GDBBM – Chapter 905

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Chapter 905 : “Imperial Guard Army (2)”

What was not known at that moment, was who within the Immortals’ Loft had committed a crime, that even the Imperial Guard Army who was directly under the Emperor’s throne was mobilised!

What was even more astonishing was that the leader for the team of Imperial Guards that had come was the Commander of the Imperial Guard Army himself, Yuan Biao!

With the appearance of Yuan Biao, it made everyone there realise, the severity of the matter on that day.

“By the Emperor’s decree, the disciple of the Zephyr Academy, Jun Xie, had at the state banquet last night, during the period he was away from the banquet, injured the Fourth Prince in the Imperial Garden, and the Imperial Guard Army has received orders to come here today to arrest the criminal to answer for his crime!”

Yuan Biao jumped off his horse to read out the Imperial Edict, its content drafted undoubtedly pointing out that Jun Xie had attempted to kill Lei Fan!

At that moment, the curious onlookers crowded around were all greatly astounded.

The Fourth Prince was the most favoured among all the princes and he had not only won the favour of the Emperor himself, he received in no small measure the protection of the Empress as well. It could be said that besides the fact that he was not holding the title of the Crown Prince, the Fourth Prince was among the four princes, the most favoured and the one most doted upon. Who would have thought that someone would be so audacious to harm the Fourth Prince, and the deed was even committed within the Imperial Palace itself no less!

A wave of chatter quickly swept over the people crowding around the place.

Qiao Chu stood beside the second floor window, hearing clearly every single word that Yuan Biao read out. His eyes bulged in outrage and disbelief at what he heard as he turned to look at Jun Wu Xie.

“Did you really strike at Lei Fan?”

Last night at the banquet, Jun Wu Xie had indeed stepped away from the banquet but that had been under the decree of the Emperor then. After they stepped out from the banquet, she had gone to the Imperial Garden with Lei Fan but had returned alone in the end. They had heard from Jun Wu Xie herself that she had neutralized Lei Fan’s Face Changing Technique disguise which had left Lei Fan with no other choice but to run away. But the details of the incident had not been made known to them.

Jun Wu Xie rolled her eyes at Qiao Chu and said: “I made Little Black splash the medicine on him and I did not touch him a single time from the beginning till the end.”

Although she needed to unravel the mystery weighing on her mind, she had however still been conscious of what could be done and which lines should not be crossed.

“The Emperor is falsely accusing you?” Qiao Chu’s eyes were still wide with shock. Once again! It’s happening again! How many times had it been! The stars in the Fire Country must really been grossly misaligned and in conflict with Jun Wu Xie’s!

Jun Wu Xie said: “That decree contains both true and false facts within it and they had been well twisted to pin the crime onto me.”

Everyone at the banquet last night were all aware that she had gone to the Imperial Garden with Lei Fan, and they also knew that Lei Fan had not returned when Jun Xie came back. Wen Yu had said at the banquet that Lei Fan had not been feeling well….. if they all pieced all the facts together and looked at it from a certain perspective, everything seemed to fit perfectly with what the Emperor had claimed.

“The person who read out the decree, is the Commander of the Imperial Guard Army?” Hua Yao asked as his eyes swept over Yuan Biao who was standing in front of the troop of soldiers.

“Yes.” Fei Yan replied.

“He is the same man who had approached Zhao Xun previously. That day back in the alley, this is the same guy who had wanted to kill me when I impersonated myself as Zhao Xun.” Hua Yao said, his eyes narrowing up dangerously. That face of Yuan Biao’s, was one that he still remembered vividly.

“As expected, the incident that tried to throw Lei Chen into disrepute was indeed done by the Emperor.” Fei Yan said with a cold laugh.

“As of now, the Emperor seems determined to bring Little Xie away. He had even mobilised the Imperial Guard Army. Looking at the way things stand, we might very well have to defy the Imperial Decree.” Fan Zhuo said as the corners of his mouth curled up. “Based on the circumstances before us here, I can just see. The moment that Little Xie is captured and brought away by them today, they will just kill her off right after viciously without mercy. A single ring. Just what is the secret behind it that it can cause the Emperor of the Fire Country to be driven to take such drastic action?”

Fan Zhuo drew in a deep breath and turned to look at Jun Wu Xie: “Little Xie, you need to leave here immediately. Regardless of the reason that the Emperor is coming after you, you must not fall into their hands this time. It’s highly different this time. They will not give you anything to prepare yourself. The moment you are caught, the only fate you will face can only be certain death.”

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