GDBBM – Chapter 910

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Chapter 910 : “Intricate Plot (1)”

“Let them wait if they wish to. How can little brother Jun not be wise to their intentions? He will definitely not come here.” Lei Chen said confidently, having complete trust in Jun Xie’s highly intelligent mind.

“Seeing that His Highness has such great confidence in me, I think I might have disappointed Your Highness this time.”

Suddenly, a highly familiar voice rang out from behind Lei Chen.

Lei Chen turned his head back in surprise and confusion, suddenly finding Jun Xie walking out from the back of the main hall, a set servant’s clothes from the Crown Prince’s Residence held within his hands.

“I apologise, I borrowed a set of clothes without asking.” Jun Xie said calmly as he walked to come before Lei Chen, tossing the clothes within his hands towards the flabbergasted guard standing at the side.

The guard stared at Jun Xie with wide unblinking eyes, finding it hard to believe that he had not even felt Jun Xie approach them.

“You…..” Lei Chen stared at Jun Xie, still highly confused, the face of an unfamiliar old man flashing through his mind. “The old man earlier was you in disguise?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded. “Yuan Biao had been careful and highly meticulous. He knew to check thoroughly on those servant boys and girls whose age was similar to me.”

Lei Chen then said: “But he had not thought that you would disguise yourself as a hunchbacked old man. You had even managed to fool me!” After saying that, Lei Chen immediately looked outside the doors and quickly ordered the guard standing at the side: “Get our men out there to stand guard. Do not allow any of the Imperial Guards to secretly sneak into the mansion.”

“Yes!” The guard immediately departed and when he went out the door, he turned to shut them tightly.

“When did you come here?” Without anyone else in the room, Lei Chen immediately went to stand beside Jun Xie and surveyed the still clean and neat Jun Xie up and down.

“Before the Imperial Guards came.” After Jun Wu Xie left the Immortals’ Loft, she had immediately rushed over to the Crown Prince’s Residence, and had gotten here a step earlier than the Imperial Guards.

‘Tap tap tap.’

A series of clear steps sounded out and Lei Chen was startled where he immediately turned to the source of the noise, only to see a tiny round spherical shaped sheep currently walked out proudly from the back of the main hall, its four hooves tapping unhurriedly in approach. Towards Lei Chen’s baffled gaze, it completely ignored it as it came to a rest beside Jun Xie’s feet.

“This is…..” Lei Chen looked highly puzzled as he stared at the little thing, and for no reason, he found that the sheep’s gaze was looking a little strangely at him.

“My pet.” Jun Wu Xie said, her face just as expressionless as she carried Lord Meh Meh into her arms, and went to sit down on a chair at the side.

“This is really brazenly bold of you. You knew very well that they would come here to find you and you still dared to come here.” Lei Chen said, staring helplessly at Jun Xie. That fearlessness, was really incomparable to that of most people, and Jun Xie had even fooled him completely as well.

“I came here because I have something I want to ask Your Highness.” Jun Wu Xie asked calmly.

Lei Chen was surprised and he paused a moment before he said: “You mean to ask me why my Father wants to have you killed?”

Jun Wu Xie answered: “Both yes and no.”

Lei Chen was suddenly rather confused.

Jun Wu Xie raised her hand and showed the ring on her finger before Lei Chen’s eyes.

“Does Your Highness know where this originated from?”

Upon seeing the Ring of Imperial Fire, Lei Chen’s eyes suddenly burned with a scorching flame!

“That is the Ring of Imperial Fire!” Lei Chen’s voice was almost trembling, laced with an excited fervour.

“Oh?” Jun Wu Xie intoned, her eyebrow lifting. Seems like her guess had been right.

“Past generations of the Fire Country’s rulers would take that ring that would be handed down from their predecessors and reforge it into their own spirit rings. It can be said that this Ring of Imperial Fire is symbolic of the Fire Country’s ruler itself. Only the true ruler of the Fire Country has possession of it!” Lei Chen’s eyes continued to look at Jun Xie, his eyes still burning fervently.

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