GDBBM – Chapter 917

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Chapter 917 : “Curtains Up (1)”

“Your Majesty! Throughout the generations of Emperors, none have said that they have the right to search the Grand Adviser’s Mansion! If Your Majesty really does that, I’m afraid…..” Yuan Biao reminded the Emperor immediately, that the Grand Adviser’s Mansion must not be subjected to a search.

Although the Grand Adviser Wen Yu held a position of high reverence in the hearts of the people, he had very seldom interfered with the affairs of the Fire Country. And the air of mystery that surrounded the Grand Adviser had always discouraged anyone from daring to antagonize him.

Someone who was past a hundred years of age, but still possessed the looks of a twenty something, could not possibly be an ordinary person!

Even a man like Yuan Biao did not dare go stir up any trouble with the Grand Adviser.

With Yuan Biao’s quick reminder, the Emperor was suddenly shocked back to regain his senses and the maniacal expression on his face slowly subsided.

“Forget that….. Forget that….. You just get some men to keep watch outside the Grand Adviser’s Mansion and only when they discover any suspicious persons, can they then take action.” The Emperor’s wild rage calmed, and in his mind, the instructions left behind by his Father, the previous Emperor, suddenly rose up from his memory.

[Never ever show the Grand Adviser any disrespect!]

Those were the last words the late Emperor had told him when he was handed the throne. He had remembered those words for many years after he ascended the throne, but with Wen Yu’s nonchalance, he had gradually forgotten all about it. Now that he had remembered it again, he suddenly felt a chill creep into his heart.

The Grand Adviser Wen Yu, was a person even the First Emperor had been quietly respectful of and if he were to openly go against the Grand Adviser…..

The Emperor felt a shudder suddenly crawl up his back.

Yuan Biao saw that the Emperor had finally calmed himself down and he discreetly blew out a breath in relief, immediately asking to take his leave after receiving his orders.

The Emperor was still feeling worried and he dispatched more guards outside the Empress Dowager’s Palace. He also sent out his orders, that he must be informed in the first instance if the Grand Adviser or the Crown Prince comes to the Imperial Palace.

After making all the necessary arrangements, the Emperor collapsed in exhaustion, falling back in a slump into his chair.

The Imperial Guards had continued with their search and that had caused much fear and anxiety to spread among Imperial City’s people.

And just a few days after that, news that Xiong Ba and the other people from the Thousand Beast City were leaving the Fire Country’s Imperial Capital was heard a the Emperor was suddenly reminded of how he had made use of Qu Ling Yue in that previous incident and although his scheme had failed at that time, the Thousand Beast City had remained mum and had not dared openly show hostility towards the mighty Fire Country. The Emperor was nevertheless not foolish enough to leave the matter to fester as he knew that the Thousand Beast City held a highly significant amount of power themselves. Left with no other choice, the Emperor decided that he did not want to establish for himself a potential enemy such as them.

Immediately, the Emperor specially invited Qu Ling Yue, Xiong Ba, Feng Yue Yang and Qing Yu of the Thousand Beast City into come into the Imperial Palace, in an attempt to warm up their relationship a little, or at least convince Xiong Ba to not deliver a report that sounded too harsh when he gets back.

Xiong Ba and the others accepted the invitation and made their way towards the Imperial Palace. The Emperor had already ordered for people to wait at the palace gates and when they saw the guests approaching, they immediately went forward to welcome the guests, quickly leading them in to go before the Emperor.

“I heard that my esteemed guests will be returning to the Thousand Beast City soon and as I was feeling highly apologetic about the incident from before, where something like that was even allowed to occur in the Fire Country, I have taken the blame upon myself decided that it was all due the lack of care the Fire Country had shown to all of you.” The Emperor said, looking smilingly at Xiong Ba, then swinging his eyes to look remorseful at Qu Ling Yue standing just at the side.

Xiong Ba and the Emperor exchanged a few polites lines and Qu Ling Yue on the other hand was seemingly rather distracted.

That caused the Emperor to be concerned. Xiong Ba might be the one who would be making the report back at the Thousand Beast City, but if their Young Miss herself was still not appeased, the words she might carry to the Chieftain could very well have a stronger impact.

“Is Ling Yue finding this place a little too dull?” The Emperor asked, a wide friendly smile on his face.

Qu Ling Yue glanced at the Emperor and she immediately looked down as she shook her head.

The Emperor then said with a laugh: “You are still young, and it will be very boring for you just having you sit here.”

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