GDBBM – Chapter 906

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Chapter 906 : “Imperial Guard Army (3)”

Fan Zhuo’s meaning was clear. Unless they fully intended to blatantly go against the Fire Country at that moment, they cannot afford to openly defy the Fire Country’s Imperial Guards in front of so many people. And as they still have not gotten their hands upon the map, if they fought the Imperial Guard Army now, they were basically dissolving any chance or possibility for them to infiltrate into the Imperial Palace to retrieve the map in the future.

“I understand.” Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly, but her eyes still glinted with a chilling light.

Having the son and the old man coming after her at the same time, one right after the other, really showed they were of the same mind. But she was however, not one to be easily trifled with as well and even if they were ready to shed all pretense of cordiality, she would only be too glad to answer back in kind with a “gift” in return.

“All of you must not retaliate against them directly.” Jun Wu Xie reminded all her companions once more, before turning to depart.

Qiao Chu and the others stared after Jun Wu Xie’s departing back and turned back to look outside at the Imperial Guards who were coming into the Immortals’ Loft, as a glint of murder began to brew within their eyes.

The companions had not wanted to get involved with any incident with the Fire Country but the Fire Country’s Emperor and Prince were going overboard with their actions. Let them think they have the upper hand for a few days more! The debt owed must definitely be repaid!

Jun Wu Xie went back to her room and changed quickly into another set of clothes. She carried Lord Meh Meh in one arm and the little black cat in the other, before quietly slipping out a window at the back.

The Imperial Guards rushed into the Immortals’ Loft the spears in their hands leveled at Qiao Chu and the companions. Fan Jin’s face was one of utter shock. He had gotten himself drunk last night and had fallen unconscious in sleep within his room. He had just awoken and was forced to see such a scene that gave his heart a scare. But he knew very well at that moment it wasn’t the best time for him to ask the others about it.

The Imperial Guards turned the inside and outside of the Immortals’ Loft upside down, brash and unreasonable. But even after searching more a good part of the day, they still could not find a single sign of Jun Xie anyway, and they immediately dragged the innkeeper and the waiter of the Immortals’ Loft out for questioning.

The innkeeper had already been highly terrified by the earlier incident with the assassins and when the Imperial Guards shouted at him harshly, he immediately fell to the ground in terror.

“I….. I do not know where Young Master Jun has gone….. He was still around earlier…..”

Yuan Biao stared at the innkeeper with a frown on his face and turned on his heel to come towards Fei Yan who was dressed in female clothing. Compared to the rest of the youths in the Zephyr Academy, he believed that the pretty looking young girl would be the most timid one.

“You! Tell me where the criminal Jun Xie had gone to!” Yuan Biao pulled out the sharply honed sword from his hip, its point pressed against Fei Yan’s neck. The sharp point quickly pierced Fei Yan’s skin and a bright red drop of blood formed on a spot on his neck.

Fei Yan raised up his eyes and looked at the fierce and malevolent looking face of Yuan Biao’s and his lips moved slightly. Suddenly! The expression on his face turned to become highly pitiful looking, a crystalline tear rolling down his face in the next instant.

“Boo hoo….. How would I know where that little brat had run off to? He was still around earlier but after all of you rushed in, before I knew what was happening, he suddenly dashed out the back door! I really don’t know where he ran off to!”

Seeing such a pretty and gentle little beauty sobbing so pitifully, the frown on Yuan Biao’s face still did not relax.

“Send some men to the back of the Immortals’ Loft and pursue him through the back door!” After relaying his orders, Yuan Biao turned back to Fei Yan and said: “You better be telling the truth. Jun Xie injured the Fourth Prince and that is no small crime. If anyone of you dares to cover up for him, you will be charged as an accomplice under the same crime!”

“I do not dare! I do not dare!” Fei Yan said feigning helplessness with teary eyes as he looked at Yuan Biao, shrinking back with his head sunk between his shoulders, looking like an injured baby chick, looking extremely pitiful…..

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