GDBBM – Chapter 892

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Chapter 892 : “Ring of Imperial Fire (3)”

Although the Emperor does not really like Lei Chen, but he still thinks of Lei Chen as his own son and only wants to force him to step down from his position as the Crown Prince, and had never contemplated taking Lei Chen’s life. But it was different in Jun Xie case.

“With His Majesty’s temperament, he will definitely not spare Jun Xie’s life. Only when Jun Xie steps off the lands of the Fire Country, would he be safe.” Wen Yu’s words, had taken on a sudden grave tone.

Lei Chen was so shocked he had turned to stone. Never in his dreams would he have expected that the inconspicuous ring on Jun Xie’s finger would be the rumoured Ring of Imperial Fire of the Fire Country.

“Could it be….. Could it really be that Jun Xie is a descendant of the late Emperor’s elder brother?” Lei Chen asked with his eyes widened.

Wen Yu shook his head: “I am not able to ascertain that fact. I am only certain of the fact that that Ring of Imperial Fire is indeed the ring left behind by the Fire Country’s founding Emperor, that had been reforged and refined. Through successive generations of the ruling Emperors after they passed on, that one spirit ring that was no longer inhabited by a ring spirit was always given to the new generation ruler to have it reforged. And from that, it was named the Ring of the Imperial Fire. I am thinking even if Jun Xie is not a descendant of the late Emperor’s elder brother, he will still be linked to him in some way, or he will not be in possession of the Ring of Imperial Fire.”

Lei Chen looked at Wen Yu in dumbfounded silence for a while, when suddenly….. he laughed out loud.

“Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! The Heavens are on my side! Heaven’s on my side!”

Wen Yu looked quizzically at Lei Chen laughing maniacally and an uncomfortable unease grew in his heart.

“Your Highness, you are…..”

Lei Chen’s laughter stopped just as abruptly as he turned to look at Wen Yu to say: “I do not have any blood of the Imperial Family running within me, and neither does Lei Fan. I, as the Crown Prince am a bastard and Lei Fan that Father is thinking endlessly about to install as his heir to the throne is one just as well! My Second Brother is mediocre! My Third Brother timid as a mouse, all unsuitable to succeed the throne! I have never coveted ascending to the throne! What I am fighting for is just the injustice I have suffered! And the Heavens have now sent Jun Xie to appear right before me, aren’t they helping me to achieve my aim! ? Jun Xie possesses the Ring of Imperial Fire and that makes him the authentic and legitimate heir! Ha ha ha! I will help Jun Xie ascend to the throne of the Fire Country! I want to see the wretched and pathetic face of my Father when he finds himself hopelessly defeated when he thinks victory is just coming within his grasp!”

Lei Chen said those words through tightly clenched teeth. Why must he be a puppet to be subjected to the manipulation of others from the moment he was born? Why must he suffer all the injustice? He wanted revenge! Vengeance against his unfair and unjust fate!

Wen Yu looked at Lei Chen in shock. He wouldn’t never have thought that Lei Chen would come up with such a ludicrous idea.

“Lei Chen! Have you gone mad?” Wen Yu was aware that Lei Chen hated the Emperor deeply, hated the Empress, and hated Lei Fan. But nothing had prepared him for Lei Chen’s sudden decision to push Jun Xie up to ascend the Fire Country’s throne!

“Putting aside the fact just how difficult a task that will be to achieve, Jun Xie himself might not even agree to it. Your Highness, you even have difficulty taking care of yourself now, how…..” Wen Yu’s words trailed off, as he looked at Lei Chen enquiringly.

Lei Chen said instead: “Father wants to depose this Crown Prince here, just let him do it! I do not care! Ha ha, Lei Fan will not be able to warm the seat for long anyway!” Lei Chen finally thought the whole situation through. Since with just Jun Xie alone, he would be able to attain the goals he had set for his revenge, then this position of Crown Prince would become something he did not care for at all!

What he wanted, had never been the throne, he had just wanted those who seeked to manipulate him go to hell!

“Your Highness! You think His Majesty will really allow Jun Xie to continue to remain within the Fire Country? If he does not leave, His Majesty will undoubtedly kill him off!” Wen Yu could not help himself but to pour a bucket of cold water over Lei Chen.

Lei Chen instead gave a chilling laugh and said: “Even if other do not know, would I not be aware of what Jun Xie is capable of? I believe that he will definitely not be harmed by Father’s scheming plots!”


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