GDBBM – Chapter 911

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Chapter 911 : “Intricate Plot (2)”

Under Jun Xie’s questioning gaze, Lei Chen related everything he knew about the Ring of Imperial Fire to Jun Xie. From the first Emperor of the current ruler’s bloodline to the Empress Dowager’s unwavering insistence…..

Jun Wu Xie listened to it all silently. Although she had correctly guessed where the ring had originated from, she had not thought that the ring she had innocently picked up would hold such a huge secret of such grave importance behind it.

“Possess the Ring of Imperial Fire, possess the Fire Country? This is the reason the Emperor wants to kill me?” Jun Wu Xie’s brow lifted as she asked.

Lei Chen nodded.

“Father must be worried that the fact you hold possession of the Ring of Imperial Fire would be discovered by the Empress Dowager and he had decided to silence you permanently.”

Lei Chen paused a moment and then stood up abruptly, the expression on his face highly excited as he looked at Jun Xie.

“This Imperial Decree, was drafted and set by the First Emperor of our line. Hence, even my Father does not have the power to disobey it! At present, the Fire Country’s rightful heir to the throne had become one big joke. My Second Royal Brother is unambitious and without merit, my Third Royal Brother hopelessly timid, both lacking the capabilities to become a suitable candidate as heir to the throne, whereas for me and Lei Fan, we both do not even have the right to inherit it at all. Now, little brother Jun, you…..”

Lei Chen’s voice grew more and more excited, his eyes burning up with fervour.

Without waiting for him to finish, Jun Wu Xie suddenly raised up a hand to interrupt Lei Chen’s highly fervent speech.

“I hold no interest for the Fire Country.”

“What?” Lei Chen was stunned. “The Fire Country is the biggest and mightiest country throughout the entire land! As the Emperor of the Fire Country, you will hold in your hand half of the world! Little brother Jun! I know that your personality makes you coldly indifferent and detached, but you possess extraordinary capabilities and even if you go out into the world and win a name for yourself, what you will get cannot be more than what the throne of the Fire Country can give you! If you are worried that the people and court officials of the Fire Country will not accept you, then you can undoubtedly rest assured. The Imperial Decree has been passed down for many years and although people gradually stopped talking about it after so long, the original Imperial Edict is still in the hands of the Empress Dowager! Great Grandmother had always placed great importance and emphasis on the First Emperor’s decision, and if she brings out the First Emperor’s Imperial Edict in person, then all that will no longer be a problem!”

Lei Chen was looking at Jun XIe anxiously. He could not understand why Jun Xie would be completely unmoved when presented with such a rare and incredible opportunity right before her eyes.

It was to become the ruler of the entire Fire Country!

A position that could only be the dream of countless people!

The might of the Fire Country had already surpassed all the various other countries in the land and becoming the Emperor of the Fire Country was as good as sitting atop the entire world. In terms of riches, status, power….. there isn’t a more revered and glorious choice than being the Emperor of the Fire Country!

How many esteemed and respected heroes in the world had fought throughout their entire lives, but with their lifetime’s distinguished achievements and honour won, they still paled in comparison to the power and influence of the Fire Country’s Emperor. No matter what Jun Xie was seeking, in Lei Chen’s eyes, the throne of the Fire Country would be able to fulfil that wish.

“Not interested.” Jun Wu Xie’s reply was still cold and indifferent as always. Status and authourity had never appealed to her in the slightest at all.

“Why?” Lei Chen was still in shock.

“Don’t like it.” Jun Wu Xie replied.

The throne of the Fire Country, might hold irresistible appeal to others, but to her, it was of absolutely no use. If she had really lusted after power and authourity, the current Emperor of the Qi Kingdom would not be Mo Qian Yuan now.

Lei Chen looked at Jun Xie in stunned silence. His mind completely overwhelmed as countless thoughts and emotions washed over him, never for a moment ever thinking that Jun Xie would reject.

“But….. A innocent man is still guilty just possessing the jade, even if you hold no interest towards the Fire Country’s throne, Father will still not let you off. Even if you hand over the Ring of Imperial Fire, to prevent the matter from being made known, he will still silence you just the same!”


*(Chinese Idiom) 匹夫无罪怀璧其罪 pǐ fū wú zuì huái bì qí zuì – “An innocent man is still guilty just possessing the jade” [MistyCloud’s own unprofessional almost literal translation inserted above in the last paragraph. Please take with a pinch of salt.]

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