GDBBM – Chapter 912

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Chapter 912 : “Intricate Plot (3)”

Jun Wu Xie’s brow arched up at that moment as she looked at Lei Chen.

“When did I say I will be handing the ring over to him?”

Lei Chen stared back at Jun Xie in utter confusion.

“If he wants me killed, he can very well try. If I am to die, that will be due to my lack of capability. This ring is the only remnant in memory of my Master and whether it’s him or anyone else who comes after me, I will never hand it over.” Jun Wu Xie said derisively. Surrender the ring in exchange for her safety? Regardless of the fact that that avenue would not work, as even if it did, she, Jun Wu Xie, would never choose such a cowardly way out!

“Then, you couldn’t possibly be just sitting here and wait for death to come right?” Lei Chen asked, beginning to feel anxious for Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie replied: “Since he has made his intentions known, why should I remain waiting for him to act? He has initiated the first move, hence I will naturally not have to be cordial as well.”

The moment her voice fell, a chilling glint came into her eyes.

She had held no interest in the internal struggles of the Fire Country. Her initial intention had only been to snatch the map from the Emperor’s hands. But now, the Emperor, the Fourth Prince, the Empress, and the Prime Minister were all seeking to have her killed to put an end to their troubles. If she still did not retaliate, wouldn’t she greatly disappoint all of them for all the “concern” they had shown her?

“What….. are you going to do?” Lei Chen stared intently at Jun Xie, his eyes filled with anticipation.

Jun Wu Xie waved her hand for the Crown Prince to come closer and he stuck his ear over.

Yuan Biao was sitting within a restaurant, waiting for any news that might come. The Imperial Guards that had remained behind at the Immortals’ Loft and the Crown Prince’s Residence had come in with their reports earlier. The people from the Zephyr Academy in the Immortals’ Loft had been quiet and cooperative. They had not carried out any actions that went against his orders today.

The Imperial Guards outside the Crown Prince’s Residence had sent him information saying that not long after Yuan Biao had left, an attendant from the Crown Prince’s Residence had left from the mansion. The Imperial Guards had secretly tailed the person and discovered that the attendant had gone to the inn that housed the people from the War Banner Academy. The Imperial Guards had not been able to get closer and they waited outside. Moments after that, the attendant came out of the building with Xiong Ba and Qu Ling Yue from the Thousand Beast City where they boarded onto a horse carriage and headed towards the Crown Prince’s Residence.

The Imperial Guard who tailed behind them had then seen with his own eyes when the horse carriage stopped, the attendant stepped out with Xiong Ba and Qu Ling Yue, and there was no one else in the carriage.

“Commander! The Crown Prince had suddenly invited the people from the Thousand Beast City over to his mansion, what could he be planning?” The Imperial Guard asked, unable to fully understand the entire situation.

Yuan Biao said: “The Crown Prince has been trying to win over the Thousand Beast City for a very long time. When Qu Ling Yue had gotten severely injured previously, didn’t the Crown Prince invite some Young Miss from the Qi Kingdom to go treat Qu Ling Yue? The people from the Thousand Beast City will remember the kind favour the Crown Prince has shown them then. Now that Jun Xie has been branded a felon, the Crown Prince will naturally not give up on his other target to ally with.” Yuan Biao gave a cold laugh and continued to say: “I must say the Crown Prince wastes no time does he? Jun Xie has barely just fallen from grace and he is immediately setting his sight back on the people from the Thousand Beast City already.”

“You guys just keep a close watch on them. His Majesty would not want any trouble with the people from the Thousand Beast City. All of you remember this, before any of you discover any sign of Jun Xie, do not let the people from the Thousand Beast City find out that they are being followed.”

“Yes!” The Imperial Guard answered and quickly left.

Inside the Crown Prince’s Residence, Xiong Ba and Qu Ling Yue were led to come before Lei Chen. Lei Chen dismissed the attendant and Xiong Ba immediately opened his mouth to say: “Your Highness has invited us over here so urgently. May I ask what is it regarding?”

Because of the prior incident where Qu Ling Yue had sustained severe injuries, Xiong Ba really loathed the Fire Country’s Emperor highly at that moment but as Lei Chen had invited Jun Wu Xie to help them then, he liked the Crown Prince rather well though. Moreover, Qu Ling Yue and Lei Chen had always shared a rather good relationship all this while and so, he did not feel so distant.


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