GDBBM – Chapter 891

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*Note from Misty: I will need to change “Yan Country” (炎国) to “Fire Country” in the English translations to flow better with the story from chapter 890 onwards.  Apologies for any confusion.


Chapter 891 : “Ring of Imperial Fire  (2)”

In his state of sudden shock, Lei Chen fell back several steps, his face greatly startled and astounded, unable to accept what he heard as fact.

“I had been highly curious why His Majesty had purposely drawn Jun Xie away from the place when I arrived. But now I understand it completely. Throughout the entire Fire Country, people who can recognise the Ring of Imperial Fire, beside His Majesty and the Empress Dowager, would only be me. He was afraid that I will recognise the Ring of Imperial Fire on Jun Xie’s hand and that was why he did that.” Wen Yu said.

“And….. you want Jun Xie to leave is because you are afraid…..” Lei Chen’s face suddenly looked highly torn, the colour draining out of his face quickly.

Wen Yu nodded.

“The late Emperor had said it before. The possessor of the Ring of Imperial Fire, is the true ruler of the Fire Country. No matter when and regardless which generation of his sons of grandsons were to meet the possessor of the Ring of the Imperial Fire, they will have to abdicate the throne and return it to the possessor of the ring.”

The Throne of the Fire Country, was not supposed to be handed down to the current sitting Emperor.

But it was because the Emperor who had led the Fire Country to become the mightiest country throughout the lands had in one of those years suddenly disappeared from the face of the Earth. At that time, the younger brother of the Emperor who was then a Prince, sent troops all across the lands to search for any sign of the missing Emperor. He searched for an entire decade without any results to show for it.

A country cannot do without a ruler and to prevent an uprising in the Fire Country, they needed to nominate a new ruler.

The Emperor who had gone missing did not leave behind any offspring and hence it was decided that the throne would be taken over by his younger brother.

The Prince had been very close to his Royal Brother, the missing Emperor, and they were born from the same mother. They had been very close since they were very young and after the younger brother ascended the throne, the very first decree he drew up was in regards to succession of the throne.

He deeply believed that his Royal Brother was not dead and he strongly believed his Royal Brother or his Royal Brother’s descendants would return one day. So he laid down a decree that once a person who holds the Ring of the Imperial Fire appears within the Fire Country, no matter how much time has passed, his own descendants who was sitting upon the throne at that time, must immediately relinquish the throne, and elect the possessor of the Ring of Imperial Fire to become the new Emperor of the Fire Country!

And that first decree, had been passed down for close to a century, and the current Emperor was a descendant of that Emperor, whereas the current Empress Dowager still living was that Emperor’s Empress…..

“But the matter had happened such a long time ago and I think Father wouldn’t really care about that.” Although Lei Chen had heard about it from the Empress Dowager ever since he was much younger, but as the period the incident happened had been ages ago and the Ring of Imperial Fire had never appeared before, he had slowly started to forget about it, until Wen Yu mentioned it today, which allowed him to recall everything he had once known

Wen Yu then said: “It’s true that a long time had passed. But Your Highness, do not forget. At this current moment, the Empress Dowager still holds sway in the internal running of the Back Palace! Although the Empress Dowager had not involved herself in the government and political affairs for a long time, but she was also very close to the late Emperor’s brother and they had shared a deep friendship, and towards the unfulfilled wishes of the late Emperor’s brother, the Empress Dowager would undoubtedly fight to complete with her life. The current Emperor would not dare to lay a hand on the Empress Dowager and so he will surely rid himself of Jun Xie to eradicate any potential trouble that might haunt him, to secure the Fire Country’s throne for himself!”

In this world, only three people able able to identify the Ring of Imperial Fire and the Empress Dowager would be one immovable lock that would force and coerce the current Emperor to adhere to the late Emperor’s decree.

As long as Jun Xie was still alive, the Emperor would not be able to be fully secure in his throne, hence, he was sure to make his move. Wen Yu had repeatedly hinted for Jun Xie to quickly leave was because he hoped that the lad could avoid the calamity altogether.

This time, it was no longer a case of the Emperor wanting to make use of Jun Xie to bring down the Crown Prince, but was a straightforward intent to kill Jun Xie directly!



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