GDBBM – Chapter 919

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Chapter 919: “Curtains Up (3)”

The Imperial Garden in the day was different from it was at night. It was still winter, but it was filled with plum blossoms.

Qu Ling Yue stared at the Imperial Garden before her eyes and without anyone noticing, the corners of her mouth curled up into a chilling smile.

That smile had faded quickly and no one had even seen it.

Just as Lei Fan was about to say something more to Qu Ling Yue, a black shadow suddenly leapt to stand in front of the two of them!

The man was dressed in all black, and a black cloth covered more than half of his face.

He had appeared very suddenly and it caused the eunuchs to scream out in terror!

Lei Fan stared in astonishment at the black robed man who had suddenly appeared. His heart jumped in shock and he immediately shouted: “Audacious infidel! How dare you break into the Imperial Palace! Guards! Take down the assassin!”

With Lei Fan’s shout, all the guards just outside the Imperial Garden immediately rushed in, several tens of them holding long swords in their hands as they surrounded the black robed man completely!

However, at the moment very that all the guards were about to rush at him together to take the assassin!

The man suddenly made his move!

His movements were quick as lightning, and before everyone’s eyes, he suddenly charged at the highly arrogant Lei Fan!

Lei Fan had thought that with the large number of guards protecting them, he had been all prepared to show off in front of Qu Ling Yue. Who knew that the black robed man would be able to move so fast that nobody could even get themselves prepared! By the time he realised what was happening, he found that he had been held hostage by the black robed man, a sharp sword suddenly held against his neck.

“If you dare try anything dumb, I will have your little life.” The black robed man issued him a chilling warning.

Lei Fan turned pale in an instant from fear, the earlier arrogance he exhibited just a moment ago evaporating into nothing immediately!

When the guards saw that the Fourth Prince had been held hostage, they wanted to rush up immediately to save him.

The black robed man pushed the sword against Lei Fan’s neck and said: “Ask them to back away, or the sword in my hand will not be kind to you.”

The moment Lei Fan heard that, he almost peed in his pants. From young, he had been doted upon and indulged by both the Emperor and the Empress in the palm of their hands, how could he possibly be able to withstand such torment now! ?

He immediately shouted: “All of you back away now! Nobody is to take a single step forward!”

The guards dared not defy Lei Fan and they all did not move any further forward.

“Very good.” The black robed man said and gave a cold laugh. He suddenly stretched out his hand and before Lei Fan could even react, an elixir was stuffed into his mouth. Lei Fan was caught off guard and he was force fed an unknown elixir. His eyes quickly widened up in complete horror.

“You! You dare to make me swallow poison! If I die, you will definitely have no chance of escaping from the Imperial Palace alive! Father will make sure that you pay for it with your life!” The terrified Lei Fan started screaming out threats in a shrill voice.

But his threats did not affect the black robed man in the slightly. The black robed man was seemingly intentionally trying to scare him as the sharp sword pressed against his neck moved lightly half an inch. A flash of pain spread out from his neck.

“You can continue to talk more, and it will make me sever your throat immediately.” The black robed man said chillingly.

Lei Fan was so terrified he immediately clamped his mouth shut. Faced with the fear of death, he did not dare make another sound.

The surrounding guards could do nothing but surround the black robed man. With the Emperor’s most favoured Fourth Prince in his hands, they did not dare make any rash moves.

The black robed man suddenly lowered his voice to a bare whisper and he said into Lei Fan’s ear: “Remember this well. Only the blood of your biological father can save you.”

Upon saying that, the black robed man struck out with his palm and pushed Lei Fan away from him. His figure flashed and he suddenly disappeared before everyone’s eyes without leaving behind a single trace!

Lei Fan was pushed to fall sitting upon the ground, yet to gather back his wits from the shock, and he could only continue to sit there holding the wound on his neck, gasping heavily for air.


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