GDBBM – Chapter 904

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Chapter 904 : “Imperial Guards Army (1)”

Fei Yan thought about it for a long while but did not manage to link up the situation with any of the news that he had managed to gather. He had not been able to investigate into the Fire Country for that long a period and the information he had wasn’t entirely complete. Having been able to have gained information about the Emperor who had gone missing before has already been a great feat.

As they continued to discuss, the skies had turned bright completely. The Imperial Capital was waking up and resuming to its usual hustle and bustle and when the Immortals’ Loft’s innkeeper asked Jun Wu Xie and the others whether they wanted to report the incident about the assassins to the Imperial Capital’s Magistrate office, he was flatly rejected.

Ye Sha had, with a great bonfire, burnt the corpses to nothing.

No matter what kind of secrets were hidden behind the ring, it was now a certain fact that Lei Fan and the Emperor were looking to have Jun Wu Xie killed. They might have failed this time round, but they were certain that another attempt was sure to come.

However, as everyone was still thinking about how they were going to deal with the matter in regards to Lei Fan, a team of soldiers fully decked out in heavy armour had come charging out into the main street of the Imperial Capital, making a line straight towards the Immortals’ Loft.

“What is happening here?” Outside the Immortals’ Loft, it was suddenly abuzz with activity. The group of them who had been talking within immediately detected the flurry of activity outside and Qiao Chu immediately zipped to the window, seeing that the entire Immortals’ Loft had been heavily surrounded by a troop of soldiers.

“There are many soldiers down there and they have surrounded the entire place.” Qiao Chu immediately turned and reported to his companions.

“Could it possibly be Lei Fan again who had sent these soldiers here?” Fei Yan asked with a frown on his face. He went over to the window to see and quickly realised that his guess had been wrong.

“It is not the Prime Minister’s men. It’s the Imperial Guard Army!”

“Imperial Guards?”

The Fire Country’s Imperial Guard Army was led by the Commander of the Imperial Guards. The Commander of the Imperial Guards only took orders from the Emperor himself and from nobody else. It was obvious that this sudden activation of the Imperial Guards had nothing to do with the Prime Minister but it could only have been under the direct orders of the Emperor himself.

“Why would the Emperor sent the Imperial Guards here? Don’t tell me the words of the Grand Adviser had really come true as he had predicted? That old Emperor was really coming after Little Xie because of a inconspicuous little ring?” Rong Ruo immediately stood up, her brows deeply furrowed, her face rather puzzled.

The speed that the Imperial Guards had arrived at had been really quick. Since the banquet ended, it had only been a matter of hours and the Emperor had already sent out the Imperial Guard Army. With such impatience obvious from the enemy, it was really difficult for any of them to look at the situation in an optimistic light.

With even the Imperial Guards mobilised, it had not only made Jun Wu Xie and her companions to raise their guard, it had also attracted a lot of attention from many people in the Imperial Capital. The Imperial Guards were responsible for the security and safety of the Imperial Palace and they seldom appeared in other places within the Imperial Capital. With such a grand display today, it made for a rare sight for all the people.

Lots of people had their curiosity highly piqued when the saw the Imperial Guard Army having been mobilised, and the crowd had followed behind the Imperial Guards all the way before they all discovered that the destination that the Imperial Guards had been heading towards was the Immortals’ Loft!

When talking about the Immortals’ Loft, it might just be a regular inn and restaurant normally. But at that moment, the Immortals’ Loft was currently housing the ultimate winners of this year’s Spirit Battle Tournament from the Zephyr Academy. The six participants from the Zephyr Academy had incredibly achieved the top six ranks of the entire Spirit Battle Tournament and they had won immeasurable repute and endless glory. But besides that, the Immortals’ Loft had also been a place plagued with many unfortunate incidents.

It was not too long ago just before the final deciding matches for the top ten ranks were about to begin. The Imperial Capital’s constabulary had at that time sent guards to come take Jun Xie away from the Immortals’ Loft. Although the incident was finally proved to have been a misunderstanding, it had nevertheless still made many people feel rather uncomfortable about the place.

And now, the Fire Country’s Imperial Guard Army had even come, and judging from the aggressive demeanor from the guards, they couldn’t have come here for anything pleasant.

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