GDBBM – Chapter 894

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Chapter 894 : “Covert Strike (2)”

The Empress sat staring helplessly as she sat at the side of the bed, looking at Lei Fan who was crying so hard and she spoke out trying to comfort him.

“Little Fan don’t cry. What exactly happened? Didn’t the Imperial Physician just give you the medicine just a few days ago? Why did your face suddenly change back?”

Lei Fan said through gritted teeth: “Your son is not sure what happened either. I only know that a beast in the Imperial Garden had suddenly splattered something all over my face and when I could react, I was already experiencing the symptoms that came when the effects of the medicine wears off.”

“Did anyone happen to see how you looked at that time?” The Empress was terrified. If anyone was to have seen Lei Fan’s face at that moment, then everything would be over for them!

Lei Fan immediately said: “Only Jun Xie!”

The Empress bit down on her lip as she contemplated the situation a moment and she said: “The Jun Xie you are talking about is the same youth your Father had wanted you to win over previously?”

Lei Fan nodded his head, his eyes were red rimmed from crying and they were now burning with hatred. “That’s him! Your son had been invited him politely many times but he had repeatedly rejected it. He must have allied himself with the Crown Prince! And now that he has seen your son’s real face, he will surely tell that to Lei Chen! Once Lei Chen gets to know about it, he will undoubtedly report it to Father! Mother! Mother, you have got to save your son!”

The Empress’ heart jumped in shock. This incident that had suddenly happened was beyond any of her expectations. She had initially thought up this ploy to swap out the real prince which would put her own life on the line. If the truth of the matter was discovered, then what awaited all of them would only be certain death.

“Little Fan, rest assured that Mother will resolve the whole matter appropriately. There is no need to get so worried. You had just suffered a bout of agonizing torment and what you need now is good and proper rest. “The Empress said, her eyes looking highly pained as she gazed at Lei Fan. All these years, Lei Fan had gained much of the affection of the Emperor and the Emperor was just beginning to move to depose the current Crown Prince and install Lei Fan as the heir. At such a highly critical juncture, she would not allow a mere youth to destroy the plot she had carried out for so many years!

Lei Fan looked sobbingly at the Empress and finally laid back on the bed to rest quietly. But his heart was at that moment filled with terror and a overwhelming urge to have Jun Xie killed.

After the Empress managed to calm Lei Fan down, she immediately wrote out a letter, detailing all that had occurred that day. After that, she handed the sealed letter to a guard, one of her most trusted aides.

“You must immediately make your way to the Prime Minister’s Residence and hand this letter to the Prime Minister personally. Tell him this. To prevent any future nightmares, we must settle the matter appropriately, and it….. must not leave a single trace, not a single mistake is allowed!”

The guard nodded vehemently and went to change into a set of dark clothes, before immediately setting forth to go outside the palace.

Just a short two hour state banquet had stirred up successive waves of chaos within the Fire Country. And the common people in the Imperial Capital who were already in their dreams were completely unaware that the Fire Country was about to see a wave of change crashing down upon them!

Within the Immortals’ Loft, Jun Wu Xie and her companions had just come back and they all went to their own rooms to wash off the stench of alcohol on them, not gathering together to discuss the night’s events that had occurred, but to get themselves some restful sleep.

Only Jun Wu Xie laid on her bed completely awake. In her mind, scenes of events that had happened at the banquet tonight kept playing repeatedly from her memory.

The Emperor’s and Wen Yu’s reaction had made her very curious. She raised up her hand and stared at the silver ring on her finger.

This ring was picked up from within the stone dwelling at the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff. What kind of a secret did it hold? That it could attract the attention of both the Fire Country’s Emperor and Grand Adviser in one night?

Jun Wu Xie closed her eyes, her mind recalling the words scribbled into the walls of the stone dwelling back then.

She suddenly opened her eyes. The silver coloured ring before her eyes was at that moment reflecting the light from the candle!

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