to turn the entire Imperial Capital upside down and still remained at large, Jun Xie!

Jun Wu Xie looked on coldly as Lei Fan was being carried away in a panic and she slowly suppressed the smile on her lips. But within that pair of eyes, an icy chill shone.

The curtains had just been raised up!

By the time Lei Fan was carried back to the Empress’ Palace, his body was completely covered with blood. His small face was white as a sheet. Seated right before her dressing table, the Empress was dolling herself up when she saw Lei Fan all covered in blood, she nearly fell off her chair in shock!

“Little Fan! Little Fan! What happened to you! ? Don’t scare your mother like this!” The Empress was so highly distraught and flustered that she even dislodged the dangling hair ornament from her hair, which fell to the floor with a crisp and clear tinkle. As she watched the eunuchs carrying Lei Fan onto the bed, she immediately glared at the eunuchs and asked: “What is actually going on! ?”

The eunuch trembled and he quickly spat out to the Empress everything that he saw happened in the Imperial Garden.

The Empress suddenly felt the room spin, never ever having expected that her own son, within the Imperial Palace itself, would actually encounter someone who had dared to carry out the assassination attempt in here.


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