GDBBM – Chapter 918

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Chapter 918: “Curtains Up (2)”

“Coincidentally, Lei Fan is feeling much better these few days and I should ask him to accompany you to have a little stroll around.” The Emperor had put it across very nicely, but he another scheme up his sleeve.

The Emperor knew that Lei Chen had certain intentions towards Qu Ling Yue and it was all because of the Thousand Beast City behind her. But the Emperor knew he wasn’t going to hand the throne over Lei Chen and hence he thought if anyone was to be on friendly terms with the Thousand Beast City, he would wish for it to be the prince he loved the most, Lei Fan.

Although Lei Fan did not know Qu Ling Yue as well as Lei Chen did, it could still be said that they at least knew each other. And if he could pull Lei Fan and Qu Ling Yue close to each other, then to the Emperor, that would naturally be a matter that gave him twice the amount of joy. Being highly indulgent of his youngest son and believing in the charm his son possessed, he thought that he could let Lei Fan help him ease the discontent Qu Ling Yue held towards the Fire Country, and at the same time hope that Lei Fan would be able to use the opportunity to make some headway into other developments with Qu Ling Yue.

Qu Ling Yue was silent for a moment before she nodded her head slightly.

The Emperor beamed and he immediately ordered for people to fetch Lei Fan, reminding him to take good care of Qu Ling Yue and to bring her around to see the Imperial Palace.

Upon receiving the Emperor’s orders, Lei Fan knew immediately what the Emperor was thinking. When it came to matters like this, he was very happy to comply. As long as he could snatch something that Lei Chen wanted, he would gladly cooperate.

Added to the fact that Qu Ling Yue was sweet and pretty, he really saw no reason for him to reject the request.

Lei Fan led Qu Ling Yue outside and within the Imperial Palace, they walked shoulder to shoulder, with a few palace eunuchs following behind them.

“Senior Ling Yue, although I am always addressing you as senior, but you seem to be only a few months older than me. It is always said that girls do not like others to always remember their age and detests being addressed as someone older. Can I then address you just as Ling Yue from now onwards?” Lei Fan asked smilingly of Qu Ling Yue. He was thinking that the Crown Prince, Lei Chen was going through a rather rough patch recently and he really would not mind adding on to Lei Chen’s problems.

Qu Ling Yue looked up slightly and glanced briefly at Lei Fan. After a moment’s pause, she nodded her head.

Lei Fan then said with a laugh: “Why is Ling Yue not speaking today?”

Qu Ling Yue pointed at her throat and opened her mouth slightly, and she made a low raspy noise with her throat.

Lei Chen was slightly surprised and he quickly put on a show of concern to say: “Has Ling Yue caught a cold recently? And you hurt your throat? Shall I summon an Imperial Physician to take a look at you now?”

Qu Ling Yue shook her head.

Lei Fan went on to say: “Is Ling Yue still unhappy with the Fire Country regarding the previous incident and you are even going to keep me at arm’s length to avoid us? I had actually heard about the matter from Father before and I must say that it happened due to the negligence of the Fire Country, which gave people a chance to secretly cause Ling Yue harm, making you suffer the unnecessary torment for nothing.” As Lei Fan spoke, he looked at Qu Ling Yue with a highly conscience stricken expression on his face.

But Qu Ling Yue was seemingly unmoved, her expression highly indifferent.

Without knowing why, facing Qu Ling Yue who was unable to speak today, a strange feeling suddenly came over Lei Fan that day. He felt that Qu Ling Yue at that time somehow felt so similar to Jun Xie.

It was the same situation now as when he had met Jun Xie previously. Lei Chen would be the one trying very hard to strike up a conversation but Jun Xie would always remain cold and indifferent to him.

The thought had just popped into his head when Lei Fan shook his head trying to dismiss it from his mind, finding himself just laughable.

Although Qu Ling Yue was petite in size almost the same height as Jun Xie was, but this was a young girl! How could he even try to compare her to a boy?

He brushed off the ridiculous idea he had in his head, telling himself that Qu Ling Yue was being like this because she had a bad throat today and that was why such a ridiculous notion had gotten into his head.

The two of them had walked a distance under the accompaniment of the eunuchs behind them, and actually come to the Imperial Garden.


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