GDBBM – Chapter 921

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Chapter 921: “Curtains Up (4)”

The Imperial Physicians rushed over and arrived very quickly. After the Emperor received the news, he couldn’t host Xiong Ba and the others properly any longer and he came straight to the Empress’ Palace with Xiong Ba and his people in tow. Together with them, was Jun Wu Xie disguised as Qu Ling Yue as well.

The moment they went in, they saw an entire troop of Imperial Physicians surrounding the bed while Lei Fan laid upon it, his face pale as a sheet.

The Emperor shot over like an arrow to take a look at Lei Fan who was lying on the bed, at the face who was so much alike to the woman he had loved, that was now completely drained of colour. His heart wrenched up instantly, the scene when his most beloved woman had left the world coming back to his mind, as the pain in his heart intensified.

“What is wrong with the Fourth Prince? Can’t you bunch of quacks quickly cure the Fourth Prince of his condition? If all of you fail in curing the Fourth Prince, the entire bunch of you will be buried together with him!” The Emperor’s face was dark as thunder as he roared, his voice filled with fear and terror.

The whole bunch of Imperial Physicians trembled under the Emperor’s roar, all of them with their heads on the ground, pleading for mercy.

The Empress had lost her usual dignified composure, weeping hysterically by the bedside.

“Your Majesty! You must save Little Fan!”

The Emperor nodded sombrely.

“I will definitely not let anything happen to Little Fan.”

Xiong Ba was secretly shocked when he saw Lei Fan, his gaze then subconsciously turned to look at Jun Xie. He saw Jun Xie standing there cold and indifferent, no one noticing his presence, but Xiong Ba was feeling highly distressed and perturbed.

The Emperor instructed the Imperial Physicians to check Lei Fan’s condition carefully once more before he summoned the eunuchs who were with Lei Fan earlier, to question them on the events that had taken place at the Imperial Garden earlier.

The eunuchs were all by then so immensely terrified by the Emperor’s fury that all they could do was only tremble in hapless fear as they knelt on the ground, helpless like newborn chicks, relating the sequence of events in the Imperial Garden earlier that day in a series of stutters. When the Emperor heard the story, his face immediately turned dark as thunder.

Lei Fan had been attacked just not long after they reached the Imperial Garden and it had even occurred right before the eyes of a whole group of guards, where Lei Chen had been force fed with any unidentified elixir. That was like a direct slap upon the Emperor’s face.

“Immediately send men to seal the Imperial Palace. No matter what, the assassin must be captured!” The Emperor said through gritted teeth.

The eunuchs all complied, still shivering in fear.

From the eunuchs’ statements, the Emperor was able to gather that “Qu Ling Yue” had nothing to do with the incident and he did not say anything to her, but just sat down on the side, looking anxiously at Lei Fan.

On the other hand, Xiong Ba’s gaze was filled with endless questions as it fell on the figure of Jun Xie. Besides the few of them, no one knew that this Qu Ling Yue before their eyes was actually Jun Xie in disguise.

All that the eunuchs had said earlier, Xiong Ba had naturally heard it all clearly as well. This incident seemed like it had nothing to do with Jun Xie in the slightest. But for no reason, Xiong Ba could not help feeling that this incident where Lei Fan had been attacked was somehow linked to Jun Xie.

It was too much of a coincidence. Of all times for Lei Fan to come to such harm, it had to happen after Jun Xie left together with him and they were attacked shortly after.

Xiong Ba could not help himself but feel nervous. He had agreed to bring Jun Xie into the Imperial Palace only because of Qu Ling Yue’s pleading and Lei Chen’s request, but he really did not want to see the Emperor finding out that this incident could be linked to the Thousand Beast City in anyway.

Fortunately the Emperor had believed the eunuchs and he had not probed any further into it, and that had been a great relief to Xiong Ba.

Under the Emperor’s anxious gaze and the Empress’ teary eyes, the Imperial Physicians finally completed the initial diagnosis of Lei Fan’s condition, and the results of the diagnosis greatly shocked the Emperor and Empress.

“Reporting to Your Majesty, the Fourth Prince had been fed Blood of Kin.”


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