GDBBM – Chapter 895

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Chapter 895 : “Assassination (1)”

Time went by quietly, the moon was hidden behind the clouds while a sliver of light brightened the eastern horizon very slightly.

It was the time when people were deep in sleep. The bustling Fire Country’s Imperial Capital was returned to silence at that moment. Only those candle flames that had not yet extinguished threw out their flickering light.

At that moment of lonely silence, a team of men were all dressed in black, quietly appearing behind the back wall of the Immortals’ Loft. They nimbly leapt over the wall, and infiltrated to the inside of the inn.

The waiter manning the place for the night was sitting in the backyard of the inn and he looked tired and sleepy. His half opened eyes were sleep filled and had no life in them. His head drooped like he was asleep. A gust of chill breeze blew past him and he was shocked awake. Against the faintly lightening sky, he suddenly saw a group of dark robed men leaping into the yard!

The waiter’s eyes widened and he was just about to scream out when one of the dark robed men had already leapt behind him and had his hand clasped over the waiter’s mouth and he gave the head a hard twist with a snap of his wrists!

The crisp crack sounded and the waiter’s neck was immediately broken, his last cry forever trapped within his throat.

The dark robed man put down the waiter’s limp body to the ground without a sound.

Another one of the dark robed men made a gesture with his hand and the whole group immediately leapt into the inn.

In the dim light of dawn, the inn was deathly quiet. The people were sound asleep still in their dreams and were not aware that their nightmare had already soundlessly descended upon them without warning.

The waiter sleeping in the main hall of the inn had not even woken up from his dreams at all before a blade had slit his throat. The hot red blood had flowed and spilled over the joined up tables below him to pool on the floor.

Drip drip drip…..

Jun Wu Xie had not slept throughout the night. She lay upon her bed and she had removed the ring from her finger to carefully inspect the ring carefully several times. On the inner wall of the silver coloured ring, she saw a tiny engraving. There was only one Chinese character engraved upon it. Fire!

Suddenly, she detected a faint scent of blood. That familiar scent was very faint and she sat up immediately, her cold gaze locked onto the tightly locked door of the room.

The inn’s kitchen was in the backyard and the morning breakfast at this inn never served meat or fish. Moreover, it was too early at dawn for the workers in the inn to start busying themselves.

“Meh?” Sleeping beside Jun Wu Xie, Lord Meh Meh was woken up by Jun Wu Xie’s movements. It shook its four tiny hooves and very slowly stood up upon the bed. Having regained back quite a bit of its wool, its body was slowly taking on its round spherical shape once again.

It tilted its head and looked at Jun Wu Xie who had gotten dressed and gotten off the bed.

“Meow~” The little black cat slipped onto Jun Wu Xie’s shoulder with a swoosh, its nimble body slightly arched, its eyes narrowed to a slit.

[I hear people.]

A cat’s ears was several times more sensitive than a human’s and those sounds that Jun Wu Xie could not hear, it had heard those noises clearly.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed and her mind suddenly thought back to the words Wen Yu had told her back in the Imperial Garden last night.

[The Imperial Capital conflicts with Young Master Jun’s signs. To avoid any more unfortunate things happening, Young Master Jun should leave here as soon as possible.]

The corners of Jun Wu Xie’s lips curled up into a cold smile. Wen Yu’s heart was clear as a mirror. He must not have expected that “unfortunate things” would happen so quickly, not even allowing her the time to leave.

Her spirit power gradually gathered as Jun Wu Xie’s eyes stared unwaveringly at the tightly locked door.

The dark robed men who came up to the second level lightened their steps and the leader among them waved his hands and the men immediately positioned themselves before the doors of the other rooms on the second level.

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