GDBBM – Chapter 909

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Chapter 909 : “Imperial Guard Army (6)”

The Imperial Guards were meticulous and efficient as they immediately spread out to all parts of the Crown Prince’s Residence, searching for anything suspicious. Lei Chen stood in the middle of the main hall and looked on as the Imperial Guards speedily carried out their duties, laughing coldly in his heart.

Yuan Biao stood on one side, secretly observing Lei Chen’s reactions. When he did not find any sign of Jun Xie in the Immortals’ Loft, the first place he had immediately thought of was the Crown Prince’s Residence. Jun Xie had no friends or family in the Fire Country’s Imperial Capital and was completely unfamiliar with this place. Besides the Immortals’ Loft, the only place he could go to would only be the Crown Prince’s Residence.

But what Yuan Biao found strange was when the Imperial Guard Army was searching through the Crown Prince’s Residence, besides an expression showing great displeasure, Lei Chen’s face had not revealed a single trace of worry or guilt. If it was not Lei Chen putting on a great act, then it could only mean that Jun Xie was truly not within the Crown Prince’s Residence.

Very soon, the Imperial Guards who had turned the Crown Prince’s Residence upside down gathered in the main hall. They had not found any signs of Jun Xie in the entire Crown Prince’s Residence.

Yuan Biao’s brows creased up and Lei Chen had a cold sneer plastered on his face: “So, is the Commander satisfied now?”

Yuan Biao answered: “Can I request for Your HIghness to gather everyone within the residence to come here? The escaped convict is sly and full of tricks. Your subject is worried that he will disguise himself as a servant in the mansion to escape arrest.”

Lei Chen then said in a cold derisive tone: “Commander Yuan is such a meticulous man. Are you so sure that Jun Xie will hide within my residence? Alright! Guards, go gather everyone within the residence here to let the Commander investigate throughly.”

With Lei Chen’s order, everyone within the Crown Prince’s Residence began to shuffle into the main hall from all parts of the mansion. The Imperial Guards had even specially gone to all the rooms to check, making sure that no one was hiding in any of them before they were satisfied.

There were several tens of servants working within the Crown Prince’s Residence, male and female, old and young.

Yuan Biao had even personally walked before all of them, his steely gaze sweeping over each and everyone of them, not willing to miss anything that might seem even remotely suspicious.

Lei Chen was not feeling worried in the least as Jun Xie had not come to look for him at all. So, how could he even be able to hide him from them? He swung his eyes around following Yuan Biao as he gazed at all the people gathered here from within his own residence. And when his eyes swept over an old hunchbacked servant, a tinge of doubt came into his eyes.

Although there were many servants working within the mansion, but they had all served him for many years. It could be said that he was familiar with the faces of every single one of them. However, that old man’s countenance was a stranger to him.

But as Yuan Biao was present at the moment, Lei Chen did not give it another thought and quickly swung his eyes away.

Yuan Biao finally finished inspecting the several tens of people and he paid particular attention to several of the young serving boys and maids. After ensuring that they were not in any form of disguise, he finally walked away from them with a frown on his face.

“Did Commander Yuan manage to find the person you are looking for?” Lei Chen jeered with a cold laugh.

Yuan Biao shook his head and clasped his hand over his fist before him to say: “I seek for Your Highness’ understanding for having disturbed the peace in the Crown Prince’s Residence today. But as the fugitive Jun Xie had injured the Fourth Prince, it was an affront to the prestige of the Imperial Family, and your subject had to carry out my duties impartially.”

Lei Chen glanced at Yuan Biao and with a wide mirthless smile, he said: “How would I dare to lay blame on Commander Yuan? But since you have not found any signs of the fugitive being here, can you then return to me the sanctity of my residence?”

Yuan Biao immediately replied: “Naturally.”

Right after that, Yuan Biao led his Imperial Guards out to depart from the Crown Prince Residence and the servants dispersed one after another as well.

Very soon, the guards from the Crown Prince’s Residence brought news that although Yuan Biao had left, he had secretly dispatched a team of Imperial Guards to watch the outside the Crown Prince’s Residence, all prepared to wait to arrest Jun Xie.

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