GDBBM – Chapter 893

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Chapter 893 : “ Covert Strike (1)”

“And he seeks revenge for all injustice suffered. Once he knows that Father has developed the intention to kill him, he will undoubtedly initiate the first strike to catch him unawares!” Lei Chen’s eyes burned with wicked mirth. His complete trust towards Jun Xie had made him imagine the scene a day in the near future, where he could see that man kicked right off the throne.

Wen Yu could only shake his head helplessly. Although he was aware that Jun Xie possessed highly outstanding abilities, even to the extent that he was considered to be a devilish monster, but….. He was still just a youth afterall. How could he hope to stand against the ruler of the country?

Back in the Imperial Palace, the Emperor was feeling highly restless and needled as he paced circles within the Imperial Study. The black robed man then appeared in the Imperial Study and when he saw the nervous and flustered expression on the Emperor, he did not dare open his mouth to say anything.

The Emperor’s heart was in an endless fluster. He had not thought that the possessor of the Ring of Imperial Fire would really exist.

It had been many years since the late Emperor passed on and the decree the late Emperor had drafted had always remained within the Empress Dowager’s hands. It wasn’t that the Emperor had never entertained the thought of snatching the decree and then destroying it, but he had not been able to do that because around the Empress Dowager, were several extremely powerful secret bodyguards, and the skills that those hidden guards possessed was not something the Emperor’s own subordinates were able to take on. He had once even tried to secretly steal the Imperial Decree, but all the men he had dispatched were all killed within the Empress Dowager’s Palace, quietly and soundlessly. It must be known that among the men the Emperor sent out, five of them were highly skilled blue spirit pugilists!

But even then, those five people were killed and not even their bodies could be found. Ever since then, the Emperor had stayed far away from the Empress Dowager, thinking that the possessor of the Ring of Imperial Fire would never appear anyway, and he gave up on that idea.

However, seeing the Ring of Imperial Fire on Jun Xie’s hand this very day, had forced the Emperor to choose to take the road of no return.

Jun Xie was on highly close terms with Lei Chen and although the Empress Dowager seldom showed herself within the Imperial Palace, she doted very much on her eldest grandson, Lei Chen. Or else the Emperor would never have allowed Lei Chen to sit on the throne of the Crown Prince for so many years.

The Emperor was worried that if the Empress Dowager came to know about this matter, the throne of the Fire Country would really have a change of its owner!

What distressed the Emperor even more was that the Grand Adviser Wen Yu seemed to have already noticed the Ring of Imperial Fire on Jun Xie’s hand as well and although Wen Yu had always maintained a neutral stance against the power struggles, he was however once Lei Chen’s Master and though Lei Chen had severed the Master disciple ties between them, the Emperor was however still worried. If Wen Yu was to tell Lei Chen about the matter, then it would all be over for him!

The only option left for him to take was to take quick decision action to get rid of the knot tangled up. He needed to eradicate Jun Xie as soon as possible to snatch the Ring of Imperial Fire from him to ensure it would not bring him any trouble!

“You! I need you get something done for me!” The Emperor finally came up with an idea in his head and he looked the black robed man kneeling on the ground through eyes narrowed to a slit.

“ I await Your Majesty’s instructions.”

“I want you to….”

At that same moment, things had turned highly chaotic in the Empress’ Palace.

By the time Lei Fan was carried back there, he had already lost consciousness, but his hands were still tightly held over his face. When the Empress saw him in that state, she dismissed all the retainers and with only a few of her closest aides remaining within the palace, she then pulled Lei Fan’s hands down.

What she immediately saw made the Empress’ heart almost jump out of her.

Lei Fan’s looks had completely changed. His good looking and smiley features had completely disappeared and the boy lying upon that bed now, no matter which way you looked at it, looked so much like the Empress herself.

Still in shock, the Empress immediately summoned for her people to check on Lei Fan’s condition.

It was only about two hours later that Lei Fan finally stirred awake groggily.

And the first thing he said upon awakening was…..

“Mother! I want Jun Xie killed! I want him to be killed! He saw my face! Saw my real face!”


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